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    Custom Printing - aka, Enhancing Your Company's Branding

    A little while ago we gave you an insider’s glance at how our sample requests are processed. Since it is part of our on-going mission statement not only to provide you with the highest quality products, but also to relate and bond with you as a company that has become a family, we thought we’d take you inside another highly integral aspect of our commitment to excellence… our Print Production.

    Here at Fineline, we offer printed options for dozens of products we sell. If a customer is looking to spice up an event or brand themselves, we can print graphics in an array of colors and sizes onto their requested product! Sometimes, we can even print multi-colored logos, or on multiple sides!

    We take a great deal of pride in this service, as it gives a personal, hand-crafted touch to a customer’s event! Just as before, let us show you some of the hard-work that goes into a printed order here at Fineline Settings!

    DSC_2560_urlogohere v2-1

    As printing requires a special eye for detail, our Print Production Specialist is thoroughly trained in every aspect of the position, especially because a print job’s most important step is not the actual printing, itself. A print job officially begins with ink mixing. The inks that we use are food safe, and we thin them with a, well… thinning compound. We do this to find the ideal viscosity of the ink to assure it prints clearly and accurately on the surface of the product we intend to print on. Every job is different, and some products or logos require an ink consistency like honey, while others may require a thinned viscosity much like coffee creamer. Sorry for the weird analogy… but I guess it’s close to lunch time for me, and I’m hungry after all of this printing!

    Once we are satisfied with the consistency, we pour the ink into our inkwell, which is lined with a ceramic ring that helps spread the ink evenly over the logo plate.

    This is what we call the printing plate. It is gently but securely screwed to a metal base, and once we are sure there are no imperfections or dirt, we attach the inkwell carefully to the plate. This step is very important, as the metal base is magnetic, and if the plate is not attached to the inkwell with a quick flick of the wrist, it can cause the inkwell to jump and spill ink everywhere! Yes… this has happened to me, and our Print Production Specialist… and nothing ruins a nice pair of shoes… or a shirt… or pants… or your mood- like spilling bright red ink all over everything.


    Once we have successfully avoided the above-mentioned mess, we bring the plate and inkwell to the actual print machine, and we slip the metal base onto the track, lock the inkwell into position, and attached the printing pad, and then we’re ready to start!

    … Just kidding.

    This squishy blue thing is our printing pad. Just like with ink viscosity, each print job requires a specific pad. It is a soft, rubbery material that picks up the ink from the plate and then transfers it to the product.

    Now that we have set the machine up, now it’s time to test… and test… until we get the perfect print. From here we adjust the alignment of the machine, assure the air pressure which the machine functions on is regulated, and fiddle and fiddle until we are satisfied and getting a consistently ideal result. Some jobs are easier than others… while some can be… challenging. Regardless, we always get it done, whether it be ten cases… or two hundred cases!



    Every item is printed, packed and labelled by loving hands. Yes, sure, it takes time… but patience is a virtue and exceptional quality is kind of our thing.

    Perhaps the second most important step of a print day… is after we’re done printing. We set aside at least 30 minutes so that we can adequately clean up and get ready for the next day (as one print job often takes multiple days to complete). Our Print Production Specialist takes special care to clean every inch of the plate, the base, and the inkwell. Each piece must be cleaned thoroughly, as even a drop of dried ink (especially between the logo plate and the metal base) could cause irrevocable damage! We make sure that by the end of the day that all pieces are set safely away, and the machine and air compressor is shut off! All the while, looking forward to the next morning when we get to do it all again, refreshed, invigorated and excited to complete our jobs on schedule!

    If you’re not just entertained by this insider sneak-peak, but also interested in how YOU can upgrade your events with a personalized printed item of your very own, then click the link below and one of our amazing printing experts will get in touch with you and help guide you through this process!

    Find a Sales Rep In Your Area

    Thanks again for taking the time to join us on this little adventure, and we hope it helps you better understand the love and care that goes into every order we receive, from samples, to stock orders, and specially printed products! We hope you have the best day, and a wonderful holiday!

    Take an inside look at our Sample Department!

    This week we’re going to chat about something a bit different than usual… and we’re super excited about it!
    Fineline’s highest priority is to make sure that our customers’ expectations are always exceeded… but that starts w-a-a-a-y before our customer is setting the table at their event. This post is about a very special aspect of our team, and that is our Sample Processing Department! From Kits to custom sample requests, we’re going to walk you through our day-to-day effort that goes into assuring our products make the best first impression possible!

    In order to meet these standards, we’ve assembled an excellent, hard-working team who take great pride in everything we produce, and they strive to make sure every item meets our expectations of excellence and distinction.

    So, what is the actual process of putting together a sample order, you might wonder? What’s the big deal, even? Well… that’s what we’re about to talk about! So come along and follow us behind the scenes, and let’s get into the nitty gritty details of the average day…

    Our day starts with taking up-to-date inventory of our pre-made sample kits. We try to assure we stay ahead of our orders, as this saves a great deal of time! We feel this evolution provides our customers with a wide variety of products that they can easily compare, making it possible for them to find the perfect style to fit their individual needs! This also allows us to consolidate several kits down into a smaller inventory, which adds efficiency to our team’s day!IMG_4258 2

    Every kit is unique and assembled with great care. We take the time to assure we have the perfect box size, and that every item is protected inside the case via bubble-wrap, foam and cardboard dividers.

    The second most important step in putting together sample orders is to assure that they are packed efficiently and securely. This makes sure nothing gets damaged in transit. And so, we spend much of our time finding the most effective way to fit each product into the selected box. We call this “nesting”.

    IMG_4246 2

    All sample orders come in different shapes and sizes, and when it comes to our pre-made kits, we have some that are small and quick to assemble (with only a few unique products contained); while there are other kits can have almost one-hundred individual items that need to be identified, sorted and packed!

    Once we receive a copy of the sample order, which is first entered into our system by our all-star customer service team, we immediately get to work on pulling the requested products from our large sample room. Our sample room holds every single product we sell! Sometimes it’s a bit cramped with how often we release new and innovative products, but we’re Fineline family here, so it’s fine!

    As described a bit earlier, we make sure to select only the highest quality items from our stock. This is a vital step, as sample orders are not just requested by customers, but by our own awesome Sale’s Representatives who can ask for a wide variety of kits and individual samples to show during meetings with prospective customers! Not to mention, the items you see during tradeshows (see you soon at Catersource, by the way!) are all put together by our Sample Processing Team! So, everything needs to be spectacular!

    IMG_4255 2

    Once the items pass our inspection, they are safely and lovingly packed together into a high-quality box and sealed completely on all sides. This requires us setting the selected items up and taking their stand-alone measurements. This help us find the perfect box, out of the hundreds of sizes that we keep on hand. We also try to make sure we keep a bit of extra space to make room for packing products such as bubble wrap.  After that, we calculate the weight and dimensions of the box so that our hard-working Shipping Team has the information that they need to create the shipping label! This is another vital step, as even just one number out of place can mean the sample request may not make it to its desired destination! We can’t have that!

    Then, with fond farewells, it’s shipped off to you, our customer, who we hope will find as much joy in reviewing our products as we have in selecting and sending them to you!

    IMG_4257 2

    The morale of the story…? Every sample order is as unique and beautiful as a snowflake (I know those of us amid this chaotic winter weather may cringe at the mention of snow… sorry, but it can’t be helped). We want you to know that it means so much to our team that we can provide you with these hand-crafted kits, and we hope that this little insight into our process has brought you closer to us, and helped you see just how much your satisfaction means to all of us!

    Stay warm, everybody, and don’t forget to check out our redesigned website! Now more efficient and eye-catching than ever, your search for elegant and high-quality disposable catering ware has never been easier!

    Flair, Fun, and Fiesta This Cinco De Mayo!

    For those of us who love to celebrate, one of the most highly anticipated holiday's is right around the corner! Get your limes, salt, sun-glasses and pinterest recipes ready, this week we're talking CINCO DE MAYO!

    This commemorative holiday in honor of Mexico's victory over the French is now a day synonymous with food, drink and fun! A day to relax, let loose, and enjoy the company of your favorite people with a little extra fiesta in your step. And because we're good like that, we wanted to take a minute and give you some great Fineline products that will keep your Cinco De Mayo celebrations exciting and easy!

    First, of course, we have the staple beverage pervayor, our 12 Oz. Margarita Glass. This clever and stylish glass comes in two pieces, and is available with both a clear or green base! And since it's plastic, it's perfect for a pool-side party or outdoor dinner without the worry of broken glass to kill you vibes!


    Of course you'll need something to mix up your favorite margarita recipes, so don't forget our Quencher's Cocktail Shakers. These neon Shakers come in 5 festive colors and in 7 Oz, 10 Oz, and 14 Oz. capacities; so, no matter how big of a crowd you're entertaining, we've got an option for you! We always love mentioning this little celebration super star, because, thanks to its transparent quality, you're guests can enjoy the view of their cocktail mixing right before their eyes unlike with traditional metal shakers!


    For the tequila lovers in your life, we've got several Shot Glasses and Shooters that will keep the fun going all night long! With sizes in 1 oz, 1.5 oz, and 2 oz capacities,and several neon colors, they'll fit in to your fiesta day and night! And just like with all of our products, they're manufactured with the durability of plastic and the benefit of disposability! No after-hour clean-up for you!

    Shooters group shot-1

    Obviously you'll need some munchies to balance out the evening, and several of our serving trays are perfect for chips and dips, veggi platters, and more! Not to mention an extensive line of serving bowls from PETE Super Bowls to our Cut Crystal Bowls and Trays, your Cinco De Mayo snacks will look great! Below we've highlighted some of our favorites like our Cut Crystal Serving Bowl and Savvii Serve 10 Oz Bowl.


    On the left we have our Bread Basket and Starburst Mini Bowl; and on the right our Green PETE Bowl and Starburst Mini Bowl for a cute appetizer option!


    We know you're short on time... and with how nuts the weather has been on the east coast, some of us are still forced to shovel snow from our steps. In lieu of that, let us help with some Cinco De Mayo recipes that are easy and delicious on this week's... 

    FLS Cinco De May Top "Pin-It" List!

    We hope that your festivities are warm, safe, and full of the people you care about most. The Fineline Family will definitely be toasting to your event, and we'd love to hear about your favorite Cinco De Mayo recipes or memories! Let us know in the comments, or our FB page, how you like to spend you Cinco De Mayo! And don't forget to check out our Instagram @finelinesettings, for fun recipes, exclusive pics, and so much more!

    This Season, Spring Into Some Stylish Caterware!

    SOMETIMES FEVERS CAN BE FUN... ESPECIALLY WHEN IT'S SPRING FEVER! Winter may be hanging on with an iron grip, but not long from now our warm weather will return and the beauty of Nature's renewal will stretch out as far as the eye can see! With everyone anxious to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather, you'll want to be prepared to serve and satisfy clients and guests alike with caterware that is both reliable and relevant to the season! With that in mind, we've got an exceptional spring spread of plates, bowls, drinkware, and more to accentuate your spring settings!

    For a picture perfect picnic, let our refreshing green Square and Round Super Bowls help serve up your salads, side-dishes and more. Manufactured with durable PETE material, and matched with a secure-fit PETE "anti-fogging" Dome or Flat Lid, they'll keep your food safe and delicious! 

    square bowls image.jpg

    Looking to add a bit of whimsy and color to your appetizer table? Then our Multi-Colored Devilled Egg Trays are perfect for you! With multiple sizes and color options, these specialty order trays are a durable and beautiful addition to your event!(Not to mention: we've linked a few very appetizing devilled egg recipes that we think you'll love!- Just Sayin')

    egg tray_blog-1.jpg

    When It's Five O'Clock wherever you are, sit back and enjoy the balmy spring breezes with a tall and colorful mixed drink in one of our beautiful Quenchers Hurricane Glasses! From Classic Cocktails to Cool Frozen Concoctions, this sassy glass will elevate every sip!   

    stemless.jpg    crisp.jpghurricane.jpg






    Once it's time to set the table, make a bold statement with our Silver, Purple and Pistachio Green Reniassance Plates. Available in multiple size options, they're an excellent addition for cocktail hours on the veranda, wedding receptions, outdoor anniversay celebrations, and more...

    colored plates.jpg

    Looking for some spring recipe inspiration to whet your appeitite? Not to worry, from drink to dinner recipes, we're here with an array of some of our favorite pins for spring treats, so check out this week's...

    FLS Top "PIN-IT" Spring 2018 Board!

    If you're looking for sensational snack-sized options for appetizers or dessert, our Tiny Temptations Tumblers, Tiny Domains, Tureen Bowls are small in stature, but they'll super-size your spring setting with style! They're perfect for parfaits, salads, salsas, fruit cocktail and even dipping sauces!


    We hope your 2018 is exceeding your expectations; and we'll always be here to do the same with our ever evolving selection of catering essentials to fit your every function! The Fineline Settings team has some very exciting innovations on the way, and we just can't wait to share them with you!


    Until then, Happy First Day Of Spring, Friends!

    Thank You For Visiting Us At Catersource 2018

    As always, we had an unbelievable time in Vegas celebrating Catersource and chatting with YOU! There's nothing more inspiring than hearing your thoughts and feedback, and getting to show you, personally, some of our favorite new products! Our incredible Sale's team looks forward to this all year, and while we're sad it has come to an end... it just makes us all the more excited for next year! (yeah... we like to think ahead)


    Here are some of our favorite shots we took from this year's booth, because they make us happy to remember our time with you!

    Can't beat cool drinks and sweet treets served with our beautiful crystal-style products on display... YUM!


    And here's a few shots of our hardworking Sales team, and our Marketing team member, Danielle, demonstrating that there's no better place than Vegas to show off some of our fabulous Barware (including our stylish new Black and White Renaissance Stemless Goblets)! Cheers!















     We hope you had a great time, and we wish you safe travels home to wherever that may be. It was an honor to share yet another Catersource Event with such talented, passionate people, and it inspires us to continue in supplying you with the highest quality caterware that will leave as much an unforgettable impression on your customers... as you all leave on us every day!


    See You Next Year!



    Make it a Margarita Night!

    We know that every day is a reason to celebrate... but can you blame us for being a little extra excited about Febraury 22st...? "What", you may ask, "is so special about a Thursday?". Well, dear friends, in the spirit of 'it's always 5 o'clock somewhere', we are happy to tell you that February 22nd is National Margarita Day!

    margarita fun.jpg

    That's right, as your busy work week is finally crawling to a close, treat yourself to some Thursday evening enjoyment with a cold, salt (or sugar) rimmed margarita! Yes, we know, in some parts of the country it still feels like the only thing to do is huddle by the fire with hot chocolate... but we see no reason not to huddle by a fire with your favorite people and a tasty Margarita!

    And because Thursday is still a worknight, and that means every precious moment of free time should be spent decompressing and not dish-washing, let some of our favorite disposable Margarita-style glasses take the stress away.

    With our Flairware Clear and Green-Base Margarita Glasses, you can have a happy-hour without any of the after-hour mess! MAS_3862.jpg

    So go grab your favorite mix, limes, and whatever else you deign delicious, and take this Thursday evening and add a bit of extra fun! After all, we're celelbrating with you... in spirit!

    Elegance and Modern Romance In Our Black & White Stemless Drinkware!

    Modern Taste, Elegance, and Efficiency come together in our most striking product release of 2018! With sleak lines, stunning, glossy finishes, and the durability of disposables, our new Black & White Stemless Wine Goblets will leave a stunning impression are your next event.


    From Weddings Receptions, Cocktail Hours, Birthday Parties and Outdoor soirees, these goblets are as much a statement piece as they are drinking glasses. And with their 12 oz capacity, they are also perfect for desserts, salads- even shrimp cocktail!


    Wether it be Winter or a Balmy Summer, these goblets will be a hit! And with the same durability and disposability you know and love, never worry about accidental breakage or after-hour clean up.

    In spite of their intense Black and White colors, they also look amazing by the pool side, so this duo of drink holders will fit in wherever you can think of! (And, let's be honest... you'll be looking for ANY excuse to add these charmers into any event!)


    We hope that you will love these goblets, and we look forward to seeing all of them amazing recipes and beverages you use with them! Tag us on Instagram @finelinesettings or Facebook Page so we can see how YOU use our Stemless Goblets!

    Super Bowl Celebrations, Without Setting Limitations!

    Okay, so for some, THIS is the biggest celebration of the year! That's right, we're talking about the SUPER BOWL! The long wait is over, and in a few weeks we will all gather around the living room to not just consume what is (hopefully) an exciting game, but also consuming a lot of snack!

    While we watch two teams duke it out on the field, we know you'll be trying to get your football feast to the end-zone with as little fuss and fiasco as possible! After all, it's the football players that are supposed to be exhausted by the end of the day, not you!

    With that at the cornerstone of Fineline's goals, we're bringing out your favorite big guns, and a few new additions that will make your Super Bowl Party a super success!

    Our stylish and convenient Super Bowl and Super Bowl + PETE Serving Bowls and Lids are standard for indoor and outdoor events that will satisfy in both looks and convenience thanks to their incredible durability, space-saving stacking capabilities, and the ease of disposability!

    Below is a very special table "play-by-play", if you will, that we created to help inspire you with both setting and snack ideas! In our durable and spirited Sectional Football Serving Bowl, you can serve wings, veggies, chips, and more, and keep the dips closer at hand for easy serving and clean up! 

    football serving platter


    Set up some subs on our Cake Platters because they are perfect for more than just desserts!

    cake stands


    Even our seemingly simple Solid Square Plates can be the perfect purveyor of snacks and sweet treats!

    solid square plate


    And for your drinks, take advantage of our sassy Quenchers Shakers and Wavetrends Tumblers!


    With this team of all-star line-ups, your celebration will be a sensation, and your clean up will be as easy as tossing it in the nearest trash can at the end of the day! Not to mention, take a peak at our customary board for...

    Fineline Super Bowl 2018 Top "Pin-It!" List

    And for more fun stuff and to stay connected with us, check out our FB page by clicking the image below!super bowl_touched up

     We hope your Super Bowl is Hype and your Treats Tasty!

    A Toast To A Fine Year with Fineline Cheer


    and 2017 will be behind us and a New Year of promise, hope, and positivity will begin! But, let's not get ahead of ourselves. Let's enjoy our New Year's Eve with fervor and fashion!

    Whether your New Year’s Eve is a glamorous bash, or a casual night on the couch with your closest friends, there's no need to let holiday clean up take away from your day. With the biggest countdown of the year coming, and a night of celebration ahead, leave the after dinner mess in the past thanks to Fineline disposable plates, trays, and more!

    And when it's time to raise our glasses, let our beautiful selection of Stemware add both elegance and ease to your eve! Whether it be a Moscato, Cabernet, or a dry Champagne, we have a few stemware options that will leave you hard-pressed to believe they are disposable plastic.

    If you're going for something modern and sleek, our new Crisp Stemware has both a Champagne Flute, and a Wine Glass that will accentuate your favorite bubbly drinks!

    If you're looking for a more traditional style, our timeless Flairware Champagne Flutes have several beautiful options that will give you the feeling you are back in time, standing in a glamorous ballroom of the 1920s.

    Finally, if you want something a bit more whimsical and fun, then our Tiny Temptations Stemware is an elegant miniature that will leave a big impression on your guests. But, no matter which stemware strikes your fancy, rest assured that they are all completely disposable! After all... after dinner dishwashing is soooooo two-thousand and LAME!

    And now that we've got your flute, let's fill it! That's right, you didn't think we'd leave you hanging in these final hours without a few fun and great tasting drink recipes, did you? And so, without further ado, enjoy this week's...

    FLS New Year’s 2017 Top "Pin-It" List!

    And, just for an extra bit of fun, here are some of our very own takes on some of these recipe ideas in some of the flutes we mentioned earlier! You bet that all of us here at Fineline are toasting with you in spirit!

    Click the image below and it will take you to our FB page with the recipe! 

    blog image.jpg

     And as we come to the end of this blog almost as quickly as we come to the dwindling final moments of 2017, all of us here at Fineline Settings wish you a New Year full of incredibly wonderful things; and we will be right here with exciting new products, and a devoted team, that will exceed your every expectation and compliment your unique style! 

    Happy New Year's Everyone!

    Lets Make it a Tasty and Tasteful Holiday With Fineline Settings!


    With hectic shopping and schedule conflictions abound, wouldn't it be nice if at least one thing could be easy and stress free? Well, as always, our Fineline Family is here to share a few last minute holiday life savers to help you stay calm and classy throughout your Holiday 5K!

    Imagine this: your beautiful holiday dinner table, full of your loved ones laughing merrily, and complimenting your amazing meal and your fabulous tableware...

    Now imagine that after the meal is done, and your guests are snoozing on the couch... YOU are right there with them! And all because those beautiful dinner dishes, cutlery, and drinkware require no more after dinner clean-up than tossing them in that giant blag garbage bag (we all have) that is already full of wrapping paper! That's right, now you can have a beautiful tablescape fit for any festivity, and its all completely disposable! 

    Our recently introduced Heritage and Signature Blu collections are elegant and durable options to wow your crowd; and they go beautifully with our new Renaissance Crisp Stemware and Stemless Goblets!

    If you're hosting a bigger event or even a holiday office party, then our new Crystal and Holiday Themed Trays are the perfect options for serving up your appetizers, fruit and veggie platters, and yummy holiday cookies! 

    Alright, now that your dinnerware situation is set, it's about time we find something delicious to put on top of them! We have a few fun things for you to check out this week. Firstly, of course, we have comprised a mouth-watering list of both tasty and beautiful holiday treats we thought would look great on our serving trays and platters; so check out our...

    FLS 2017 Holiday "Pin-It" List!

    And because you have been so good this year, we have a special treat from one of our very own team members! If you follow the link back to our Facebook Page, you will be greeted with a warm drink recipe inspired by one of the pins on the Holiday board!

    Tested and approved, this Hot Cocao is elevated with delicious treats, a rich flavor, and will look beautiful in our Flairware, Silver Splendor and Tiny Temptations Coffee Mugs! Click on the pic below to check it out!


    As always, it is a pleasure to have shared this 2017 with you. It's been a year of change, growth and progress. Together we are stronger, and love is the most important aspect of every holiday celebration. May the holidays of you, and those you love, be full of health and happiness.


    From Our Families to Yours,


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