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    This Season, Spring Into Some Stylish Caterware!

    SOMETIMES FEVERS CAN BE FUN... ESPECIALLY WHEN IT'S SPRING FEVER! Winter may be hanging on with an iron grip, but not long from now our warm weather will return and the beauty of Nature's renewal will stretch out as far as the eye can see! With everyone anxious to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather, you'll want to be prepared to serve and satisfy clients and guests alike with caterware that is both reliable and relevant to the season! With that in mind, we've got an exceptional spring spread of plates, bowls, drinkware, and more to accentuate your spring settings!

    For a picture perfect picnic, let our refreshing green Square and Round Super Bowls help serve up your salads, side-dishes and more. Manufactured with durable PETE material, and matched with a secure-fit PETE "anti-fogging" Dome or Flat Lid, they'll keep your food safe and delicious! 

    square bowls image.jpg

    Looking to add a bit of whimsy and color to your appetizer table? Then our Multi-Colored Devilled Egg Trays are perfect for you! With multiple sizes and color options, these specialty order trays are a durable and beautiful addition to your event!(Not to mention: we've linked a few very appetizing devilled egg recipes that we think you'll love!- Just Sayin')

    egg tray_blog-1.jpg

    When It's Five O'Clock wherever you are, sit back and enjoy the balmy spring breezes with a tall and colorful mixed drink in one of our beautiful Quenchers Hurricane Glasses! From Classic Cocktails to Cool Frozen Concoctions, this sassy glass will elevate every sip!   

    stemless.jpg    crisp.jpghurricane.jpg






    Once it's time to set the table, make a bold statement with our Silver, Purple and Pistachio Green Reniassance Plates. Available in multiple size options, they're an excellent addition for cocktail hours on the veranda, wedding receptions, outdoor anniversay celebrations, and more...

    colored plates.jpg

    Looking for some spring recipe inspiration to whet your appeitite? Not to worry, from drink to dinner recipes, we're here with an array of some of our favorite pins for spring treats, so check out this week's...

    FLS Top "PIN-IT" Spring 2018 Board!

    If you're looking for sensational snack-sized options for appetizers or dessert, our Tiny Temptations Tumblers, Tiny Domains, Tureen Bowls are small in stature, but they'll super-size your spring setting with style! They're perfect for parfaits, salads, salsas, fruit cocktail and even dipping sauces!


    We hope your 2018 is exceeding your expectations; and we'll always be here to do the same with our ever evolving selection of catering essentials to fit your every function! The Fineline Settings team has some very exciting innovations on the way, and we just can't wait to share them with you!


    Until then, Happy First Day Of Spring, Friends!

    Let Fineline Settings Make Your Super Bowl A She-Bang!

    While the Nation is settling into our usual routines and excitedly waiting for spring to come, there is one great American tradition that is nearly upon us; a tradition which unites us with a little friendly competition. We’re talking, of course, about SUPER BOWL 2017, everyone! In just a few days the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons will take the field while families all over the country tune in to watch what promises to be a great game of Football!

    ReForm PP Trays SuperBowl.jpg

    With the onslaught of fans that will soon be crowded into your living room in a rancorous and lively hurricane, wouldn’t it be nice to have a bit of help that you can depend on in the prepping department?

    Wouldn’t it be a blast to have an all-star line-up that, without fail, will make you the champion to your friends and family? Well, day-dream no longer, because there’s one other guest you can invite to your Super Bowl Party so that you can forget about breakage and dirty dishes. We’re talking about us, your friendly Fineline Settings serving ware!

    Sure, our name might be Fineline Settings, but that doesn’t mean that our products won’t play hard for you! From our ever-expanding Super Bowls, Super Sips, Platter Pleasers and Savvi Serve collections, your game plan will go off without a hitch!

    With our durable, dependable serve ware, you’ll never have to worry about a Field Goal resulting in a Fumble of broken glass all over the carpet! With so many sizes and styles to choose from, you’ll be a winner no matter what snacks and treats you choose to serve!

    Thanks to tight-fitting lids, even if the party isn’t in your living room, you’ll have a transport-ready arsenal of reliable and fashionable disposables that will keep cool and collected, even if your Falcon-Clad brother and your Patriot-Partying uncle can’t keep from butting heads!


    When the game is over, no matter which team comes out with the trophy, you can help everyone toast with our new Quencher’s Barware, and celebrate the wonderful people you’ve got on your team- without having to worry about broken glass or annoying after-party cleanup.

    We hope that your 2017 is treating you well so far. We here at Fineline are excited to serve your every need this year, and continue to expand and elevate your standards in Disposable Dinnerware!


    It's a Super Bowl party like never before - Disposable Partyware

    Who's not excited for the Super Bowl, I can't think of anyone!

    The parties are all well underway and with teams getting ready with their lasts game practice, media day past and gone, everyone is now waiting and preparing for the big day to arrive. It's all taking place this Sunday Feb 2 in MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey, for those who will be going to the stadium we wish you good luck and we hope you enjoy yourselves, for those of us who will be enjoying the game or the commercials at home with friends and family we would like to share some tips on how you could enjoy a lovely and exciting party without all the hassle.

    A party can never be fun and exciting without good food and a nice mix of drinks, for adults and for the underage as well. The best part of using disposable partyware is that once the party is over you don't have to get yourself to work washing everything, you can actually go home or to sleep just like the rest of the party guests, just clear everything in the trash and you're done! How easy and fun was that.

    A Perfect Super Bowl Party with Disposable Partyware

    In the photo above we give you a simple party setup with fruits, veggies and some snacks. The products used in the photo are all made of premium disposable plastic, they are recyclable as well where applicable.

    1. Starting with our premium Gravy Boat filled with salad dressings for dipping such as from Kraft - Green Goddess Dressing, it is savory and vibrant, to this we added some delicious cut Persian cucumbers cut in a Square Wave Mini Bowl from our Wavetrends collection.
    2. We move on to the beautifully red strawberries displayed nicely in the premium Trifle Bowls.
    3. Move over to the Mini Margarita glasses filled with fresh reaspberries and we added our silver cocktail pick for easy eating and not making your fingers red from the berries.
    4. Now to the drinks we give you our best bomber shot glasses, it's a 2 part shot glass, we're sure you remember this from your collage days, we won't go into details.
    5. How well are our Super Bowl collection to be used at the Super Bowl party, they are made of sturdy PET material and have lids to them that fit perfectly, so that you can prepare the snack in advance without being worried that they'll get stail or spill while trasporting them if the party is not in the same location.
    6. Our premium Sturdy serving pithcers or carafes can hold up to 35 oz and are really crystal clear, they enhance any drink that's in them.

    There you have it, a mini party setup in no time, giving you that upscale and fancy party look. Here's what you gain, quick setup time, hassle free, don't worry if the guys get loud and stuff fall in the floor, they won't crack and if they do don't worry it's disposable and last but not least the cleanup will take you no time and anyone can help you just throwing them into the trash can.

    Serving Strawberries in Premium Plastic Trifle Bowls

    Super Bowl Bomber Glasses Serving snacks in PET party containers



    Here's another tip how to setup your Valentines Day Party with your loved one.

    Super Bowl Party Must Haves, party disposables, check ...

    The big game is just a few hours away. Whether your favorite team made it to Superbowl XLVI or not, it's still a great excuse to have a party. You've picked out what you're going to serve at the party and you've placed your order to have it ready for game time. But what are they going to eat off? You might have enough dishes, but imagine the pile up in the sink that will definitely have you missing the game pile ups as you wash a seemingly endless offensive line of dishes. 

    Savvi Serve Disposable Plates and disposable TumblersFortunately, party disposables from Fineline Settings are here to save the day and make your party much easier. With disposable dishes, all you have to worry about is, the fun, food and game. Party disposables aren't just the old paper plates that everything soaked through. Our disposable dishes come in a huge variety of shapes, colors, styles and sizes. They'll even fit your budget. When you use party disposables, your cleanup becomes instantly easier as you simply dispose of the dirty plates, napkins, disposable tumblers, etc. 

    So you have a Superbowl party this weekend, a wedding shower next weekend and then a big wedding all coming up? Don't stress about broken dishes, deposits or raisin fingers. Disposable party plates from Fineline Settings can fill every presentation niche and plasticware need you've got. You can snag Superbowl series party disposables complete with everything you need for serving, storing and transporting with our platter lid. Our collections are also available for catering and events where you'll need everything from clear salad bowls and trays to pitchers, disposable utensils and ice buckets. And for that magical wedding day, don't worry because there's now a silver flatware collection that feels completely real, but it's still a party disposable!

    While the guys on the field may be rushing, running, reversing and carrying, you'll be doing the same thing at your Superbowl party, made easier with party disposables from Fineline Settings.

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