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    Make it a Margarita Night!

    We know that every day is a reason to celebrate... but can you blame us for being a little extra excited about Febraury 22st...? "What", you may ask, "is so special about a Thursday?". Well, dear friends, in the spirit of 'it's always 5 o'clock somewhere', we are happy to tell you that February 22nd is National Margarita Day!

    margarita fun.jpg

    That's right, as your busy work week is finally crawling to a close, treat yourself to some Thursday evening enjoyment with a cold, salt (or sugar) rimmed margarita! Yes, we know, in some parts of the country it still feels like the only thing to do is huddle by the fire with hot chocolate... but we see no reason not to huddle by a fire with your favorite people and a tasty Margarita!

    And because Thursday is still a worknight, and that means every precious moment of free time should be spent decompressing and not dish-washing, let some of our favorite disposable Margarita-style glasses take the stress away.

    With our Flairware Clear and Green-Base Margarita Glasses, you can have a happy-hour without any of the after-hour mess! MAS_3862.jpg

    So go grab your favorite mix, limes, and whatever else you deign delicious, and take this Thursday evening and add a bit of extra fun! After all, we're celelbrating with you... in spirit!

    Elegance and Modern Romance In Our Black & White Stemless Drinkware!

    Modern Taste, Elegance, and Efficiency come together in our most striking product release of 2018! With sleak lines, stunning, glossy finishes, and the durability of disposables, our new Black & White Stemless Wine Goblets will leave a stunning impression are your next event.


    From Weddings Receptions, Cocktail Hours, Birthday Parties and Outdoor soirees, these goblets are as much a statement piece as they are drinking glasses. And with their 12 oz capacity, they are also perfect for desserts, salads- even shrimp cocktail!


    Wether it be Winter or a Balmy Summer, these goblets will be a hit! And with the same durability and disposability you know and love, never worry about accidental breakage or after-hour clean up.

    In spite of their intense Black and White colors, they also look amazing by the pool side, so this duo of drink holders will fit in wherever you can think of! (And, let's be honest... you'll be looking for ANY excuse to add these charmers into any event!)


    We hope that you will love these goblets, and we look forward to seeing all of them amazing recipes and beverages you use with them! Tag us on Instagram @finelinesettings or Facebook Page so we can see how YOU use our Stemless Goblets!

    Super Bowl Celebrations, Without Setting Limitations!

    Okay, so for some, THIS is the biggest celebration of the year! That's right, we're talking about the SUPER BOWL! The long wait is over, and in a few weeks we will all gather around the living room to not just consume what is (hopefully) an exciting game, but also consuming a lot of snack!

    While we watch two teams duke it out on the field, we know you'll be trying to get your football feast to the end-zone with as little fuss and fiasco as possible! After all, it's the football players that are supposed to be exhausted by the end of the day, not you!

    With that at the cornerstone of Fineline's goals, we're bringing out your favorite big guns, and a few new additions that will make your Super Bowl Party a super success!

    Our stylish and convenient Super Bowl and Super Bowl + PETE Serving Bowls and Lids are standard for indoor and outdoor events that will satisfy in both looks and convenience thanks to their incredible durability, space-saving stacking capabilities, and the ease of disposability!

    Below is a very special table "play-by-play", if you will, that we created to help inspire you with both setting and snack ideas! In our durable and spirited Sectional Football Serving Bowl, you can serve wings, veggies, chips, and more, and keep the dips closer at hand for easy serving and clean up! 

    football serving platter


    Set up some subs on our Cake Platters because they are perfect for more than just desserts!

    cake stands


    Even our seemingly simple Solid Square Plates can be the perfect purveyor of snacks and sweet treats!

    solid square plate


    And for your drinks, take advantage of our sassy Quenchers Shakers and Wavetrends Tumblers!


    With this team of all-star line-ups, your celebration will be a sensation, and your clean up will be as easy as tossing it in the nearest trash can at the end of the day! Not to mention, take a peak at our customary board for...

    Fineline Super Bowl 2018 Top "Pin-It!" List

    And for more fun stuff and to stay connected with us, check out our FB page by clicking the image below!super bowl_touched up

     We hope your Super Bowl is Hype and your Treats Tasty!

    A Toast To A Fine Year with Fineline Cheer


    and 2017 will be behind us and a New Year of promise, hope, and positivity will begin! But, let's not get ahead of ourselves. Let's enjoy our New Year's Eve with fervor and fashion!

    Whether your New Year’s Eve is a glamorous bash, or a casual night on the couch with your closest friends, there's no need to let holiday clean up take away from your day. With the biggest countdown of the year coming, and a night of celebration ahead, leave the after dinner mess in the past thanks to Fineline disposable plates, trays, and more!

    And when it's time to raise our glasses, let our beautiful selection of Stemware add both elegance and ease to your eve! Whether it be a Moscato, Cabernet, or a dry Champagne, we have a few stemware options that will leave you hard-pressed to believe they are disposable plastic.

    If you're going for something modern and sleek, our new Crisp Stemware has both a Champagne Flute, and a Wine Glass that will accentuate your favorite bubbly drinks!

    If you're looking for a more traditional style, our timeless Flairware Champagne Flutes have several beautiful options that will give you the feeling you are back in time, standing in a glamorous ballroom of the 1920s.

    Finally, if you want something a bit more whimsical and fun, then our Tiny Temptations Stemware is an elegant miniature that will leave a big impression on your guests. But, no matter which stemware strikes your fancy, rest assured that they are all completely disposable! After all... after dinner dishwashing is soooooo two-thousand and LAME!

    And now that we've got your flute, let's fill it! That's right, you didn't think we'd leave you hanging in these final hours without a few fun and great tasting drink recipes, did you? And so, without further ado, enjoy this week's...

    FLS New Year’s 2017 Top "Pin-It" List!

    And, just for an extra bit of fun, here are some of our very own takes on some of these recipe ideas in some of the flutes we mentioned earlier! You bet that all of us here at Fineline are toasting with you in spirit!

    Click the image below and it will take you to our FB page with the recipe! 

    blog image.jpg

     And as we come to the end of this blog almost as quickly as we come to the dwindling final moments of 2017, all of us here at Fineline Settings wish you a New Year full of incredibly wonderful things; and we will be right here with exciting new products, and a devoted team, that will exceed your every expectation and compliment your unique style! 

    Happy New Year's Everyone!

    Lets Make it a Tasty and Tasteful Holiday With Fineline Settings!


    With hectic shopping and schedule conflictions abound, wouldn't it be nice if at least one thing could be easy and stress free? Well, as always, our Fineline Family is here to share a few last minute holiday life savers to help you stay calm and classy throughout your Holiday 5K!

    Imagine this: your beautiful holiday dinner table, full of your loved ones laughing merrily, and complimenting your amazing meal and your fabulous tableware...

    Now imagine that after the meal is done, and your guests are snoozing on the couch... YOU are right there with them! And all because those beautiful dinner dishes, cutlery, and drinkware require no more after dinner clean-up than tossing them in that giant blag garbage bag (we all have) that is already full of wrapping paper! That's right, now you can have a beautiful tablescape fit for any festivity, and its all completely disposable! 

    Our recently introduced Heritage and Signature Blu collections are elegant and durable options to wow your crowd; and they go beautifully with our new Renaissance Crisp Stemware and Stemless Goblets!

    If you're hosting a bigger event or even a holiday office party, then our new Crystal and Holiday Themed Trays are the perfect options for serving up your appetizers, fruit and veggie platters, and yummy holiday cookies! 

    Alright, now that your dinnerware situation is set, it's about time we find something delicious to put on top of them! We have a few fun things for you to check out this week. Firstly, of course, we have comprised a mouth-watering list of both tasty and beautiful holiday treats we thought would look great on our serving trays and platters; so check out our...

    FLS 2017 Holiday "Pin-It" List!

    And because you have been so good this year, we have a special treat from one of our very own team members! If you follow the link back to our Facebook Page, you will be greeted with a warm drink recipe inspired by one of the pins on the Holiday board!

    Tested and approved, this Hot Cocao is elevated with delicious treats, a rich flavor, and will look beautiful in our Flairware, Silver Splendor and Tiny Temptations Coffee Mugs! Click on the pic below to check it out!


    As always, it is a pleasure to have shared this 2017 with you. It's been a year of change, growth and progress. Together we are stronger, and love is the most important aspect of every holiday celebration. May the holidays of you, and those you love, be full of health and happiness.


    From Our Families to Yours,


    Recycling With A Purpose

    Bay Area Toy Company Uses Recycled Plastic Milk Jugs To Make Toys. 

     Green Toys Are Made In The USA From 100% Recycled Content

    It’s not very often you hear of a true recycling success story but Green Toys in Northern California is just that.  They make durable toys for children.  Green toys is what every environmentally conscious innovative company should strive to be – Profitable.  It’s not just the profit that matters to them though.  The entire ethos of the company is based on doing great things.  From the design of the toy and the development of the child to "made and packaged in the USA" green toys is doing it right.  So when you throw that plastic milk jug in the blue bin have confidence that it is going to a recycling center and beginning a journey of reformation into something else.  There is a lot of data on plastic and it’s important to know and acknowledge where you can buy “Made In The USA” from Recycled Content. 

    Recycling containers is important.  The average American produces more than 4 pounds of waste per day and a quick google search will yield you the data that more than 1.5 pounds of that waste is recycled or composted.  While those numbers on average are OK there are 2 simple steps corporate buyers and business operators can take to make them better. 

    1. Use food containers with recycled content.
    2. Use food containers that are dishwasher safe and can be reused by consumers again.

    Recycled / Recyclable Catering Supplies

    Reform bowls are made with up to 99% recycled content in the USA

    Another great recycling success story is the very company I work for – Fineline Settings.  Fineline Settings manufactures recyclable catering bowls and trays using recycled content.  The line is called ReForm and we like to think of it as having a “reforming effect” on the catering and food service industry.  ReForm boasts the “Made in the USA” label but there’s something much better and much more profound about this food packaging system – It’s reusable by your consumers. 

    Reform’s durability and useful life will far exceed the food that comes in it.  Its design and sturdy construction not only provides sleek, functional, and table ready convenience it also provides a constant reminder of your great food which will increase reorder rates. Its an investment in your catering and food service business that will continue to work for you long after the food is enjoyed.   And the best part is when the customer is done using it (hopefully again and again) it's recyclable again. It will begin a new journey to be reformed into something else.  See what we did there?

    Need some advice or great food service options that work for your business?  Please feel free to send us a message and we’ll reach out.    

    Find a Sales Rep In Your Area

    Champagne Cocktails – Step up your holiday drink recipes

    Champagne Cocktails – Step up your holiday drink recipes

    Flairware One Piece Champagne Flutes - disposable 

    Another holiday year is upon us and as you scour the internet for Martha Stewart Champagne Cocktail recipes be sure to pay extra close attention to how you present your drink as well as the ingredients that make it up.    It’s proven - food and beverages that look better TASTE better.  Yes, we are here to show you some of the best disposable champagne flutes on the market but we are also going to tantalize your taste buds with some fancy fun champagne cocktail recipes as well. Fineline Settings wide selection of Champagne Flutes allow anyone with a spark of creativity bring the bar to the party!  It’s always nice to bring a bottle but it’s even better and easier on the host when you can bring the whole set up.  

    Blackberry Ombre Renaissance:

    Renaissance Hambre.jpg


    • Fineline Settings Renaissance Stemmed Champagne – Yes it’s disposable but will also make it through           the dishwasher.
    • 1 cup fresh blackberries
    •  1 cup sugar
    •  1 cup water
    •  4 sprigs fresh rosemary
    •  1 bottle champagne


    1. In a small saucepan, combine blackberries, sugar, and water. Bring to a boil on high heat, and then reduce to a simmer and let cook for approximately 15-17 minutes. The blackberries will become soft and bright in color and a pinkish purple syrup will form. Making sure it cooks down enough is essential to keeping the ombre effect. Take off of the heat and drain the blackberries, keeping the syrup in a separate bowl. Set both aside and allow to cool.
    2. Once blackberries and simple syrup are cooled, spoon about 4 tablespoons of syrup into the bottom of each champagne flute (this recipe makes 4 drinks)
    3. Top with champagne.
    4. Garnish with fresh blackberries or the cooked blackberries, and a sprig of rosemary.
    5. Cheers! 

    Renaissance Raspberry Mint Champagne Cocktails:

    Rasberry Renaissance Mint


    • Fineline Settings Shatterproof 10oz Stemless Champagne Flutes
    • 1/4 cup granulated sugar (if you prefer  your cocktails to be extra sweet, then kick it up to 1/2 cup)
    • 1/4 cup water
    • 3-4 sprays of fresh mint leaves
    • 3 pints raspberries
    • 1/4 cups fresh lime juice (1-2 limes)
    • chilled champagne, prosecco or cava


    1. Make a Simple Syrup by combining the sugar and water in a saucepan and stirring over medium heat until the sugar has dissolved
    2. Add 2 sprigs of mint leaves and let them sit until the syrup cools
    3. Rinse the raspberries and then toss them into a large pitcher
    4. Pour in the lime juice & mix
    5. Once the syrup has cooled, strain and pour it into the pitcher
    6. Pour in the chilled champagne on top
    7. Use the remaining mint leaves & raspberries for garnish 

    Blackberry Lavender Champagne Cocktail:

    Flairware Classic Champagne.jpg


    • Flairware 4oz old fashioned champagne glasses
    • FOR THE BLACKBERRY SYRUP 1/3 cup blackberries, plus 8 more for garnish
    • 1/3 cup water
    • 1/3 cup sugar
    • 1 bottle of Prosecco or champagne
    • GARNISH - Sprigs of Lavender straight from the garden


    1. In a small saucepan, bring the blackberried, water and sugar to a boil. Turn to low and let simmer for 10 minutes. Strain blackberries and let syrup cool.
    2. Add 2 tbsp. of syrup to the bottom of each glass. Top with champagne and add in a sprig of thyme and 2 blackberries!


    Masked Mixed Shot.png

    Disposable champagne flutes from Fineline Settings are elegant and fun. Their sleek design and aesthetic will complement even the most elegant cristal champagne.  There are also a number of 2oz Tiny Champagne options available that you can creatively use for appetizers and desserts and really up your food presentation game.  If you would like to know where to buy elegant and sophistcated disposables for any event you can easily request a call from customer service or a local rep.  

    Contact a Rep


    When you need more than the perfect gravy recipe


    Setting Up For Thanksgiving.

    With Thanksgiving right around the corner there’s a lot to do.  Some people spend days in the kitchen prepping food and scouring the internet for things like the perfect gravy recipe.  Having friends and family over to be Thankful for all that is can sometimes be a stress especially when you find you might not have enough place settings for the amount of people coming over.  Rather than turn to any old plastic cups and paper plates for the kids and the random mismatched place setting for cousin Eddie rely on Fineline Settings to set the table for you.  Fineline settings premium disposable place settings are constructed with rigid cut proof plastic that will hold up to the toughest meal scenarios.  The look and feel of a Fineline Place setting is unbelievably real.  Your guests won’t believe they are disposable upon first glance. 

    sig blu crop.jpg


    We take it all the way.

    Fineline Settings has more than just place settings to make your event spectacular.   Pour on the elegance with our ultra-clear gravy boats.  A few of these peppered around the table will make it easy to serve that perfect gravy recipe you worked so hard on. 

    Fineline Settings Clear Gravey Boat

    Not enough Silverware?

    No problem – there are many options to choose from. Check out this new pocket napkin set.  Setting the flatware is now as easy as dealing out cards.  The full-size linen like napkin will help keep the kids from wiping their cranberry sauce hands on their grandmothers table cloth. 

    Plastic Silver Flatware

    Need a platter for the Turkey? 

    No problem .  There are plenty of medium, large and extra-large serving platter options from Fineline.   Item # 485 is a 25x14” oval tray– available in white, black or clear.  It’s’ large enough for the entire bird to be carved at the main event.  Here is a tip on how to carve a turkey.  The high rim designs of all of our serving platters will keep the juices where they belong – savoring in the meat. 


    Responsible for bringing desert? 

    Wow them with a bunch of Tiny Desserts -  Tinys are tempting and with many tiny tray and tumbler items from Fineline Settings you can show up looking like a pro-caterer.   

    Tiny Temptations by Fineline Settings

    Holiday Party Catering Ideas

    Holiday Party Catering Ideas:

    Holiday season is here and whether you have a large budget or small budget there are plenty of places to find great ideas.  Here’s one that is sure to make the party that much more memorable, stretch your budget that much farther, and make planning your party that much more convenient – Use Fine Disposables. 

    Disposable Fine China Look Alikes

    Disposables Save Time, Money and Labor. 

     Rental costs for serve ware range from about $4 per person to upwards of $7.50 per person.  That’s just to rent the stuff.  Additional costs may include fuel surcharge, price per mile delivery and additional labor to deal with it during the event.  Now you can get all the aesthetical appeal of fine china with disposables that look like fine china for about ½ the price of what it costs to rent.  No fuel charge, no delivery charge, no broken backs or broken dishes to disrupt the event either.  If your per person budget for your party is small you can instantly improve the perception of it with high end disposables and redirect the savings toward a better menu.  People eat with their eyes before their stomach and the better looking the food is the better it will taste and the more memorable it will be.  High end disposables are not expensive when you compare the cost to renting plates, flatware, and glasses.

    Convenient Anywhere.

    Shatter Proof Stemless Wine Glass and Carafe

    The greatest benefit to using disposables is to the event planner.   There are many venues that do not allow glass so you have no choice but to use disposables.  Using disposables opens your venue options wide open and there are many outdoor venues that are less expensive than indoor venues helping to save even more money without having to sacrifice elegance and sophistication.  Plus one less company and rental contract to deal with can be a blessing especially when you’re one of the party planners scrambling to put together a corporate event where the stakes to impress are high.  Simply using disposable items like stemless wine glasses will create ambiance for your event that is over and above using a random plastic cup for beverages like fine wine.

    Disposables Are More Sanitary.

    Fineline Settings Plates Are Fit For White Glove Service

    Sanitation is important at parties with a lot of guests.  Unfortunately, holiday party season coincides with flu season.  Studies show that single-use food service items are more sanitary than reusable dishes.  If you’re renting dishes you have no idea where they’ve been stored, the equipment and chemicals that were used to try and get them clean or who’s been handling them.  Sometimes chips on the edges of plates and glasses that seam harmless can be a breeding ground for bacteria that will give your guests the wrong memories of your event. Disposables have evolved so much in the last decade that they realistically could be used at a white glove service event.      

    Take Away.

    It’s time to rethink disposables.   Make any event spectacular regardless of what it’s for or where it is all while saving time and money without sacrificing elegance, sophistication, health and safety.  Check out a full line of options for any event at and request a catalog at our website. 

     Catalog / Fineline Rep Request

    Make money catering to the masses:

    For the first time in history Americans spent more on restaurants and bars than they did on groceries.  This paradigm shift is creating huge opportunities within the restaurant industry that are up for grabs.  My initial thought on how companies can capitalize on the current restaurant trend was focused on making money catering.  However, when most people think of catering they think of food at a wedding, party or corporate event but in reading through this Morgan Stanley $210 Billion food delivery market forecast the real opportunity is going to be in catering to the masses. 

    One Click Ordering:

    One Click Food Delivery Ordering.png

    Innovations in the prepared food delivery space are creating a secular shift away from what was once predominately pizza and Chinese into a wider array of restaurant and food type choices.  With one order click technology a hot delicious meal is just minutes away and trackable by smart phone applications.  Broader food choices combined with home delivery trends create an environment ripe for grabbing market share in this young developing industry. 

    Packaging will make or break you:

    Catering Family Meal Utensils.jpg


    Capitalizing on these emerging trends will require not only being at the top of your food game but also your food presentation game.  Your packaging choices will make or break your success based on how the quality and value of your food is perceived from the moment it shows up at you customers door.  Offering a range of single meal to family meal and large party options will help your restaurant establish itself as a “go to” option when mom doesn’t want to cook, the millennials want you just “one click” away, or dad is throwing the ultimate tailgate before the big game. Including items like tongs and serving utensils branded with your company information will offer convenience and perceived value as well as remain in your customers possession constantly reminding them that your great food is just “one click away.” Offering the option of "serving set ups" such as plates and rolled utensils with a per person surcharge is a strong strategy and will be an added convenience to your customers and cost nuetral to your establishment. 

    Maximize Menu Offerings While Minimizing Sku’s: 

    Reuseable cater bowls

    Product lines such as REFORM by Fineline Settings have a consistent look; interchangeable lids; are microwave, warming drawer, and dishwasher safe; and will help maximize your menu offering while minimizing unnecessary SKUs.  Reusable single serve and home meal replacement food service packaging is another constant reminder of the restaurant your customers like to frequently order from.    Increases in take out and online delivery requests will not only increase your revenue and loyal customer base, it will also help you avoid idle labor and food costs with the shifting tide of dine in or take out trends. 

    Take Away:

    With modern life styles and the necessity of dual income households, families are often faced with sacrificing prep time in the kitchen for spending time together over dinner around the table.  For savvy restaurateurs the formula of combining top quality ingredients with a versatile packaging system for multi-person table ready food is sure to be a winning equation.  For more information on performance food packaging to help you capitalize on these emerging trends connect with one of our regional sales manages with the button below. Catalog / Fineline Rep Request

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