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    Super Bowl Party Must Haves, party disposables, check ...

    The big game is just a few hours away. Whether your favorite team made it to Superbowl XLVI or not, it's still a great excuse to have a party. You've picked out what you're going to serve at the party and you've placed your order to have it ready for game time. But what are they going to eat off? You might have enough dishes, but imagine the pile up in the sink that will definitely have you missing the game pile ups as you wash a seemingly endless offensive line of dishes. 

    Savvi Serve Disposable Plates and disposable TumblersFortunately, party disposables from Fineline Settings are here to save the day and make your party much easier. With disposable dishes, all you have to worry about is, the fun, food and game. Party disposables aren't just the old paper plates that everything soaked through. Our disposable dishes come in a huge variety of shapes, colors, styles and sizes. They'll even fit your budget. When you use party disposables, your cleanup becomes instantly easier as you simply dispose of the dirty plates, napkins, disposable tumblers, etc. 

    So you have a Superbowl party this weekend, a wedding shower next weekend and then a big wedding all coming up? Don't stress about broken dishes, deposits or raisin fingers. Disposable party plates from Fineline Settings can fill every presentation niche and plasticware need you've got. You can snag Superbowl series party disposables complete with everything you need for serving, storing and transporting with our platter lid. Our collections are also available for catering and events where you'll need everything from clear salad bowls and trays to pitchers, disposable utensils and ice buckets. And for that magical wedding day, don't worry because there's now a silver flatware collection that feels completely real, but it's still a party disposable!

    While the guys on the field may be rushing, running, reversing and carrying, you'll be doing the same thing at your Superbowl party, made easier with party disposables from Fineline Settings.

    The perfect party disposables for your Super Bowl party!

    It's super bowl season and everyone is going nuts out there. What are you serving asks one, what's on your menu asks another.

    One thing everyone should bare in mind is, you won't want to clean up when the party is over for whatever reason it may be. The trick is to use party disposables to serve up the entire crew. Whether it's the disposable tumblers or disposable plates, this will ensure that when the party is over, everything goes straight in the garbage bin and you're done!

    Now for the larger parties you should also consider using 6 oz martini glass which is also disposable and could be thrown away right after the party. You may also want to consider using clear salad bowls and clear serving trays, you could even prepare it in advance by using the platter lid.

    In any case, make sure you plan ahead smart so you'll be able to enjoy the party 100% and you won't be busy cleaning or even if things get out of hand there's no glass involved to be broken.

    Enjoy your game and Go _______!

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