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    Outdoor Pool Party

    An outdoor pool party is one of the best ways to enjoy summer!  A huge part of any gathering is the food and presentation.  Using shatterproof drinkware and convenient hinged containers from Fineline Settings will make it easier to entertain your guests.  Keep the fun going with these smart serving choices! 

    With excited kids running around and I guess adults too, it’s a great idea to use shatterproof drinkware.  There’s no stress about cleaning up broken glass if accidents happen.  These beautiful hurricane glasses are ideal for serving a summery drink.  

    This frosty glass looks so refreshing on a hot summer day.  You can serve any fruity drink in this and it would look as good as it tastes.

    These stemless champagne flutes can make even water look elegant.  Here, we filled them with lemonade and garnished with mint and lime slices.  

    If you want a shorter glass, the 12 oz stemless goblets are great for serving a fruity drink.  We filled ours with lemonade and mixed berries to keep with the flavors of summer.  

    I like how the natural color of the drink and fruit pieces show through the clear glass.  They look so pretty and refreshing!

    Swimming can really work up an appetite.  Using hinged containers to serve food makes it easier for your guests to carry to their table.  The 6x6” container is the right size for a side dish like a healthy salad.  The rolled cutlery is great for pool safety since it’s wrapped.  We didn’t forget the Kraft paper straws for the drinks. 

    The 9x9” square hinged container is ideal for hamburgers and piling on the curly fries.  They also work great for a salad entrée or loaded nachos.

    For serving foods that need to be separated, the 8x8” square container with 3 sections is perfect.  The sections kept our food from turning into a berry chicken wing salad.  

    We chose a summery strawberry trifle in stemless mini goblets to round out our poolside meal.  They look so adorable and delicious in these small individual cups!

    Make it easy to host an outdoor pool party with partyware from Fineline Settings.  The shatterproof drinkware, wrapped utensils, and hinged lid containers are great for safety and convenience purposes.  The beautiful quality of them also make food more exciting and appealing.  Treat your guests to a delicious and refreshing pool party this summer!  

    Summer parties made easy with disposable partyware!

    Hi everyone,

    With the Holiday of July 4th behind us and the spirit of the holiday still with us there are so many great opportunities and reasons to celebrate and to enjoy some quality time with your family and friends.

    1. Summer parties are really fun, the outdoors, the sun, the pool, you name it and it can be done. It's just always the perfect weather that just wants you to party. There is not much to prepare and no need to fancy up, just pick up the phone and let the people know "we're having a party" and the next thing you know everyone is here! Isn't that lovely?

    Great, now that you got the party'ers all hyped, you now need the food. Simply, fire the grill and throw on some hot dogs, spear ribs, wings, burgers, you name it, it goes. Now comes the serving which is the best part. You get yourself some disposable partyware and some plastic cups and you've got yourself a party. No need to wash or clean up, just dump everything in the garbage and you're ready for the next party.

    2. Pool parties, great for the adults. Cocktail pool parties are always fun and exciting, it's adisposable cocktail plate time to relax and really enjoy, you might want to leave your kids with the sitter and just have adult fun. Prepare some drinks in disposable drinkware, and you could even have these amazing disposable cocktail plates. They have a special spot where the champagne glass goes in and you've got yourself a nice plate which is now holding your glass, no tables needed, go in the pool with it.

    Then you've got these amazing mini dishes in which you can prepare some finger food which somehow always get's eaten up, they even have mini dome lids so you can prepare in advance and cover them it should get dried and stay fresh until the party.

    There you go, another successful party created - hassle free - in no time. No work left at the end, everyone just throws their plates and cups in the garbage and you can sit back and relax knowing that your friends and family had an amazing time with you being the host.


    So next time you wanna party, think smart, use disposable dinnerware and disposable serving utensils and you'll be the pro of the show.

    Happy partying!

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