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    Holiday Party Catering Ideas

    Holiday Party Catering Ideas:

    Holiday season is here and whether you have a large budget or small budget there are plenty of places to find great ideas.  Here’s one that is sure to make the party that much more memorable, stretch your budget that much farther, and make planning your party that much more convenient – Use Fine Disposables. 

    Disposable Fine China Look Alikes

    Disposables Save Time, Money and Labor. 

     Rental costs for serve ware range from about $4 per person to upwards of $7.50 per person.  That’s just to rent the stuff.  Additional costs may include fuel surcharge, price per mile delivery and additional labor to deal with it during the event.  Now you can get all the aesthetical appeal of fine china with disposables that look like fine china for about ½ the price of what it costs to rent.  No fuel charge, no delivery charge, no broken backs or broken dishes to disrupt the event either.  If your per person budget for your party is small you can instantly improve the perception of it with high end disposables and redirect the savings toward a better menu.  People eat with their eyes before their stomach and the better looking the food is the better it will taste and the more memorable it will be.  High end disposables are not expensive when you compare the cost to renting plates, flatware, and glasses.

    Convenient Anywhere.

    Shatter Proof Stemless Wine Glass and Carafe

    The greatest benefit to using disposables is to the event planner.   There are many venues that do not allow glass so you have no choice but to use disposables.  Using disposables opens your venue options wide open and there are many outdoor venues that are less expensive than indoor venues helping to save even more money without having to sacrifice elegance and sophistication.  Plus one less company and rental contract to deal with can be a blessing especially when you’re one of the party planners scrambling to put together a corporate event where the stakes to impress are high.  Simply using disposable items like stemless wine glasses will create ambiance for your event that is over and above using a random plastic cup for beverages like fine wine.

    Disposables Are More Sanitary.

    Fineline Settings Plates Are Fit For White Glove Service

    Sanitation is important at parties with a lot of guests.  Unfortunately, holiday party season coincides with flu season.  Studies show that single-use food service items are more sanitary than reusable dishes.  If you’re renting dishes you have no idea where they’ve been stored, the equipment and chemicals that were used to try and get them clean or who’s been handling them.  Sometimes chips on the edges of plates and glasses that seam harmless can be a breeding ground for bacteria that will give your guests the wrong memories of your event. Disposables have evolved so much in the last decade that they realistically could be used at a white glove service event.      

    Take Away.

    It’s time to rethink disposables.   Make any event spectacular regardless of what it’s for or where it is all while saving time and money without sacrificing elegance, sophistication, health and safety.  Check out a full line of options for any event at and request a catalog at our website. 

     Catalog / Fineline Rep Request

    Starting the new year with a great goal!

    Good Friday to everyone.

    We're all just about done with our New Year's eve hangover and getting back to normal or at least trying to get back to normal, some of us have probably been hit by some snow and bad weather, we'll get out of it by the end of the weekend and get back to our daily routine and get back to work.

    Fineline Settings has witnessed an amazing year in the past 2013, with many successes and milestone achievements, we have successfully launched well over 50 new products and designs to our already extensive line of amazing upscale products, with your help and support we have been able to achieve an amazing goal that has been almost a dream for us when we started the year of 2013, yet we pushed and worked hard, tireless amount of hours and with everyone's amazing support we have achieved a great goal and it has been a great support for us.

    Looking ahead at 2014 we can now say that we are determined more than ever to make this year hit another great milestone for us, we are already in the production stages of some of our new products that we have in plan to launch this year, more services and shipping schedules all with you, our amazing customer in our minds all the time.

    When we think of a developing new product, it's not because our lives are boring and were looking for some action, a new product means you asked for it, you gave us the ideas and we went to work, researching the consumer effects and how the best usage of this product would be, with many testing and meetings and testing again we then are able to bring you the new product. New products, as in, a new plate design or shape, are not just someone's idea, they are created with the consumer in mind and only after a massive amount of research in retail stores and after asking hard questions of consumer needs, only then do we feel comfortable to bring you a new product.

    This new year looks very promising in many ways and we are glad that you're with us on this amazing journey, so hold on tight because we're going for a ride, one that will see great services begin further improved, quality control being further tightened, customer service going another extra step to help you and overall an amazing product line to help you in your line of business, whether it is, catering, foodservice distribution, stadium catering, hospitality industry, party planning or an amazing mom or dad that's looking to make that perfect birthday party for their beloved child, we'll be behind you to support and supply you with your needs and make your buying experience an amazing one.

    This year we want to hear more from you and your opinion counts more than ever. Do you have a comment or a thought that you would like to share with us, we want to hear from you. Please contact us on the link below and let us know your thoughts.

    Have a Great Weekend everybody!

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    Upscale disposable Dinnerware at the 2013 Catersource Tradeshow

    Welcome back from Las Vegas everyone!

    We've just got back from an amazing Catersource Tradeshow. This show has become for us a real great event where we can display our full line of Upscale Disposable Dinnerware and Partyware collections and it's only getting better over the years, the Catersource company is an amazing company with a bunch of great people to deal and work with, they are very nice and friendly.

    The show was an amazing experience for us as it was for all attendees, this is a very hands-on show where everyone has questions and interacts with each other, that's when you can get a sense if what you're doing is right.

    we had a great show at the catersource tradeshow 2013 resized 600

    When an attendee comes into your booth and starts getting excited when they see your products, they take photos of the products and ask different questions about the product, you know you're doing something right. That's exactly what we've had in the past few days, we have been showing our new products that will be available in the coming few months and we have gotten only positive response from all the attendees.

    The first product that we will be launching is the Renaissance plates in different trendy colors, there will be a purple/wine color, a beautiful metallic silver color and a pistachio green color. These new color will be available for all three size plates.
    We've also been showing a new service that we have begun to offer, printing on products. What that means is, say you're doing a catering event for a client that has a large company, a great way to bring together the party is by having the clients logo printed on the plates, trays, utensils and tumblers, when people arrive at the party they'll know that this is a promotional party for that company and they'll remember it for a long time. The same goes with promotions, say you're a deli or a breakfast and coffee house, you'll want your patrons to feel at home with that personal touch, adding print on product is a great way to bring that together.

    fineline settings showing our new 2013 products at Catersource resized 600

    More of the new products that we've been displaying were, a new mini wine carafe, a new real mini wine glass and a cute little espresso mug with a tiny little handle to get your finger in there, there was also a silver pick, great for martinis and fruit dishes. We also have 5 new catering items, 2 size deep trifle bowls and 3 different sizes of cake trays with stands that build upward in tiers, those will be available in clear and white.

    All in all we can say that we've had a truly engaging tradeshow and everyone who passed our booth had been amazed over the booth layout and the product. It's not too late to signup for our free iPad giveaway which will be announced on Thursday the 22nd of March, you can signup here make sure to like our Facebook page in order for you to win, check out our Facebook page here and start engaging with us about our products, we'd love to hear from you.

    get your free stylus pen at catersource show booth 2113 resized 600

    We would like to take this opportunity and thank all attendees who have attended the show and visited our booth, it's people and customers like you that we work for every day and make sure our products are top notch quality, thanks for your support, we look forward to servicing you for all your upcoming events and catering needs.


    Valentine's Day - Celebrate with Upscale Disposable Dinnerware!

    The name says it all, it's a symbol of recognition, a moment to pause and think what you've got and how you've come to appreciate it. Valentine's day is a very special time for everyone, young and not so young, everyone shows appreciation to the better part of them.

    Create the perfect Valentine's day romantinc dinner with upscale disposable dinnerware by Fineline Settings. Wheather you're gonna sit down to a full meal or just in the mood of a drink, our selection of upscale recyclable products are perfect to set the mode and tone of the evening.

    You can start out the night with a chamgne party, for that there are many styles and shapes of high-end disposable champagne flutes to choose from, round or square, tall or short, 1 piece or 2 piece, are you in the mood of a 5 oz. drink or only a 2 oz. drink, we've got the right size for you to start enjoying the night properly.

    When setting your table, you'll probably set it just for 2 people, you and your loved one. Check out this page of holiday and festive tablesettings where you can choose from a selection of different plates, many shapes, styles and colors. All have an upscale look and feel, the high gloss will have you thinking twice if it is real of plastic and disposable.

    Premium Crystal upscale disposable tumbers and drinkware

    A drink goes down better with a nice glass, you can have that too with these amazing upscale looking tumblers from our fine collection. Check out this page of upscale and elegant premium tumblers and cups to fir your perfect romantic dinner or party.

    Last but not least, an amzing tasting party never work without the preperation of these cute little mini dishes, we've got a full selection of all sorts of mini dishes for you to choose from, check out the Tiny Temptation collection page on our website and be amazed of what can be done to create that perfect romantic feast and dinner for the person you love most in your life.

    As always, cheers to a great happy and heatly party!

    Happy Valentine's day


    Premium Disposable Holiday Tablesetting

    The Holidays are coming... the Holidays are here!

    With all the preparations and shopping hopefully done already, it's your time now to sit down and start preparing the holiday meals for all your guests, family and friends that you plan to have over for the meals.

    Make sure you have a game plan, know your guests, what they appreciate to eat and make sure if anyone has any allergies that you need to be aware of, if you have a family member that is vegan, they would really appreciate you preparing them something they will be able to eat, or anyone who has a specific food or health diet. These tiny little things are what really make people happy and makes them feel extremely welcome knowing that you thought of them when preparing your party, that will never be forgotten.

    Here's one great tip that you will always be grateful, remember the days you used to borrow the china dishes from neighbors just to have enough for everyone and then they did not match? Well that is over and those days are long since gone. If you plan to have a party or dinner with 10 or more people you don't need to use real china plates or glassware, check our Fineline Settings with such an amazing selection of upscale disposable dinnerware and an amazing collection of plastic tumblers and drinkware, you will always be thankful that you used plastic rather than using real.

    Upscale Disposable Dinnerware collection

    There are a great variety of styles and shapes and 4 different colors to choose from, Black, Bone, Clear and White. Each with its own unique style and design to satisfy every trend and theme. They have soft square edges with are the hottest trend right now, check out their Renaissance premium upscale disposable dinnerware collection and they just got a brand new crystal tumblers collection that will sparkle whatever is in the cup.

    With these plates they have amazing heavyweight premium silver plated plastic cutlery as well as silver mini cutlery for tastings and desserts, all heavyweight and they almost look better than the real deal.

    For the cocktail table or mini finger food heaven table you have a full selection of mini disposable plates, bowls, dessert cups, utensils, tongs, espresso mugs, sushi plates and much more, it's a dream come true for the special pop and mom that love to wow their guest but don't have the means to do it with expensive serveware, these mini dishes are premium weights and are recyclable and disposable. You'll enjoy the setting up as much as your guest will enjoy tasting and eating all the foods.

    Now come the wine and spirits, you got red wine, white wine, champagne, bourbon, whiskey and scotch (for the adults of course) and who doesn't like a great cocktail mix, Fineline Settings has got a cup for everything. Check our their collection of tumblers and stemware, high quality plastic that will make that shot go down as smooth or as rough as you just like it.

    So, with the shopping and presents done with, now is the time to sit down and work out the meals if you haven't done so already.

    Get down to it and serve your guests with your best!

    Happy Holidays and Cheers to a great celebration!

    Here's to a great Holiday Party - Sale!

    Fineline Settings is excited to introduce

    our SHIPPER/DISPLAY program

    for the upcoming Holiday Season.


    These innovative shippers are the ideal solution for effective showcasing and retailing. Designed for convenience, these eye-catching displays are easy to assemble and simple to stock. They enable you to offer a wide selection of our retail products as well as seasonal specialties without sacrificing on shelf space and organization.

    Now that we're going into the holidays, there is no better way to sell upscale disposable tableware for your parties than with these innovative retail display shippers. Fineline Settings give you this great opportunity to sell these amazing products without having to designate special shelf space for them, space is tight as is. Just purchase this easy to ensemble shipper unit and you have yourself an eye catching selling tool for your store.


    Fineline Retail Display shipper unit


    In a supermarket when it is sometimes hard to create or designate new shelf space for new items, this Fineline end-cap display shipper is your ideal solution to offer Fineline retail products as well as seasonal specialties without sacrificing on shelf space.

    These eye-catching displays will make the perfect seller in a pharmacy or drug-store. They enable you to offer a wide selection of Fineline party products as well as seasonal specialties, without sacrificing or adding shelf space.

    Where else if not for a novelty or party stores would these display units work best. Fineline end-cap display shippers offer the ideal solution enabling you to carry Fineline retail products as well as seasonal specialties without sacrificing on shelf space.

    When shopping at the Deli for a party or event, it's always nice to be able to offer tasting and drinkware to go along with the food. Fineline shippers are the ideal solution in offering Fineline retail products as well as seasonal specialties without sacrificing on shelf space.



    These displays are really to ensemble as well, we put together a small toturial for you to see for yourself how easy it is to set up hassle free. Take a look at this YouTube clip we prepared for you.



    For more information on this display shipper, please contact your local Fineline Settings Rep or you can always contact our friendly customer care reps and they will be more than happy to assist you with all your needs.

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