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    Holiday Dessert Table


    The holidays are here and it’s a great excuse to celebrate with a festive dessert table!  For this dessert table I used the tiny compostable caterware from Fineline Settings’ new SelfEco line.  For some reason, it just feels special to have dessert served in tiny individual portions.  Not only do they look elegant, they are also eco-friendly, zero-waste, plant-based, and compostable.  So, we can feel better about serving each guest five mini dessert offerings in individual containers.  Well, at least when it comes to satisfying their sweet tooth and saving the planet. 


    I wanted the dessert table to have a wintery theme to go along with the holidays during this season.  To set the stage, I hung white paper snowflake fans and a snowflake garland for an easy backdrop.  Then, I added a frosty green  garland, a lantern, some pillar candles, and tinsel to add some holiday sparkle.  

    Starting on the left, I used the 2 piece champagne flutes to serve cranberry punch.  To make them more festive, I added a pink sugar rim, a few raspberries and mint sprigs.  

    Beside the punch, I used the 4” square cocktail plates to serve slices of key lime pie and fresh strawberries.  I like how the plates have a convenient opening for a tiny fork.

    I also used these beautiful Asian spoons, which  are great for one or two bites.  They were perfect for serving white chocolate mousse garnished with a raspberry and micro mint.

    On the right of the dessert table, I used a two tiered dessert stand which is also available through Fineline Settings.  I like how it adds height and space for more sweet treats!  On the top tier, I used the 4 oz round bowl for serving a mini cupcake and strawberry macaroon.  I also really like that the bowls have a mini utensil holder.  It’s so convenient and still looks elegant. 

    On the bottom tier, I used the 3 oz mini cubes for individual cheesecake desserts.  I like that they are clear so the guests can see all the delicious layers of the dessert.

    A festive dessert table can make any holiday or celebration special! The idea of serving tiny desserts in small portions is so fun and great for entertaining!  With Fineline Settings’ compostable tiny caterware, you can really get creative with your desserts this year while keeping the earth green.  So, please go ahead and start planning your five course dessert menu and enjoy the holidays!  

    Products Used:


    3.4” Mini Spoon, White

    4” Mini Fork, White

    4.6” Asian Spoon, White

    2 Piece 5.5 oz Champagne Flute, Clear

    3 oz Mini Cube, Clear

    4” Square Cocktail Plate, White

    4 oz Round Bowl, White

    Platter Pleasers 

    11.75” Cake Stand, White

    9.75” Cake Stand, White

    Set Your Table with Love & Fineline Settings this Valentines Day!

    Roses are red

    Violets are blue

    No matter your table,

    Fineline has the setting for you!


    … See, even we’re in the spirit!



    Grab your sweethearts, Valentine’s Day is on its way! Whether you plan on hosting a big bash, or a table for two, our products will highlight the romance of any event that you have in store!

    Serve your special someone with the confidence of Fineline fashion, and the ease of each and every product being fully recyclable or disposable!

    Whether you’re serving with our Silver Secrets Utensils, dining on one of our new Solid Square Dinner Plates, or dabbing the corners of your mouth with our Linen-like Rolled Napkin and Cutlery Combo, our products will have your bases covered so you can focus on those you love without the worry of dirty dishes!

    If you're looking for some inspiration, then take a look at a few of our favorite V-Day collections.

    • FLAIRWARE is our most romantic and classic collection. With its soft edges and flaired design, no matter whether your dining from a plate or toasting champagne in a flute, this collection will highten the occassion and delight your special someone!


    • GOLDEN SECRETS is, without a doubt, our most luxurious cutlery innovation to date. With its glinting, spotless finish, your sweetheart will be mesmerized by the lengths you've gone to make their day so magical!


    • TINY TEMPTATIONS is the perfect partner to a light affair. Sweet and savory dishes of all kinds will shine when served on any of these unique and beautifully designed trays, bowls, barware, or utensils! Whether its strawberries or shrimp cocktail, our tinies will leave your hearts feeling full!


    Now that you've got a little table inspiration to start you on your journey down lover's lane, let's take a moment to talk about what you're going to serve on our plate to your special someone!

    If you’re looking for some romantic menu ideas to make this Valentine’s Day extra special, then look no further, we’ve collected an array of delicious and delightful recipe ideas to help bolster your romantic repertoire! 

    We hope your February 14th, will be full of love, health, and happiness! No matter who we are fortunate enough to share it with, we can never forget to let those who mean the most to us, know just how much we love them!


    Happy Valentine’s Days, from our family, to yours!

    Labor Day Weekend with great Partyware!

    It's all about the coming together and enjoying one another, it's that time when we wind down slowly from our summer vacations and get ready for the fall and winter and Holiday season!

    You know, it's very interesting to see all different types of partying, every man to himself, every family to themselves, and that's great and perfectly fine, as long that it's a happy get together and everyone is having a great time.

    I remember when i was younger and mom used to take us to the beach to picnic out for lunch or dinner, back then there wasn't too many great options for replacing the real china dishes and that was a shame, because it was very uncomfortable serving the food and even worse trying to enjoy it while eating it, there were the paper plates which got wet and started sagging and dripping, it was a mess. Today when i go out with my family i always wonder why did everything have to be so complicated then, it is so enjoyable to sit out and relax, you take along these disposable dinnerware, servingware, tumblers, cutlery, you name it and it is there.

    So, be prepared, when heading out to party outdoors or even indoors, you never want to end a party by begging people to help you clean and wash the dishes, you want to get the big garbage can or the recycle bin and throw in the recyclable plates and disposable partyware.


    Great Party and takeaway Bowls and Lids

    With so many options and colors to choose from, Fineline Settings has truly become the leader in the disposable and recyclable dinnerware manufacturer and provider to the food service and catering industry!

    Check them out at for so many ways you should celebrate in style and enjoy every minute of your party and finish the party with a great success!

    As always, Happy and Safe Partying!



    Happy Memorial Day from the Fineline disposable plastic team

    Happy Memorial Day from Fineline Settings
    Hi everyone,

    I hope your'e having a great time in preparing your weekend vacation and days off from work. We will be closed in honor of Memorial Day and enjoying our time off with friends and family outdoors and indoors.

    With a time like this it's so easy to enjoy yourself, just go outside heat up your grill and chill! We have worked very hard in order for to have a great and enjoyable party time, our disposable dinnerware is just the perfect fit with any party for that matter, whether indoors or outdoors, upscale or just family time. Never think of washing all those plates, flatware or cups and glasses, we have the perfect selection of everything party!

    Our Renaissance plates and bowl collection is just a superb choice for chic and unique, it's perfectly soft edges give that very modern look to your settings, wanna go further? How about our Wavetrends wavy plates, they're square with a twist or the Savvi Serve collection of plates, bowls and Tumblers that can be used for any occassion.

    Now you gotto think of the drinks as well, we've got you covered with Shakers and Shooters and all colorfull neon tumblers as well, if your'e going for the champagne or wine rather, boy do we have some great wine and champagne stemware collection, each with it's own unique design and shape. No one will ever know on the first glance that they're not glass, no, they're not glass just disposable plasticware.


    So the choice is really clear, this party will be so much better with no mess to clean up just time with your family and friends will be so much more enjoyable with our beautiful dispoable dinnerware and plasticware collection.

    Cheers to a great party and enjoy your Memorial Day!

    Disposable Plastic Tableware Provides Convenience for Your Party

    One way of easing the stress associated with throwing a party is to use high quality disposable plates, utensils and beverage containers instead of renting costly glass and china settings for the event.  Along with allowing you to focus on more important matters, disposable tableware will also provide a number of other advantages.  Here are a few to consider.

    You Save Money!
    Silver tongs
    If the party is on a large scale, that means renting plates, glasses, utensils and other tableware through a caterer or an event planner.  Why go through all that expense when you can simply purchase disposable plates that provide the same level of service? For a fraction of the cost, you can have your choice of different styles, something that is even more important if the event is built around a theme.

    Add a Touch of Elegance!

    Speaking of style, most rental supplies for parties are somewhat plain in appearance.1510 WH LG resized 600 They have to be in order to work in different types of settings and events. By choosing to buy disposable tableware, you have the option of using pieces that are right on target with your theme.  For something more elaborate, go with silver tone plastic utensils or small plates that include some sort of gold design on the lip.  If the theme is more casual, then look into fun color combinations that coordinate the scheme between the disposable plates, cups, and utensils.

    Cleanup is a Breeze!

    If style and saving money is not all that important, think in terms of how easy it is to simply toss out used disposable plates and other tableware once the event is over.  The ability to scoop up all the dirty dishes and drop them in a garbage bag means that the process of getting your home or any other setting for the party in shape will take much less time.  This convenience alone makes it worth your time to check into disposable tableware for your next event.
    Silver Rim plastic plates
    Disposable plates and plastic dinnerware have come a long way in recent years.  Plates are sturdy and durable, while utensils hold up very well without breaking or splintering.  There's no need to compromise on style and quality in order to use disposable tableware these days.  Spend a little time looking into the options on the market today.  Chances are you will find products with the right combination of looks, durability and cost to make your event a success.

    Introducing our NEW Renaissance Upscale Plastic dinnerware!

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; distinction in the view of the discerning; excellence in the hands of the experts.  Behold the distinction of the experts:   Fineline Settings - Renaissance collection

    Renaissance Collection - by Fineline SettingsAlways the innovator in the plastic tableware industry, Fineline Settings once again reshapes the face of plastic tableware with the Renaissance, the collection that will revolutionize all preconceived notions about disposables.  Prepare to be impressed. Prepare to impress others with this Fineline Settings testament to good taste.

    Nationally acclaimed for the impeccable quality and ingenuity of all its products, Fineline Settings has achieved in a few years what the rest of the industry has worked on for decades.  As predicated by their name, Fineline Settings has redefined the concept of fine dining by designing the finest lines of settings that are indistinguishable from real china.  Fineline Settings ensures dreams are made real with dishes that are disposable.

    Entering the realm of Fineline Settings transports you to a world wherein old concepts of commercialism are elevated to new standards of professionalism.  With representatives in all fifty states and exhibits at industry trade shows, Fineline Settings is positioned to fill every niche in the plastic tableware industry and poised to fulfill every expectation for every occasion and celebration.

    Avail yourself of the opportunity to claim the Fineline Settings success story as your own.  Behold the beauty. Discern the distinction. Experience the excellence of the experts:   Fineline Settings.

    Learn more and contact a rep in your area today. Go to

    Disposable Serving Trays with Lids

    When you’re hosting a party, a family event, or you’re trying to make an impression in an intimate setting, every detail counts. You want people to be impressed with your presentations, but how do you keep your displays looking their best?

    When you’re talking about most social gatherings, the food is one of the first things which catch people’s eye. You’ve spent a lot of time making this food look as nice as possible; where do you go from here? Why would you put your food out on a plate or platter; exposed to the elements when you could elevate your presentation and have your food front and center on serving trays with lids?

    Serving Trays with Lids




    When you’re talking about an event like a function for your job, you could be left waiting for things to happen for some time. You could bring the food in and set it up hours before the event. Imagine if you’re celebrating a co-workers birthday or having a nice lunch event; you’re not going to want to bring in food at 7 or 8 in the morning and let it sit out for four or five hours, right? When you bring this food in on serving trays with lids you are far more likely to preserve freshness and keep that winning presentation which you had when you first created it.


    For party or event planners who do this by trade, the need for serving trays with lids is even greater. What is a client going to say in the dewy periods of spring when there are flies buzzing around their appetizers which have been set out for the filtering in of their guests? Of course you can’t control mother nature but you can control the manner in which you introduce your items to the environment.


    Serving trays with lids are a good thing to have around the house in general. Once mom makes some bread or a nice cake and it’s cooled down you don’t want to be exposing this food to the elements.  You need it to remain as unperturbed as can be.


    You want to ensure that the food you make for your family, for your co-workers, or for an event is going to retain freshness and integrity. For virtually any type of food and for every event there is the solution of serving trays with lids.



    Disposable Serving Trays and salad bowls for your party

    Disposable serving trays with lidsEveryone loves a good party, but nobody likes the cleanup. That's where party disposables make parties great. They're perfect for any party and any setting. The best part is that no dishes need to be washed afterward. Simply toss out the party disposables - the plate, cups, plastic ware and even the disposable serving trays and food trays.

    You're planning a backyard barbecue, a Super Bowl party, a home wedding reception for dozens or even hundreds of people. You've got to set up food trays and serving platters that look nice, but you don't have enough good serving trays or food trays to fill the bill. Maybe you do have enough food trays and serving trays, but you don't want to pull out your good trays passed down from your great-grandmother to serve up Super Bowl snacks for that bunch of rowdy football fans in the living room, knowing full well how easily something could wind up chipped or broken. What do you do? You could rent serving trays or food trays, but that gets costly in a big hurry.

    Disposable serving trays and food trays are the ideal solution. These party disposables now come in a variety of colors and patterns to fit into any party theme. Disposable serving trays and food trays also come in multiple sizes, making them convenient for a wide range of party foods or for any crowd capacity. What's more, disposable serving trays and food trays are priced to fit even the tightest budget.

    So the next time you're organizing a party, remember the disposable serving trays and food trays when purchasing your party disposables. They're convenient, affordable, stylish - and the cleanup is a snap.

    Cheers to a great party!


    Super Bowl Party Must Haves, party disposables, check ...

    The big game is just a few hours away. Whether your favorite team made it to Superbowl XLVI or not, it's still a great excuse to have a party. You've picked out what you're going to serve at the party and you've placed your order to have it ready for game time. But what are they going to eat off? You might have enough dishes, but imagine the pile up in the sink that will definitely have you missing the game pile ups as you wash a seemingly endless offensive line of dishes. 

    Savvi Serve Disposable Plates and disposable TumblersFortunately, party disposables from Fineline Settings are here to save the day and make your party much easier. With disposable dishes, all you have to worry about is, the fun, food and game. Party disposables aren't just the old paper plates that everything soaked through. Our disposable dishes come in a huge variety of shapes, colors, styles and sizes. They'll even fit your budget. When you use party disposables, your cleanup becomes instantly easier as you simply dispose of the dirty plates, napkins, disposable tumblers, etc. 

    So you have a Superbowl party this weekend, a wedding shower next weekend and then a big wedding all coming up? Don't stress about broken dishes, deposits or raisin fingers. Disposable party plates from Fineline Settings can fill every presentation niche and plasticware need you've got. You can snag Superbowl series party disposables complete with everything you need for serving, storing and transporting with our platter lid. Our collections are also available for catering and events where you'll need everything from clear salad bowls and trays to pitchers, disposable utensils and ice buckets. And for that magical wedding day, don't worry because there's now a silver flatware collection that feels completely real, but it's still a party disposable!

    While the guys on the field may be rushing, running, reversing and carrying, you'll be doing the same thing at your Superbowl party, made easier with party disposables from Fineline Settings.

    The perfect party disposables for your Super Bowl party!

    It's super bowl season and everyone is going nuts out there. What are you serving asks one, what's on your menu asks another.

    One thing everyone should bare in mind is, you won't want to clean up when the party is over for whatever reason it may be. The trick is to use party disposables to serve up the entire crew. Whether it's the disposable tumblers or disposable plates, this will ensure that when the party is over, everything goes straight in the garbage bin and you're done!

    Now for the larger parties you should also consider using 6 oz martini glass which is also disposable and could be thrown away right after the party. You may also want to consider using clear salad bowls and clear serving trays, you could even prepare it in advance by using the platter lid.

    In any case, make sure you plan ahead smart so you'll be able to enjoy the party 100% and you won't be busy cleaning or even if things get out of hand there's no glass involved to be broken.

    Enjoy your game and Go _______!

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