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    Last Minute Sensible Social Celebrations

    We have all been here; small intimate winter celebration turns into full social blast of the season.

    You initially think, “I will invite my nearest and dearest friends” but when friends decline because they are entertaining out of town guests – the out of town guests become part of the nearest and dearest friends guest list. Suddenly, the initial intimate gathering has you preparing for the party of the season. A full dinner party of 15-20 people has turned into 75+ open house serving heavy appetizers, signature beverages, and tasty wines from all the guests.

    EVERYONE has at least 1 drink at any party even if the drink is water – EVERYONE has at least 1 drink. Accommodating the large swing in friends, guests of friends, family, and friends of family is easy with Fineline’s line of drinkware.

    Let me explain – from Grandma’s & Grandpa’s selective drink choice to your hip and newly married daughter with all the “in-law” guests, (and once the neighbors see the party at your house - include the neighbors and their crowd of visitors). Fineline’s drinkware has it covered.

    Don’t forget – NO CLEAN UP! – It is all Disposable

    Fineline keeps last minute catering items of party trays, pre-rolled cutlery, and platters at your fingertips with user-friendly ordering, readily available on-hand stock of items, and combined shipping of orders. (Check out the super fun snowman and tree platters for the winter holiday treats.)

    Don’t miss next week’s blog on parting gifts of food items and recipes to your friends, clients, and guests.

    5 Ways To Set Your Holiday Table

    Celebrate in Style!

    Time to slow the hustle, Step up the fun, Stop the stress, for The Season has begun.

    The checklist of holiday fanfare is created. You have shopped for the menu and created your perfect signature cocktail. Imagine spirited music, sparkling lights, joyful cheer and plain dreary tableware – Bah HumBug! Keep your holiday event classy, stylish, and festive with one of Fineline Settings holiday table settings.

    We have done the work for you; chose your favorite holiday table display and review the recommended list of items to set your table. You will find everything you need to create that one of a kind memorable experience for your guests.

    1. DSC_1188-222907-editedThe Family Affair using The Renaissance Collection. Lead your guests to an elegant preset table with 10” dinner plate, topped with 7” salad plate and 12 oz bowl. Add a little bubbly champagne flute for the holiday toasts and the stemless wine glass for the festivities. Keep everyone hydrated with water glasses and pitchers for easy refill. Don’t forget your signature cocktails, like the Moscow mule mug and strong sophisticated cutlery. Keep your decor the focus by using the 14” x 14” black square platter pleaser for your main dish display and black heavy weight serving spoons, forks, and tongs for plating and serving. For the grand finale, use the clear cake stand to display all the beloved treats of the holiday. Remember, the height of the cake stand will allow your guests to see the beauty of the dessert and easy access to enjoy 2nd helpings. YUM!

    2. JPG_0802-259788-editedThe Modern Hip Party using Wavetrends Collection. Show your chic flare to all your friends at your grab and go buffet celebration. When your guests all contribute a dish to pass – give them cool hip table settings to display their creations. Buffet style serving brings hearty appetites which means stocking the table with 6” and 9” dinner plates, festive cutlery rolls both black and silver, clear serving bowls for those tasty casseroles, and be the hostess with the mostest – have plenty of serving silverware (because no one remembers the serving utensils for cutting homemade pie or LARGE fork/spoon for dishing up salads!) However, for true fashion forward panache, give your guests the durable cocktail plate invention to marry with their champagne flute or martini glass while mingling and catching up on all the gossip and chit-chat. Oh! Don’t forget those disposable customized shot glasses at your bar for the ongoing toasts of friendship and reminiscing of good times past. Finally, since it is YOUR party, perfect opportunity to show off your culinary skills (without breaking the menu budget) using the Fineline Tiny Tempts trays, bowls, and cubes for portioning and tiny forks, spoons, picks, and tongs for eating.

    3. JPG_1704-129235-editedThe Caterer’s Celebration using Gold and Silver Splendor. When catering an event, expectations run high with the b’s and d’s (bread plate on the left drinks on the right!) of etiquette or the serve on the left clear from the right formality. Customer expectations are a posh and fancy reception; while the caterer needs to arrange for a sturdy but swanky debut of food service. Don’t let the two opposing expectations stress you out for your event, mix and match color, size, and shape to create the perfect blend of adult sophistication and durability. Catering service always includes coursing of the event meal and serving a plentiful helping of the cuisine. Service needs vary from 4” cocktail hour plates and beverage pitchers to starter salads and service tongs or 12 oz soup bowls and spoons. Next the catering experience graduates to the main fare needing 10” plate either round or square trimmed with your choice of gold or silver (for the best deal take advantage of the 7”/10” combo solution). Don’t forget all those different drink flavors from champagne, wine (red and white), water, mixed beverages to coffee, tea, and soda. Here are some tricks of the catering trade - Use simple and sturdy large dome lid and trays to allow for double duty with easy transport of items into and out of the venue while also perfect for serving single serve items (We love those tiny cocktail picks, spoons, and forks for these occasions too – clean, easy, and individual). Now for the b’s and d’s etiquette trick😊 – never know which side your stemless wine glass, water, champagne should be set vs. your bread plate and knife – With your left hand touch your first finger and thumb while holding the other three fingers straight (making a lower case b) do the same action with your right fingers (making a lower case d). Bread plate goes on the left (aka lower case b for bread); Drinks go on the right (aka lower case d for drinks).

    4. DSC_6427-038880-editedTake Home Party in a bag using Solid Squares. Holidays bring hustle and bustle of shopping and cheer leaving you no time to prepare for those impromptu visits from out of town friends. Don’t stress! With just a little finesse, Fineline’s 10 bag/12 case events on the go packaging coupled with a stop at your favorite restaurant will bring entertaining success! This type of readiness is prepared with plates of all sizes including cocktail, dessert, salad, large and small dinner, and large and small bowls. Can’t decide on a color or theme - don’t fret over those small details each item comes in all three colors of black, white, and clear. Use our super large bowls and compartment trays to display each side dish and as an added bonus – store all the leftovers in the same container just use the corresponding lid to cover and refrigerate.

    5. FlareWare - Plates-088964-editedKids Table using Flairware. Let's face it the key to any successful party is keeping the kids happy and fed so the adults aren’t stressed wanting to leave. How do you get kids to eat – make it fun and silly. Keeping in mind the small appetites - first place a 6”round dessert plate then below it but not touching place a 7”round salad plate; place black fork dangling off one side of the 7” round plate and place a black knife off the other side of the 7” round plate. Refold the black napkin (from the pre-rolled cutlery) into a long 2” rectangle and drape between the plates; place blueberries from your fruit tray as eyes mouth and buttons on shirt while a baby veggie carrot is a nose – instant Snowman setting. AND here we go again with those Tiny Tempts (can’t get enough of those cute containers) keep them on hand to dole out lil candies or allow the kids to eat using the tiny cutlery for “just the right size bites”. It’s a perfect game to challenge themselves about how many bites it will take with the little fork before they are full.

    BONUS TIP - There is one last reminder for every table setting – ITS ALL DISPOSABLE. That’s right no dishes, no mess, and leftover package ready. When the party is done clean up is fast and back to everyday living.  

    Thank You, Every American Hero & Their Family

    This Wednesday is Veterans Day, which means it is just one more exceptional reason to thank your veteran in any and every way! Every hero deserves to be recognized and thanked every single day, but holidays are always the perfect time when we can take a moment out of our hectic lives and spend it with those that matter most to us.

    The holiday season is on the cusp of the calendar horizon, and we can think of no better way to begin than by celebrating our American veterans with all of our might! It’s a bit could for an old-fashioned BBQ this year in some parts of the states, but that doesn’t mean you can’t throw a rousing get together with loved ones while you all cuddle happily close!

    Anyone of our Fineline Settings Collections are a perfect accompaniment to your meal, and whatever your veteran’s style, well take pride in being a kindred spirit, no matter how formal or intimate an affair you're planning for them!


    Just so that you can be sure to spend every wonderful moment with your hero this week, we've collected a few fantastic recipe ideas for those of us across this beautiful nation that will be celebrating in and outdoors this year! Take a look at our...


    FLS Veterans Day 2015 Top “Pin-It!” List!


    There will never be enough words to convey our gratitude to every Veteran and their families for the sacrifices they have made protecting every family bravely and selflessly. We can only hope that all of our armed forces have a Veterans Day filled with peace, fun and happiness!


    Thank you so very much & HAPPY VETERANS DAY!

    Chanukah Is Here! Celebrate In Style!

    Chanukah has its origins rooted during the oppressive regime of Antiochus IV. Known as the festival of light, this holiday celebrates the miracle of the candle that had burned for eight days (just enough time for more oil to be prepared), when there was only enough oil to burn for a single night.

    This holiday is, perhaps, the most well-renowned on the Jewish calendar; with its unique and beautiful nightly ceremony of prayers as each new candle is lit, it is no surprise.

    This year, Chanukah is taking place from December 16th until the night of December 24th. So, with these wonderful days of celebration upon us, let Fineline Settings help make your eight days of rededication fashionable and fun as you serve up the Latkes, play Dreidel, and light the candles with your family and friends!

    With collections that range from the elegantly simple Savvi Serve, to the exotically chic Wavetrends, no matter what your menu looks like, Fineline Settings’ disposable dinnerware will be there to compliment your style and help you celebrate with our disposable dinnerware. Our selection of high-quality serving utensils or tiny appetizer trays will be the perfect accoutrement to entertain your guests with the ease of disposable polystyrene.


    For this special holiday, we’ve searched for some of the best Chanukah recipes we could find to help your celebration stay delicious, traditional, and easy so that you can spend as much time as possible with those in your life who truly matter.


    There are a few customary pieces of Chanukah tradition that should always be a part of your celebration. One of these exceptional examples is perhaps the most kid-friendly; we’re talking about “gelt”! If you do not know what “gelt” is, we’re pleased to share with you that these little treats are chocolate gold coins. Dreidel (a game also deeply rooted in Chanukah tradition) is often incomplete without these little shimmering treasures.

    Our friends over at OhNuts! Sweet & Crunchy Blog, have been kind enough to share their fantastic Homemade Chanukah Gelt recipe! This recipe is beyond simple and quick, and is a great opportunity to get the kids in the kitchen to help out!

     How do you make your Chanukkah Gelt (money)

    Another delicious staple recipe in the Chanukah tradition is the Sufganiyot (Fried Doughnuts). The Chanukah menus is made up of mostly fried food, due to the significance of oil in the miracle described long ago. Over at, shares their delicious Cranberry Jelly Sufganiyot (Doughnuts) just in time for the holiday. Don’t worry, the idea of trying to whip up doughnuts may seem quite intimidating, but our generous author has provided us with the easy step-by-step instructions that will ensure your sweet treats will come out perfect!

     The best tasting doughnuts

    If there was a dish that was even more vital than the two we previously listed, it has to be the Latkes! Latkes are fried potato pancakes, and a staple in Chanukah tradition that cannot be overlooked. Tori Avey over at her blog, Tori is here to help us learn How to Make Crispy Perfect Latkes Every Time! Along with the recipes, Tori shares with us some of the history of Latkes and their role in the Jewish tradition. She also shares alternatives to the potatoes in the recipe, if you so desire!

     Chanukkah Latke's done right

    Sure, Chanukah may not be the best holiday for your waistline, but you can’t resist the warm comfort of this holiday that brings together family and fantastic food! Our products will always be here to support all of your holiday serving needs, and we would love to hear from you as to how you implemented our collections into your celebration this year!


    Have a very happy holiday!
    Contact a Rep in your area

    Your favorite Holiday Parties just got easier to enjoy!

    It's the most exciting part of the year, for some at least. It's the time when you're either shopping or eating. The weather is cold outside and it's cozy and warm inside every home. You're prepping your to-do lists, the parties, meals, shopping, gifts, sock stuffing and much more than that, you're constantly thinking of others and everyone but yourself... Let us help a bit!

    Don’t let this season’s holiday bustle weigh you down! You do a great job cooking all the food that everyone loves and looks forward to, why the cleanup is what we ask? If you’re looking for a convenient, stylish, and high-quality serving set to help make your holiday parties fabulous and easy, then our Costco Holiday Pack is waiting for you on your local Costco shelves!

    Fineline Settings has partnered up with Costco to bring you the best in disposable serving products.With the quality you have come to expect from Fineline Settings, this full-course serving set will make sure your holiday celebrations are a ringing success!

    This Holiday season, serve with confidence as you lay out your menu on our classic premium heavyweight white serving trays that’ll handle each course with style. Ring in the New Year while dishing out or in with our Silver Utensils designed with beauty rivalling fine silverware and durability of Heavy-Duty Polystyrene.


    •          3 Beautiful White Serving Trays
    •          Elegant Square Design
    •          3 Size Trays: 10”, 12”, 14”
    •          3 Piece Silver Serving Utensils: Serving Spoon, Serving Fork, and Cake Cutter/Lifter
    •          Heavy-Weight Polystyrene Plastic
    •          Fully Recyclable
    •          Conveniently sold at your local Costco
    •          Ideal for all of you up-coming holiday events
    •          Design that compliments all holiday décor


    Wheather you're serving a Thanksgiving dinner, or New Year's Eve dinner, make sure you enjoy your holiday events without sparing a second thought to after dinner clean-up! Don’t settle for less this year; make this chilly holiday season the most exciting one yet by stopping by your local Costco to pick up your Costco Holiday Pack today!

    From all of us here at Fineline Settings, we wish you a very happy holiday season!

    Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Premium Disposable Partyware

    Cinco de Mayo (Spanish for "fifth of May") is a celebration held on May 5. It is celebrated in the United States and regionally in Mexico, primarily in the state of Puebla,where the holiday is called El Día de la Batalla de Puebla (English: The Day of the Battle of Puebla). It originated with Mexican-American communities in the American West as a way to commemorate the cause of freedom and democracy during the first years of the American Civil War, and today the date is observed in the United States as a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride. In the state of Puebla, the date is observed to commemorate the Mexican army's unlikely victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, under the leadership of General Ignacio Zaragoza Seguín. Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico's Independence Day—the most important national patriotic holiday in Mexico—which is celebrated on September 16. (wikipedia)

    Celebrating this day is a huge tradition by doing so with amazing foods, drinks and goodies, along with friends and family. Good music is always needed when having such an amazing celebration.

    Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with upscale disposable tableware and party products resized 600

    A Premium Party is always the best way to go, by not having to wash the dishes at the end of the party you're already considered a avid partier! Today's day and age there are so many options when looking to choose from upscale disposable partyware, say you want round plates or square plates with a wave design or even the unique soft square edge disposable plates, they are all great for the party and your guest won't even know that they're plastic until they feel them.

    Rectangular white plastic disposable plates for the party resized 600

    Table Setup: It's very important to know who and how many people you're going to be having for dinner or for the party, it's always good to have a plan of who'll be there and what you'll be serving. Is it an all buffet style or a sit down. In any case there are products and dishes that will help you work around every situation and make you look like a hero at the end of the day. Make sure when you start that there should be plenty of appetizers and finger food (check out our Pinterest board for great inspiration) so that even your main dish is not ready, everyone will be happy and start some great conversations.

    finger food and disposable cake trays are perfect resized 600

    Drink: Always good to start off the party with soft or alcoholic beverages, let people get comfortable and loose so that they should enjoy the party as they wish, make sure you have adult supervision if there are any minors attending this party, or be safe and leave the hard beverages for the end after the kids are done and just the adults are left.

    mini barware disposable and plastic recyclable for your party resized 600

    Food: Food menu is something that will need to be decided based on whom your guest will be, it's always good to have some salads, pasta and or vegetables, beans go great, some meat to fill you up would be great as well. You don't need to go crazy with preparing so much food since you don't want anything left over for you to have to clean up. Some chips, fruit and some smoked turkey would be the perfect blend of foods to keep your guests satisfied and you'll be happy as well.

    holiday party disposables upscale holiday party disposables upscale holiday party tablesetting


    Looking to take it to the next level? Ask to speak to one of our sales specialists and see how we can set you up so you too can have a great party!

    Premium Disposable Holiday Tablesetting

    The Holidays are coming... the Holidays are here!

    With all the preparations and shopping hopefully done already, it's your time now to sit down and start preparing the holiday meals for all your guests, family and friends that you plan to have over for the meals.

    Make sure you have a game plan, know your guests, what they appreciate to eat and make sure if anyone has any allergies that you need to be aware of, if you have a family member that is vegan, they would really appreciate you preparing them something they will be able to eat, or anyone who has a specific food or health diet. These tiny little things are what really make people happy and makes them feel extremely welcome knowing that you thought of them when preparing your party, that will never be forgotten.

    Here's one great tip that you will always be grateful, remember the days you used to borrow the china dishes from neighbors just to have enough for everyone and then they did not match? Well that is over and those days are long since gone. If you plan to have a party or dinner with 10 or more people you don't need to use real china plates or glassware, check our Fineline Settings with such an amazing selection of upscale disposable dinnerware and an amazing collection of plastic tumblers and drinkware, you will always be thankful that you used plastic rather than using real.

    Upscale Disposable Dinnerware collection

    There are a great variety of styles and shapes and 4 different colors to choose from, Black, Bone, Clear and White. Each with its own unique style and design to satisfy every trend and theme. They have soft square edges with are the hottest trend right now, check out their Renaissance premium upscale disposable dinnerware collection and they just got a brand new crystal tumblers collection that will sparkle whatever is in the cup.

    With these plates they have amazing heavyweight premium silver plated plastic cutlery as well as silver mini cutlery for tastings and desserts, all heavyweight and they almost look better than the real deal.

    For the cocktail table or mini finger food heaven table you have a full selection of mini disposable plates, bowls, dessert cups, utensils, tongs, espresso mugs, sushi plates and much more, it's a dream come true for the special pop and mom that love to wow their guest but don't have the means to do it with expensive serveware, these mini dishes are premium weights and are recyclable and disposable. You'll enjoy the setting up as much as your guest will enjoy tasting and eating all the foods.

    Now come the wine and spirits, you got red wine, white wine, champagne, bourbon, whiskey and scotch (for the adults of course) and who doesn't like a great cocktail mix, Fineline Settings has got a cup for everything. Check our their collection of tumblers and stemware, high quality plastic that will make that shot go down as smooth or as rough as you just like it.

    So, with the shopping and presents done with, now is the time to sit down and work out the meals if you haven't done so already.

    Get down to it and serve your guests with your best!

    Happy Holidays and Cheers to a great celebration!

    Gear up your upscale dish collection for the season!

    Hi everyone,

    It's been quite some time since we wrote here before, traveling around the states for trade shows and meeting great people introducing them to the smart and classy way to serve their next party. It's been great meeting Food Service operators, Distributers, Caterers, Party Planners, event cordinators and last but not least the chefs behind the great food. When a chef comes in to our trade show booth you can see the inspiration immediately kicking in, their already making their plans what to serve on what dish, this will go great with the appetizers and this will go great for the outdoor pool party we're doing next week, it's really amazing and inspiring to be with these great people that put their heart and soul in these great tasting foods.

    With party planners alike, they need to review the color scheme and patterens which will match for what party and they have got everything worked out to the last detail, they even have plan A, B and C! So much time and effort goes into preparing these plans and designs, it's really amazing.


    Fineline Settings at Tradeshow

    Speaking of preparations, we're now going into the holiday seaso and it is the perfect time to stock up for your customers with all our disposable products that would work well with any upscale party or event. Whether you're going for a wedding or even a holiday family get-together, we've got the perfect product that will be the talk of the night (after they've spoken of the great food).

    We suggest for the Holiday season a mix of:

    1. Silver Splendor plates collection

    2. Renaissance plates and bowl collection

    3. Wavetrends Plates, bowls, tumblers, and stemware collection


    Holiday season with Fineline Settings


    All the above 3 plastic disposable dinnerware collection are truly upscale, high quality and high gloss products that will replace the real expensive china with a blink of an eye. Avoid the hassle of dish washing, spoil yourself to many different styles and color and not having to stick to one color and design.

    Check out our website fo much more information. Should you need any additional information or if you would like one of our sales reps to contact you, please don't hesitate to let us know so we can take care of you right away without any hesitattion.

    We're looking forward to providing you with great quality products and service.





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