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    Blush and Greenery Wedding Tablescape

    IMG_0586Right now, there are probably lots of brides, mother of the brides, and wedding planners who are all excitedly scrolling online for wedding inspo.  I just adore weddings as they are a celebration of love, happiness, beauty and the beginning of a couple’s adventure in life together!  I’m a self-proclaimed romantic and I’m absolutely inspired by weddings.

    Wedding trends for 2019 include lots of greenery and blush tones.  There are several reasons why bringing the outdoors inside is popular.  First of all, a couple won’t have to worry about a backup plan if it rains on their wedding day.  Having lots of lush greenery around is reminiscent of a garden and sets the tone for a romantic evening.  It also is a great way to cut down cost but still have beautiful décor.  These days, weddings can cost an average of $30,000!


    In addition to adding more greenery to a wedding, varying blush tones are popular and a classic wedding color.  This color is pretty and adds a sweet softness to the overall wedding vibe which may be why it’s timeless.  I love this color and used varying shades of it in my own wedding.  

    With these two trends in mind, I used disposable partyware from Fineline Settings to create a romantic blush and greenery wedding tablescape.  Their disposable plates, cutlery, and stemware make it convenient to set up and clean up after the party is over.  The products are elegant and beautiful enough that I used them at my own wedding with close to 500 guests! 

    For the tablescape, I used a neutral toned tablecloth to naturally go along with the greenery.  I laid a light blush chiffon runner on top, making sure it gathers in random areas along the table.  Then I placed some seeded eucalyptus branches on top of each other along the center of the table to create a faux garland.  Seeded eucalyptus is a very popular greenery in 2019 because of its beauty and elegance.  To finish off the centerpiece, I added a few white candles in glass votives.

    IMG_0580I started each place setting with a disposable blush charger.  Then I layered on the 10” and 7” Round Foil Trim Plates Combo in bone/gold.  I gathered a fancy white napkin over a gold fork, knive and spoon from the Heavyweight Cutlery Combo and tied it with raffia.  I like that the cutlery matches the gold around the trim of the plate and the raffia continues the natural theme.  For the drinkware, I chose the 8 oz 1 Piece Wine Goblet and the 6 oz 2 Piece Wine Goblet in clear since they go nicely together.  That’s all there is to setting a simple and pretty wedding tablescape!

    Getting married is one of the most important moments in a person’s life and it should be treate with special attention.  Everything from the dress and suit to the wedding tabletops should be extraordinary!  This blush and greenery wedding tablescape sets an elegant and romantic tone for an unforgettable reception filled with joy, laughter, and love in celebrating a significant milestone in two people’s lives.   

    Something Blue Wedding Tablescape

    Weddings are one of my favorite celebrations since there is so much beauty involved on so many levels.  I’ve been inspired to create a Something Blue Wedding Tablescape using elegant and affordable partyware from Fineline Settings.  According to some wedding experts, mixed shades of blue is a popular color palette for weddings in 2019.  With this in mind, I wanted to style an inviting table filled with gorgeous and romantic elements that would be perfect for this occasion. 12

    To start off, I used pedestal arrangements for the centerpieces since they are also another popular trend for weddings this year.  I chose glass pedestals to go along with the glass candle holders.  For the flowers, I used blue hydrangeas to stick with the color palette.  I also used different size roses in white and light pink to add some complimentary contrast.  Roses are classic weddings flowers and always make a situation more romantic.  Grass is another popular element in wedding décor in 2019 so I added a few grass sprigs for drama and texture.  I filled in the rest of my arrangement with different greenery and smaller floral pieces to bring it all together. 

    Then I added some candles in short votives and tall tapered candles in between the floral arrangements to make it even dreamier.  A candlelit dinner or lunch always makes for an intimate dining experience, right?BLUE WED

    For the place setting, I started with a dusty blue charger and then layered on the Caterer Choice 10” and 7” bone plates with gold trim.  I like how it comes in a combo pack which makes it easy to use.  Then I simply placed a knotted blue napkin over the top to keep with our blue color theme.  I added the Golden Secrets gold cutlery that also comes in a combo pack of forks, spoons, and knives to either side of the plates.  For drinks, I used the Flairware 8 oz 1 piece wine goblet and Flairware 5 oz 2 piece champagne flutes which is perfect for water and a toasting beverage. BLUE WED2

    That completes the Something Blue Wedding Tablescape with mixed shades of blue and romantic elements that will be sure to invite love into a room.  The partyware from Fineline Settings really helps set the table for a gorgeous and memorable celebration.  You will look back and have no regrets about the beauty of your tablescapes! 

    Chanukah Is Here! Celebrate In Style!

    Chanukah has its origins rooted during the oppressive regime of Antiochus IV. Known as the festival of light, this holiday celebrates the miracle of the candle that had burned for eight days (just enough time for more oil to be prepared), when there was only enough oil to burn for a single night.

    This holiday is, perhaps, the most well-renowned on the Jewish calendar; with its unique and beautiful nightly ceremony of prayers as each new candle is lit, it is no surprise.

    This year, Chanukah is taking place from December 16th until the night of December 24th. So, with these wonderful days of celebration upon us, let Fineline Settings help make your eight days of rededication fashionable and fun as you serve up the Latkes, play Dreidel, and light the candles with your family and friends!

    With collections that range from the elegantly simple Savvi Serve, to the exotically chic Wavetrends, no matter what your menu looks like, Fineline Settings’ disposable dinnerware will be there to compliment your style and help you celebrate with our disposable dinnerware. Our selection of high-quality serving utensils or tiny appetizer trays will be the perfect accoutrement to entertain your guests with the ease of disposable polystyrene.


    For this special holiday, we’ve searched for some of the best Chanukah recipes we could find to help your celebration stay delicious, traditional, and easy so that you can spend as much time as possible with those in your life who truly matter.


    There are a few customary pieces of Chanukah tradition that should always be a part of your celebration. One of these exceptional examples is perhaps the most kid-friendly; we’re talking about “gelt”! If you do not know what “gelt” is, we’re pleased to share with you that these little treats are chocolate gold coins. Dreidel (a game also deeply rooted in Chanukah tradition) is often incomplete without these little shimmering treasures.

    Our friends over at OhNuts! Sweet & Crunchy Blog, have been kind enough to share their fantastic Homemade Chanukah Gelt recipe! This recipe is beyond simple and quick, and is a great opportunity to get the kids in the kitchen to help out!

     How do you make your Chanukkah Gelt (money)

    Another delicious staple recipe in the Chanukah tradition is the Sufganiyot (Fried Doughnuts). The Chanukah menus is made up of mostly fried food, due to the significance of oil in the miracle described long ago. Over at, shares their delicious Cranberry Jelly Sufganiyot (Doughnuts) just in time for the holiday. Don’t worry, the idea of trying to whip up doughnuts may seem quite intimidating, but our generous author has provided us with the easy step-by-step instructions that will ensure your sweet treats will come out perfect!

     The best tasting doughnuts

    If there was a dish that was even more vital than the two we previously listed, it has to be the Latkes! Latkes are fried potato pancakes, and a staple in Chanukah tradition that cannot be overlooked. Tori Avey over at her blog, Tori is here to help us learn How to Make Crispy Perfect Latkes Every Time! Along with the recipes, Tori shares with us some of the history of Latkes and their role in the Jewish tradition. She also shares alternatives to the potatoes in the recipe, if you so desire!

     Chanukkah Latke's done right

    Sure, Chanukah may not be the best holiday for your waistline, but you can’t resist the warm comfort of this holiday that brings together family and fantastic food! Our products will always be here to support all of your holiday serving needs, and we would love to hear from you as to how you implemented our collections into your celebration this year!


    Have a very happy holiday!
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