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    Sharp, Stylish, and Splendid! We're Talking Squares!

    The catering world went wild with the release of our Square Splendor Salad and Dinner plates! Our gilded edges cut through the catering clout of disposable dinnerware with fashionable form and function! Because we know you can’t get enough, Fineline has brought your next soiree a splendiferous new addition!


    Please give a warm welcome to our newest angular archetype…

    Square Splendor 4.5” Appetizer Plate!


    Mini Square Splendor Cocktail Plates


    Your perfect cocktail hour companion now in place, give your glitz a little glamour and take a look at some spendid features this little plate has to offer your next event!


    • Perfect for desserts, appetizers and all of your light menu affairs!

    • Offered in both gilded bone, and silvery white!

    • Exceptional serving space in the palm of your hand!

    • Print-on-Product compatible!

    • Fully recyclable or reusable!

    • Durable polystyrene plastic in a flawless foiled finish!


    Tasting party plates


    Now the sharpness of your style can shine throughout every course of your catering adventure! We know that you’ll find so many beautiful table setting ideas with these little knock-outs, so share them with us! Tag us on Instagram, or on Facebook! It makes our day to hear from you, so don’t leave us hanging!


    We hope you have an amazing rest of your September!

    Happy Holidays, dear friends!

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    Square Splendor is the new Chic!

    Splendor… such a word sets fire to the imagination, alighting our minds with sophistication & class. It’s a word that rolls off the tongue, leaving most of us feeling just a bit more fabulous.

    Our team knows that to describe something as splendid, it must truly live up to the merits of elegance and quality. Our Silver Splendor collection did just that, and helped set the standard for disposable premium dinnerware with a classic style that looks great no matter the occasion.

    In the wake of its success, our team has taken on the challenge and sought to try to exceed ourselves once again, and reach new heights so we can go beyond what was thought to be possible!

    With the familiar elegance of Silver Splendor, and our always forward-thinking ideas of quality and style; we’ve now made ‘square’ the new word for fabulous!

    So, without further ado we are happy to introduce our newest addition, Square Splendor!


    Style in 2 sizes; letting you keep each course classy and consistent!

    Poignant design in the form of sharp edges; giving your event a touch of modern distinction!

    Lovely, reflective color styles inspired by its predecessor shine through, no matter the shape!

    Enjoy a serving surface of 6” and 8”, Square Splendor satisfies the hardiest of guests!

    Now, with four fabulous edges, your tablesttings are only limited to your imagination!

    Distinguish yourself as a party planner with an edge that is a cut above the rest!

    Observe your guests shock and awe as they dine in elegance on disposable & recyclable plastic!

    Rise to any occasion without the hassle of hours spent sponging and rinsing!



    Whoever it was that dubbed the square as a flat and undesirable shape has obviously never seen anything like Square Splendor! Our company has strived to maintain a class and elegance that is timeless, and the alluring and chic shape of the square is undeniable!

    All of us have edges, and they’re all fabulous; and Square Splendor is here, as with all of our collections, to compliment all that is uniquely you!

    So go ahead, proudly declare that you are square, and watch your guests’ eyes widen with awe at just how splendid every corner of your event is!


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