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    Make it a Margarita Night!

    We know that every day is a reason to celebrate... but can you blame us for being a little extra excited about Febraury 22st...? "What", you may ask, "is so special about a Thursday?". Well, dear friends, in the spirit of 'it's always 5 o'clock somewhere', we are happy to tell you that February 22nd is National Margarita Day!

    margarita fun.jpg

    That's right, as your busy work week is finally crawling to a close, treat yourself to some Thursday evening enjoyment with a cold, salt (or sugar) rimmed margarita! Yes, we know, in some parts of the country it still feels like the only thing to do is huddle by the fire with hot chocolate... but we see no reason not to huddle by a fire with your favorite people and a tasty Margarita!

    And because Thursday is still a worknight, and that means every precious moment of free time should be spent decompressing and not dish-washing, let some of our favorite disposable Margarita-style glasses take the stress away.

    With our Flairware Clear and Green-Base Margarita Glasses, you can have a happy-hour without any of the after-hour mess! MAS_3862.jpg

    So go grab your favorite mix, limes, and whatever else you deign delicious, and take this Thursday evening and add a bit of extra fun! After all, we're celelbrating with you... in spirit!

    Premium Disposable Holiday Tablesetting

    The Holidays are coming... the Holidays are here!

    With all the preparations and shopping hopefully done already, it's your time now to sit down and start preparing the holiday meals for all your guests, family and friends that you plan to have over for the meals.

    Make sure you have a game plan, know your guests, what they appreciate to eat and make sure if anyone has any allergies that you need to be aware of, if you have a family member that is vegan, they would really appreciate you preparing them something they will be able to eat, or anyone who has a specific food or health diet. These tiny little things are what really make people happy and makes them feel extremely welcome knowing that you thought of them when preparing your party, that will never be forgotten.

    Here's one great tip that you will always be grateful, remember the days you used to borrow the china dishes from neighbors just to have enough for everyone and then they did not match? Well that is over and those days are long since gone. If you plan to have a party or dinner with 10 or more people you don't need to use real china plates or glassware, check our Fineline Settings with such an amazing selection of upscale disposable dinnerware and an amazing collection of plastic tumblers and drinkware, you will always be thankful that you used plastic rather than using real.

    Upscale Disposable Dinnerware collection

    There are a great variety of styles and shapes and 4 different colors to choose from, Black, Bone, Clear and White. Each with its own unique style and design to satisfy every trend and theme. They have soft square edges with are the hottest trend right now, check out their Renaissance premium upscale disposable dinnerware collection and they just got a brand new crystal tumblers collection that will sparkle whatever is in the cup.

    With these plates they have amazing heavyweight premium silver plated plastic cutlery as well as silver mini cutlery for tastings and desserts, all heavyweight and they almost look better than the real deal.

    For the cocktail table or mini finger food heaven table you have a full selection of mini disposable plates, bowls, dessert cups, utensils, tongs, espresso mugs, sushi plates and much more, it's a dream come true for the special pop and mom that love to wow their guest but don't have the means to do it with expensive serveware, these mini dishes are premium weights and are recyclable and disposable. You'll enjoy the setting up as much as your guest will enjoy tasting and eating all the foods.

    Now come the wine and spirits, you got red wine, white wine, champagne, bourbon, whiskey and scotch (for the adults of course) and who doesn't like a great cocktail mix, Fineline Settings has got a cup for everything. Check our their collection of tumblers and stemware, high quality plastic that will make that shot go down as smooth or as rough as you just like it.

    So, with the shopping and presents done with, now is the time to sit down and work out the meals if you haven't done so already.

    Get down to it and serve your guests with your best!

    Happy Holidays and Cheers to a great celebration!

    Gear up your upscale dish collection for the season!

    Hi everyone,

    It's been quite some time since we wrote here before, traveling around the states for trade shows and meeting great people introducing them to the smart and classy way to serve their next party. It's been great meeting Food Service operators, Distributers, Caterers, Party Planners, event cordinators and last but not least the chefs behind the great food. When a chef comes in to our trade show booth you can see the inspiration immediately kicking in, their already making their plans what to serve on what dish, this will go great with the appetizers and this will go great for the outdoor pool party we're doing next week, it's really amazing and inspiring to be with these great people that put their heart and soul in these great tasting foods.

    With party planners alike, they need to review the color scheme and patterens which will match for what party and they have got everything worked out to the last detail, they even have plan A, B and C! So much time and effort goes into preparing these plans and designs, it's really amazing.


    Fineline Settings at Tradeshow

    Speaking of preparations, we're now going into the holiday seaso and it is the perfect time to stock up for your customers with all our disposable products that would work well with any upscale party or event. Whether you're going for a wedding or even a holiday family get-together, we've got the perfect product that will be the talk of the night (after they've spoken of the great food).

    We suggest for the Holiday season a mix of:

    1. Silver Splendor plates collection

    2. Renaissance plates and bowl collection

    3. Wavetrends Plates, bowls, tumblers, and stemware collection


    Holiday season with Fineline Settings


    All the above 3 plastic disposable dinnerware collection are truly upscale, high quality and high gloss products that will replace the real expensive china with a blink of an eye. Avoid the hassle of dish washing, spoil yourself to many different styles and color and not having to stick to one color and design.

    Check out our website fo much more information. Should you need any additional information or if you would like one of our sales reps to contact you, please don't hesitate to let us know so we can take care of you right away without any hesitattion.

    We're looking forward to providing you with great quality products and service.





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