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    Holiday Dessert Table


    The holidays are here and it’s a great excuse to celebrate with a festive dessert table!  For this dessert table I used the tiny compostable caterware from Fineline Settings’ new SelfEco line.  For some reason, it just feels special to have dessert served in tiny individual portions.  Not only do they look elegant, they are also eco-friendly, zero-waste, plant-based, and compostable.  So, we can feel better about serving each guest five mini dessert offerings in individual containers.  Well, at least when it comes to satisfying their sweet tooth and saving the planet. 


    I wanted the dessert table to have a wintery theme to go along with the holidays during this season.  To set the stage, I hung white paper snowflake fans and a snowflake garland for an easy backdrop.  Then, I added a frosty green  garland, a lantern, some pillar candles, and tinsel to add some holiday sparkle.  

    Starting on the left, I used the 2 piece champagne flutes to serve cranberry punch.  To make them more festive, I added a pink sugar rim, a few raspberries and mint sprigs.  

    Beside the punch, I used the 4” square cocktail plates to serve slices of key lime pie and fresh strawberries.  I like how the plates have a convenient opening for a tiny fork.

    I also used these beautiful Asian spoons, which  are great for one or two bites.  They were perfect for serving white chocolate mousse garnished with a raspberry and micro mint.

    On the right of the dessert table, I used a two tiered dessert stand which is also available through Fineline Settings.  I like how it adds height and space for more sweet treats!  On the top tier, I used the 4 oz round bowl for serving a mini cupcake and strawberry macaroon.  I also really like that the bowls have a mini utensil holder.  It’s so convenient and still looks elegant. 

    On the bottom tier, I used the 3 oz mini cubes for individual cheesecake desserts.  I like that they are clear so the guests can see all the delicious layers of the dessert.

    A festive dessert table can make any holiday or celebration special! The idea of serving tiny desserts in small portions is so fun and great for entertaining!  With Fineline Settings’ compostable tiny caterware, you can really get creative with your desserts this year while keeping the earth green.  So, please go ahead and start planning your five course dessert menu and enjoy the holidays!  

    Products Used:


    3.4” Mini Spoon, White

    4” Mini Fork, White

    4.6” Asian Spoon, White

    2 Piece 5.5 oz Champagne Flute, Clear

    3 oz Mini Cube, Clear

    4” Square Cocktail Plate, White

    4 oz Round Bowl, White

    Platter Pleasers 

    11.75” Cake Stand, White

    9.75” Cake Stand, White

    Lets Make it a Tasty and Tasteful Holiday With Fineline Settings!


    With hectic shopping and schedule conflictions abound, wouldn't it be nice if at least one thing could be easy and stress free? Well, as always, our Fineline Family is here to share a few last minute holiday life savers to help you stay calm and classy throughout your Holiday 5K!

    Imagine this: your beautiful holiday dinner table, full of your loved ones laughing merrily, and complimenting your amazing meal and your fabulous tableware...

    Now imagine that after the meal is done, and your guests are snoozing on the couch... YOU are right there with them! And all because those beautiful dinner dishes, cutlery, and drinkware require no more after dinner clean-up than tossing them in that giant blag garbage bag (we all have) that is already full of wrapping paper! That's right, now you can have a beautiful tablescape fit for any festivity, and its all completely disposable! 

    Our recently introduced Heritage and Signature Blu collections are elegant and durable options to wow your crowd; and they go beautifully with our new Renaissance Crisp Stemware and Stemless Goblets!

    If you're hosting a bigger event or even a holiday office party, then our new Crystal and Holiday Themed Trays are the perfect options for serving up your appetizers, fruit and veggie platters, and yummy holiday cookies! 

    Alright, now that your dinnerware situation is set, it's about time we find something delicious to put on top of them! We have a few fun things for you to check out this week. Firstly, of course, we have comprised a mouth-watering list of both tasty and beautiful holiday treats we thought would look great on our serving trays and platters; so check out our...

    FLS 2017 Holiday "Pin-It" List!

    And because you have been so good this year, we have a special treat from one of our very own team members! If you follow the link back to our Facebook Page, you will be greeted with a warm drink recipe inspired by one of the pins on the Holiday board!

    Tested and approved, this Hot Cocao is elevated with delicious treats, a rich flavor, and will look beautiful in our Flairware, Silver Splendor and Tiny Temptations Coffee Mugs! Click on the pic below to check it out!


    As always, it is a pleasure to have shared this 2017 with you. It's been a year of change, growth and progress. Together we are stronger, and love is the most important aspect of every holiday celebration. May the holidays of you, and those you love, be full of health and happiness.


    From Our Families to Yours,


    Holiday Party Catering Ideas

    Holiday Party Catering Ideas:

    Holiday season is here and whether you have a large budget or small budget there are plenty of places to find great ideas.  Here’s one that is sure to make the party that much more memorable, stretch your budget that much farther, and make planning your party that much more convenient – Use Fine Disposables. 

    Disposable Fine China Look Alikes

    Disposables Save Time, Money and Labor. 

     Rental costs for serve ware range from about $4 per person to upwards of $7.50 per person.  That’s just to rent the stuff.  Additional costs may include fuel surcharge, price per mile delivery and additional labor to deal with it during the event.  Now you can get all the aesthetical appeal of fine china with disposables that look like fine china for about ½ the price of what it costs to rent.  No fuel charge, no delivery charge, no broken backs or broken dishes to disrupt the event either.  If your per person budget for your party is small you can instantly improve the perception of it with high end disposables and redirect the savings toward a better menu.  People eat with their eyes before their stomach and the better looking the food is the better it will taste and the more memorable it will be.  High end disposables are not expensive when you compare the cost to renting plates, flatware, and glasses.

    Convenient Anywhere.

    Shatter Proof Stemless Wine Glass and Carafe

    The greatest benefit to using disposables is to the event planner.   There are many venues that do not allow glass so you have no choice but to use disposables.  Using disposables opens your venue options wide open and there are many outdoor venues that are less expensive than indoor venues helping to save even more money without having to sacrifice elegance and sophistication.  Plus one less company and rental contract to deal with can be a blessing especially when you’re one of the party planners scrambling to put together a corporate event where the stakes to impress are high.  Simply using disposable items like stemless wine glasses will create ambiance for your event that is over and above using a random plastic cup for beverages like fine wine.

    Disposables Are More Sanitary.

    Fineline Settings Plates Are Fit For White Glove Service

    Sanitation is important at parties with a lot of guests.  Unfortunately, holiday party season coincides with flu season.  Studies show that single-use food service items are more sanitary than reusable dishes.  If you’re renting dishes you have no idea where they’ve been stored, the equipment and chemicals that were used to try and get them clean or who’s been handling them.  Sometimes chips on the edges of plates and glasses that seam harmless can be a breeding ground for bacteria that will give your guests the wrong memories of your event. Disposables have evolved so much in the last decade that they realistically could be used at a white glove service event.      

    Take Away.

    It’s time to rethink disposables.   Make any event spectacular regardless of what it’s for or where it is all while saving time and money without sacrificing elegance, sophistication, health and safety.  Check out a full line of options for any event at and request a catalog at our website. 

     Catalog / Fineline Rep Request

    Make A Signature Statement That Will Mark Your Holiday Celebrations!

    As always, it seems as though the holidays creep up on us ever more quickly each year! With Halloween out the door and in-laws practically ringing our doorbells for Thanksgiving, needless to say, this year’s holidays are going to be a bit hectic! Hey, but that’s okay, because just like last year, and the year before that, Fineline is here to help make this season sophisticated and effortless!

    Signature Blu By Fineline Settings.jpg

    We’ve released quite a few new and intriguing products this 2016, all in preparation for now: for your biggest event season of the year, so that your holiday hosting is enjoyable and stress-free. Now, to help give your holiday table a stunning statement that will leave your guests breathless, we introduce…


    The Signature Blu Collection

    An elegant and illustrious new addition to your holiday party that embodies old-world grandeur, stunning detail, and modern convenience for your busy life-style! Take a look at just some of the holly jolly highlights of this classically couture collection!

    • Three Perfectly Portioned Sizes for every Holiday Dish!
    • Cobalt and Gold trim heightens an intimate dinner with family; or a holiday bash of 100!
    • With its Unique Color scheme and design, this collection will match both modern and classic stemware and flatware!
    • Our crisp white base married with foil blue trim and gold stamping creates a signature style reminiscent of fine Victorian dining!
    • Polystyrene durability is disguised with delicate fine details that look prestigious enough for your china cabinet!

    Fineline is here so that you never have to settle for less, and to assure that your signature standards are never compromised! We hope your holiday season is a spectacular one!


    -Let The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year Begin!

    Best Wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year!

    As we welcome in these great Holidays, we would like to take a moment and reflect what we have been doing in the past year to enhance our services and our relationships with our customers and fans.

    Fineline Settings has always been at the very front line of the Premium Upscale Disposable Dinnerware products, with several manufacturing plants overseas and one of our largest facilities located in Upstate New York, we ship your products within 48 hours of order receipt. With many more great changes and additions to our services, Fineline Settings has with your help grown to be on of the largest manufacturers and Suppliers of Fine Disposable Catering supplies to the Foodservice, Catering and Hospitality Industries.

    We have introduced in the year 2013 well over 65 new items  to our already amazing product line, whether it was in the Platter Pleasers Catering line or in the Tiny Temptations Cocktail party line, we're always adding and improving based on the needs of our customers and the consumers of the industry.

    Our foodservice partners have been helping us all along to achieve this moment and continue to help us grow together with our customers and partners as well. Whether your at a ball game in the Yankee Stadium Box seats or you were at the Super Bowl, do you study at the University of Oklahoma or perhaps Party at the Venetien Hotel in Las Vegas, you'll be sure to find the Upscale products of Fineline Settings.

    Be sure to check back here and see our continues work to improve our products and services we continue to offer to our special customers and partners as yourself.

    Wishing you and your family a Happy and Healthy New Year!

    Need more info?

    Premium Disposable Holiday Tablesetting

    The Holidays are coming... the Holidays are here!

    With all the preparations and shopping hopefully done already, it's your time now to sit down and start preparing the holiday meals for all your guests, family and friends that you plan to have over for the meals.

    Make sure you have a game plan, know your guests, what they appreciate to eat and make sure if anyone has any allergies that you need to be aware of, if you have a family member that is vegan, they would really appreciate you preparing them something they will be able to eat, or anyone who has a specific food or health diet. These tiny little things are what really make people happy and makes them feel extremely welcome knowing that you thought of them when preparing your party, that will never be forgotten.

    Here's one great tip that you will always be grateful, remember the days you used to borrow the china dishes from neighbors just to have enough for everyone and then they did not match? Well that is over and those days are long since gone. If you plan to have a party or dinner with 10 or more people you don't need to use real china plates or glassware, check our Fineline Settings with such an amazing selection of upscale disposable dinnerware and an amazing collection of plastic tumblers and drinkware, you will always be thankful that you used plastic rather than using real.

    Upscale Disposable Dinnerware collection

    There are a great variety of styles and shapes and 4 different colors to choose from, Black, Bone, Clear and White. Each with its own unique style and design to satisfy every trend and theme. They have soft square edges with are the hottest trend right now, check out their Renaissance premium upscale disposable dinnerware collection and they just got a brand new crystal tumblers collection that will sparkle whatever is in the cup.

    With these plates they have amazing heavyweight premium silver plated plastic cutlery as well as silver mini cutlery for tastings and desserts, all heavyweight and they almost look better than the real deal.

    For the cocktail table or mini finger food heaven table you have a full selection of mini disposable plates, bowls, dessert cups, utensils, tongs, espresso mugs, sushi plates and much more, it's a dream come true for the special pop and mom that love to wow their guest but don't have the means to do it with expensive serveware, these mini dishes are premium weights and are recyclable and disposable. You'll enjoy the setting up as much as your guest will enjoy tasting and eating all the foods.

    Now come the wine and spirits, you got red wine, white wine, champagne, bourbon, whiskey and scotch (for the adults of course) and who doesn't like a great cocktail mix, Fineline Settings has got a cup for everything. Check our their collection of tumblers and stemware, high quality plastic that will make that shot go down as smooth or as rough as you just like it.

    So, with the shopping and presents done with, now is the time to sit down and work out the meals if you haven't done so already.

    Get down to it and serve your guests with your best!

    Happy Holidays and Cheers to a great celebration!

    What you need to know when throwing a party!

    Throwing a party is stressful enough, from planning to inviting and then to actually setting up the party and making sure everything is set beautifully and ready for the guest to arrive and indulge.

    Planning the party:

    It all starts when you decide you want to host a party for any particular reason, whether it's for any upcoming holiday and you're going to invite your friends and/or family, or your having a gala event, bridal party, wedding party, birthday party or any of the like, heck you don't even need a reason to throw a party. The first thing you need to set is 1. how many people you're going invite. (take in consideration that this number will always be higher at the end) 2. if you have a specific theme you want to showcase at the party.

    Inviting your guests:

    Whether you are the formal people or classy type, an invite is always appropriate and appreciated. There are many different and really interesting ways you can invite your friends and family over to your party. The typical paper invitation can work well, depending on the occasion, linen paper with burned edges are very nice, but you can get funky and make something different depending on the occasion. P.S. Email is not the finest way, although the quickest and perhaps easiest way, one would much rather appreciate a more personal approach.

    Holiday and Upscale party settings

    Preparing the menu:

    As with everything else, this all depends on the type of occasion you are hosting. If this is going to be a meal type of event then you'd probably want to plan a full 5 course meal, starting with cocktails and continuing with entrees, appetizer, salad, soup and main course. Don't forget the main course for some is the dessert, who doesn't like a great dessert after a nice meal with a nice glass of wine or champagne. However if you're throwing the fun and casual party, things probably need to run a bit different in the food section. You can start off with cocktails which always are a great way to bring everyone up to date in all the conversations etc. plus it gives you some time to make the final touches in the kitchen if you're not ready to serve yet. Then you would want to have a buffet style of entrees and finger food coming out on a constant basis, varying from different meats, chicken, fish of all sorts and veggies. One very important note, make sure you know of any specific diets or special food requirements before making your menu, it can be very counterproductive and hurtful to find out of someone allergies or special diet in middle of the party.

    Setting up:

    This is where it get to the fun part. Your menu is done, the food was bought or going to be ordered, now you can start dreaming of the table setting and theme you want to go with. All this depends again what type of party or event this will be, indoors or outdoors, standing or sitting, casual or formal. Age type is also key to know how to set your tables. The one most important thing of all is to try to purchase plastic and disposable products for props and for food serving as well. In today's day ad age there are so many great products that are not made of real expensive china thus giving you the opportunity to be different and spend less on setup, it also gives you a greater variety of products to chose from and a whole different color option. Fineline Settingsis a great resource and we are the leading manufacturer of fine upscale disposable dinnerware. The great part of using disposable products is that when all is done and the event and party is over, there is nothing left to do, just throw everything in the trash or recycling where available and you're done for the night, rather than having to go and wash or pay your caterer to wash them for you.

    During the Party:

    Now is your time to shine, stay calm and make sure everyone has what they need at all times. Being a host is not an easy job, being a great host in even harder. Your guest will remember this party or event for a very long time if everything is nice and calm, get some extra help with serving the hot food and making sure the serving dishes are always full. Keep on switching stations so everyone gets a chance to have a bit of everything. The only thing left for you now is to enjoy the aftermath, whether it's with your kids or with your loved you, breath in the moment and start planning the next party, don't have an occasion? That's not a problem, you don't need an occasion to party! Happy Holidays - Cheers!

    Celebrate the Holidays with Upscale disposable Tableware

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