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    A NEW Eco-Friendly Product Line - Introducing... CONSERVEWARE!

    As a response to the food service industry’s ever growing demand for compostable products, Fineline Settings introduces the Conserveware collection! Conserveware is a natural molded fiber material made from sugarcane pulp called bagasse. Operators who have built their brand on appealing to Earth conscious consumers will find the Conserveware product line to be the perfect solution for all of their packaging needs. The molded fiber material can handle the heat of hot foods, is microwavable, freezable and will compost within BPI standards.


    What makes our introduction truly unique is the innovation we are adding to the Conserveware line. Fineline has introduced square, oval and rectangle bowls, as well as the traditional round plates and hinge containers that are most commonly used. Not only have we created new shapes and sizes, but most products can be equipped with clear recyclable PETE lids. The ability for Fineline to add innovation to this material is what separates us from the crowd. Fineline will continue to create new designs and shapes in the bagasse material that will help any operator create the perfect take-out vehicle for their business.

    The Conserveware line if the perfect compliment to Fineline’s product offering. With the addition of bagasse products, Fineline has created a full comprehensive catering product selection in the industry. Fineline now produces products in every available food service material to allow you to create the perfect packaging solution. We hope you will allow Fineline Settings to be your one stop packaging solution provider from your initial champagne toast to your take home family meal.


    Download your copy of the Conserveware brochure to learn more about the full product line.

    Download Product Brochure



    What Shape Says About Your Tablescape!

    FIneline always wants to make sure we actively help you navigate the, at times, overwhelming world of dinnerware. One of the most impactful decisions you can make on your table setting is, perhaps, the most obvious…

    We’re talking about your plate style! The medium upon which every meal is presented is more than just the serving apparatus. A plate can change the entire look of a tablescape, and it can also make your meal all the more impressive!

    That being said, there are a few things to consider, but most importantly, the shape of your plate. Every silhouette says something unique and distinctive about your event, so it is very important that you carefully consider what you want your favorite shape to say about you!

     We’ve worked hard to bring you a detailed but straight-forward collection of information to help you decide what shape fits your best! Let's take a peak below, and get to know the function- and fashion, of form!


    It's a very simple concept, but as you can see, it can make a huge difference on the desired effect of your event! However, the most important thing to remember: is that all shapes are beautiful, and no matter your preference, FIneline has an expansive selection for you to choose from!

    We hope your weeks SHAPES up to be awesome!

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