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    Rolled Cutlery Is Here To Serve Up Style

    We now ask that you imagine a drumroll, dear friends. As you hear the drums rumble louder and louder with anticipation, picture a velvet curtain being drawn back to reveal your tablescape as a stage. On this stage, revealed as the newest Fineline Settings star, we are thrilled to introduce you to your new favorite secret


    Silver Secrets happily adds Rolled Cutlery to its collection!


    • Familiar Premium Silver flatware in a rolled napkin that is completely disposable is here!
    • Quality in the form of disposable plastic that is easy to see and feel!
    • Chic and simple design that will compliment any and all of your special events!
    • Classic style that’s ahead of its time with the convenience of recyclable plastic!
    • Elegant, white, linen-like napkin that will please even the most discerning of laps!
    • Two Styles to suit your unique event that will help save you time!
    • Perfect in size to accompany any one of our collections on your tablescape!
    • Enclosed with a modish black and white band that never detracts from your theme!
    • Disposable Napkin with a soft texture that resembles the traditional cloth-napkin!
    • Smartly designed so that they’ll leave your guests stunned that it’s disposable!
    • You will never suffer hours of labor wrapping traditional flatware again!



    Once again we strive in continuing to provide you with beauty and distinction that comes together in a perfect union of durability and disposability. Your table settings will glitter in your guests’ eyes as they lay an elegant cloth-like napkin across their laps and dine with glinting cutlery that not only reflects their happy smiles, but also mirrors the quality that our company eats, sleeps and breaths.

    Look forward to giving it a try no matter whether you need the dream trio of a Silver Secrets fork, knife and spoon; or keep it simple and smart with just a fork and knife. Fineline never forgets that options make the heart grow fonder!

    Let’s give a warm round of applause to the newest member of the family, Rolled Cutlery! After all, they may be shy at first, but we promise they’ll help you steal the show! 


    Need help?


    Foodservice cater trays - polystyrene injection deli trays

    High Quality Catering and Foodservice serving trays

    With the fast foodservice and catering business going pretty much on overdrive now before the holidays, have you ever given the thought of how you can increase your business efficiency to be able to serve quicker and make a better revenue?

    Using disposable cater trays are a great way to start. Why use expensive trays to package your deli or catering foods, high quality polystyrene injection trays and bowls will go a long way without cracking or any other damage to the food or the tray for that matter. Match them up with great looking high dome PET lids and you have just saved yourself a whole lot of money and time thus enhancing the efficiency and profitability of your company.

    Next you need to look into using disposable catering utensils, there are many great products in today's market that will help you work in your kitchen and your chef will love them as well, they come in different colors so you can match your other products, they are very sturdy so there is no worry of breakage of the products while dishing out the food, works great with hot food as well.

    All these products are food graded, so no worries on the material used for the injected plastic polystyrene catering or foodservice utensils. If you prefer to buy them in bulk or even in retail packaging, they all come individually wrapped so they stay clean and you don't need to worry about dust or any other dirt getting on the products that stay in the box.

    The bottom line is, you need to see how these products can earn you money and time, you will enhance the efficiency of your bran along with profitability.


    Happy Holidays!

    Disposable Plastic Tableware Provides Convenience for Your Party

    One way of easing the stress associated with throwing a party is to use high quality disposable plates, utensils and beverage containers instead of renting costly glass and china settings for the event.  Along with allowing you to focus on more important matters, disposable tableware will also provide a number of other advantages.  Here are a few to consider.

    You Save Money!
    Silver tongs
    If the party is on a large scale, that means renting plates, glasses, utensils and other tableware through a caterer or an event planner.  Why go through all that expense when you can simply purchase disposable plates that provide the same level of service? For a fraction of the cost, you can have your choice of different styles, something that is even more important if the event is built around a theme.

    Add a Touch of Elegance!

    Speaking of style, most rental supplies for parties are somewhat plain in appearance.1510 WH LG resized 600 They have to be in order to work in different types of settings and events. By choosing to buy disposable tableware, you have the option of using pieces that are right on target with your theme.  For something more elaborate, go with silver tone plastic utensils or small plates that include some sort of gold design on the lip.  If the theme is more casual, then look into fun color combinations that coordinate the scheme between the disposable plates, cups, and utensils.

    Cleanup is a Breeze!

    If style and saving money is not all that important, think in terms of how easy it is to simply toss out used disposable plates and other tableware once the event is over.  The ability to scoop up all the dirty dishes and drop them in a garbage bag means that the process of getting your home or any other setting for the party in shape will take much less time.  This convenience alone makes it worth your time to check into disposable tableware for your next event.
    Silver Rim plastic plates
    Disposable plates and plastic dinnerware have come a long way in recent years.  Plates are sturdy and durable, while utensils hold up very well without breaking or splintering.  There's no need to compromise on style and quality in order to use disposable tableware these days.  Spend a little time looking into the options on the market today.  Chances are you will find products with the right combination of looks, durability and cost to make your event a success.

    Super Bowl Party Must Haves, party disposables, check ...

    The big game is just a few hours away. Whether your favorite team made it to Superbowl XLVI or not, it's still a great excuse to have a party. You've picked out what you're going to serve at the party and you've placed your order to have it ready for game time. But what are they going to eat off? You might have enough dishes, but imagine the pile up in the sink that will definitely have you missing the game pile ups as you wash a seemingly endless offensive line of dishes. 

    Savvi Serve Disposable Plates and disposable TumblersFortunately, party disposables from Fineline Settings are here to save the day and make your party much easier. With disposable dishes, all you have to worry about is, the fun, food and game. Party disposables aren't just the old paper plates that everything soaked through. Our disposable dishes come in a huge variety of shapes, colors, styles and sizes. They'll even fit your budget. When you use party disposables, your cleanup becomes instantly easier as you simply dispose of the dirty plates, napkins, disposable tumblers, etc. 

    So you have a Superbowl party this weekend, a wedding shower next weekend and then a big wedding all coming up? Don't stress about broken dishes, deposits or raisin fingers. Disposable party plates from Fineline Settings can fill every presentation niche and plasticware need you've got. You can snag Superbowl series party disposables complete with everything you need for serving, storing and transporting with our platter lid. Our collections are also available for catering and events where you'll need everything from clear salad bowls and trays to pitchers, disposable utensils and ice buckets. And for that magical wedding day, don't worry because there's now a silver flatware collection that feels completely real, but it's still a party disposable!

    While the guys on the field may be rushing, running, reversing and carrying, you'll be doing the same thing at your Superbowl party, made easier with party disposables from Fineline Settings.

    Disposable Plastic Tableware Provides Convenience for Your Party

    Treat yourself; tantalize your guests; tempt every spectator as you transform your table with these terrific disposable miniature dishes that maximize every opportunity for creativity in serving.

    This great Tiny Temptation collection is perfect for any and every occassion, whether you're having a party at home, in the bar or even at poolside, these Tiny disposable dishes are unique and will impress every guest!

    Fineline Settings sets the standard for heavyweight dishes in quality construction and definitive design. We transform every meal into an occasion by ensuring all the convenience of plastic along with the sophistication of china.

    DSC 0811 resized 600

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