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    Help Fineline Settings Celebrate 25 Years of Catersource this 2017!


    In less than a week, one of our favorite events will be taking place in good ole New Orleans! Not only is it Catersource 2017- but they are also celebrating 25 Years since Catersource’s inception! Wow! Obviously, we here at Fineline Settings are honored and excited to share in this special showcase with them from March 12th through 15th, along with over 400 other incredible exhibitors from all walks of catering and event planning life!

    Most of all, we hope to see YOU, so we can do our most favorite thing- and that’s share and celebrate all of Fineline’s newest 2017 endeavors and innovations at our Booth# 1501!

    Not only will you see our usual array of tried and trusted collections, but we’re bringing out a mind-blowing selection of products from our new…

    …and more!

    Catersource 2017 -5.jpg Catersource 2017 -4.jpg

    This year, you’ll be able to get your Fineline fix over at Booth# 1501! Our expert sales team will be standing by, as always, to entertain, explain and amaze you with all of our newest products; and assist you in finding the perfect partner for your event or foodservice business!


    We hope to you see you there! Safe travels!

    Catersource has come to an end, but Fineline is just getting started!

    That’s a wrap for Catersource 2016, and what a wild and inspiring ride it was! Now that we’re all home from the dazzling Las Vegas Strip, Fineline just wanted to take this time to express our unbelievable appreciation for your support!

    We couldn’t have imagined the amazing feedback we received, and it was wonderful to get to socialize and celebrate with YOU in Vegas amidst industry leaders and innovators!


    Fineline was honored to be able to be a part of all of the creative and trend-setting catering revolutions that this year’s show had to offer. All of the Chefs, Party Planners, and Event Professionals who attended helped make this year’s Catersource the BEST YET!

    The influx of amazing information shared between industry leaders and small-businesses alike was inspiring, exciting, and educational; and we were thrilled to be a part of it.

    It was amazing for our Sales Team to get to show off our selection of new items to you. Whether it be the elegant glamor of the Heritage Colletion, or the allure of our rolled Gold Cutlery and Utensils, we loved seeing the joy you experienced at our Booth!

    We hope you enjoyed experiencing our new Fineline products and collections first-hand, and we know you’ll soar through the rest of your 2016 events with our disposables in your arsenal of catering favorites!

    Fineline can’t wait to see you next year, because we’re already getting ready!


    Have a great rest of your March, everyone!

    Labor day celebrations done right!

    LABOR DAY IS CASUAL AND A DAY MEANT TO DO LITTLE MORE THAN JUST HAVE A GOOD TIME. Have a barbeque, go for a swim before fall starts to set in, and enjoy some good old R&R with the folks you like best! Thankfully, Fineline is here to take the stress of recipe researching and servingware statistics off of your shoulders, and neatly lay out an array of fun and fashionable options for your up-coming bash!


    Our SAVVI SERVE and SUPER BOWL PLATES, BOWLS and servingware are an excellent outdoor armada engineered to deliver the most punch to your picnic, and will coordinate well with any summer décor you have up your sleeve.


    Sip and toast with our new line of PET DRINKING AND DESSERT CUPS, SUPER SIPS! These durable, pliable drinking cups come in multiple sizes and have multiple lid styles to compliment every outdoor cheer without the looming danger of breakables!


    Labor Day party in style


    With this summer lineup ready and waiting, why don’t we take a look at some awesome recipes and party ideas to join them at your picnic table this 2015 on our latest board…


    Follow Fineline Settings's board 2015 Labor Day "PIN-IT!" List! on Pinterest.

    Some of these recipes have been pre-approved and tested by members of our staff at their own events, so we were extremely excited to share them with you and help keep your Labor Day menu, quick and delicious!

     Party done right this Labor Day


    Oh, and did we mention easy? Because, with the convenience of our disposable products, clean-up is as quick and laborious as the closest recycle bin. That’s right, when you’re done, just toss our disposables away and worry no more! Or, throw a lid on it, and keep it safe and secure! Options are nice… very nice.


    We hope your Labor Day is packed full of ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that involves unneeded stress or effort, and CHOCK FULL of awesome and fun!

     Download our Catalog


    Here are some blogs we previously wrote about Labor Day partying.


    Cheers, friends!


    Get To Know Your Stemware With Fineline Settings

    Let’s have a toast! Let us raise our Flutes, Goblets, Glasses, and Tumblers- but wait, what’s the difference? Yeah, that IS a good question! Why would you choose a Goblet over a Flute? Or a Glass over a Goblet? What makes each of these tonic trollies unique from the other and where are they best served at your table?

    Well, don’t worry, because we have good news: today, we’re going to take you through our stemware and drink-ware categories to take a look at the definitive features of each class. Let’s get started!

     Flairware Champagne Flute


    Playing on the classic, slender shape of its musical namesake, the flute is narrow and delicate. The bowl of the flute is often very narrow, and the stem elegantly tall. This particular style of stemware is used to serve champagne, sparkling wines, and certain quality beers. Our Flairware Champagne Flutes can be used as an example of just how beautiful this style of stemware can be.

    The methodology in utilizing this particular stemware to serve carbonated drinks are due to a process known as Nucleation. The special shape of the flute is, believe it or not, actually partially responsible for the trademark bubbles you see in your favorite champagne.



    This particular style of stemware often ignites fanciful visions of Arthurian dinner and dancing; or adventures in search of legendary treasure. However, the goblet is a great deal more modest a guest at your table than you may think- but that doesn’t mean it is any less significant!

    The Goblet, also known as a chalice, can host both wine and water, and can have a variety of stem types ranging from squat and wide, to tall and slender. The common theme in which all Goblets share: a round, wide-bottomed bowl, and the archetypal stem. An example of the most collective Goblet design can be found in our Flairware 5 oz Wine Goblet.

     At a modern table setting, it is often used to serve water throughout each course.



    This is, perhaps, the most common term used to describe the entire array of different stemware we’ve discussed thus far. However, the wine glass is, perhaps, the most unique and yet varied of the classes. With its many subclasses and etiquette, there is more than enough to share with you today that will show this classic treasure very much deserves its own lime-light!

    Wine glasses come in many shapes and sizes; there are even different styles of glass pending on whether you are drinking red or white wine! Let’s take a look at some of the differences.

    When it comes to one of the biggest variances between the two: a proper Red Wine Glass is often taller and fatter with a long stem; while the White Wine Glass tends to be a bit more demure with its narrower bowl and shorter stem.

    Wine glasses in general often have an oblong, wide-bottomed bowl that tapers inward toward the top and a long stem; there are stem-free versions that can be considered, as well.

    All quality wine glasses are designed specifically so that the drinker may best enjoy the aroma of wine; as the narrow opening helps to contain the fragrance and helps focus it toward your nose and mouth. To see an example of a more unique take on a Wine Glass, our Wavetrends 8 oz Wine Glass gives an edge to the classic style of the Wine Glass.



    This is, perhaps, the most iconic shape of all in our psyche when it comes to taking a drink. Most of our day-to-day beverage consumption is served using the common, sleek, stem-free drinking glass/tumbler.

    With its numerous styles, sizes, and colors ranging from: tall and slender, wide top/tapered bottom, wide-bottomed/tapered top, curvy, or square, this particular apparatus is used most effectively for juices at a formal table setting.

    The Tumbler is distinctive due to its stem-free design. It is, most commonly, a straight-edge, oblong bowl with a large top diameter and a smaller bottom diameter, such as our Savvi Serve Tumblers, or our Renaissance Crystal Tumblers.

    While you may have a Wine Glass, Water Goblet, and a Flute sitting at your table; the Tumbler will be your companion in serving orange juice, tomato juice, etc.



    A common attribute all of our aforementioned classes share (with the exception of the tumbler) is the stem. While it is a beautiful and fashionable touch, it also has a very important and surprisingly obvious purpose: the stem is provided so that the warmth of your hands does not affect the temperature of your beverage. Pretty cool, right?


    We hope now, as you make your selection of our products for your next event, you will be able to set your table, and serve your guests, with the confidence that knowledge brings.

    After doing some research, we here at FINELINE SETTINGS have drawn up our own illustration for a quick table setting guide to help get you on your way. There are a multitude of different ways to set your table, but this composition, we think, helps highlight our discussion this week! So, if you are interested in including all of these stemware heavy-hitters to your next even, take a look!




    Thanks for joining us this week, and we hope this little chat was as interesting and fun for you, as it was for us!


    Have a great rest of your day, friends!


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    Your favorite Holiday Parties just got easier to enjoy!

    It's the most exciting part of the year, for some at least. It's the time when you're either shopping or eating. The weather is cold outside and it's cozy and warm inside every home. You're prepping your to-do lists, the parties, meals, shopping, gifts, sock stuffing and much more than that, you're constantly thinking of others and everyone but yourself... Let us help a bit!

    Don’t let this season’s holiday bustle weigh you down! You do a great job cooking all the food that everyone loves and looks forward to, why the cleanup is what we ask? If you’re looking for a convenient, stylish, and high-quality serving set to help make your holiday parties fabulous and easy, then our Costco Holiday Pack is waiting for you on your local Costco shelves!

    Fineline Settings has partnered up with Costco to bring you the best in disposable serving products.With the quality you have come to expect from Fineline Settings, this full-course serving set will make sure your holiday celebrations are a ringing success!

    This Holiday season, serve with confidence as you lay out your menu on our classic premium heavyweight white serving trays that’ll handle each course with style. Ring in the New Year while dishing out or in with our Silver Utensils designed with beauty rivalling fine silverware and durability of Heavy-Duty Polystyrene.


    •          3 Beautiful White Serving Trays
    •          Elegant Square Design
    •          3 Size Trays: 10”, 12”, 14”
    •          3 Piece Silver Serving Utensils: Serving Spoon, Serving Fork, and Cake Cutter/Lifter
    •          Heavy-Weight Polystyrene Plastic
    •          Fully Recyclable
    •          Conveniently sold at your local Costco
    •          Ideal for all of you up-coming holiday events
    •          Design that compliments all holiday décor


    Wheather you're serving a Thanksgiving dinner, or New Year's Eve dinner, make sure you enjoy your holiday events without sparing a second thought to after dinner clean-up! Don’t settle for less this year; make this chilly holiday season the most exciting one yet by stopping by your local Costco to pick up your Costco Holiday Pack today!

    From all of us here at Fineline Settings, we wish you a very happy holiday season!

    Catersource is a great spot for caterers & party planners.

    With the month of March along the way, here comes the Catersource Conference & Tradeshow that we all look forward all year long, everyone is excited and so are we. This year we are not only being Crystal Sponsor, we're also sponsoring the Diced Competition that will be a live event taking place Wednesday the 26th of March on the tradeshow floor, it's going to be lots of fun, we're really looking forward to it.


    The name Catersource has become synonymous with caterers and party planners as well as many professionals in the event planning and hospitality industry, there's always something new that you can show and learn, the trends are being discussed and are being set at the same time. Going to any of the conferences this year? You better make sure you're ready to take it all in, with a lineup of the top players in the industry you are going to be amazed with the content that will be discussed at these events.

    Fineline Settings has been sponsoring the Catersource show for many years and we look forward to each and every year, we simply love it.

    "It's the poeple that come to the show that makes all the difference, they hit you with the questions that are important, they look for the right things, they are the people that we learn from and they are the ones who set the trends, so it's amazing every time again and again, I never get tired". Brian McCullough, National Sales Manager for Fineline Settings


    This year Fineline will be setting a larger booth with some major exciting additions to our already beautiful product line, if you're going to be at the show we'd love for your to come by and say hi to our team, step in to our booth #1323, have a seat and pick up our catalog as you browse through our product line, we'll demonstrate the best use for them as well.

    You'll also see Fineline Settings product line being used at the Diced competition, that'll be very fun and exciting, we're really looking forward to it. When you stop by our booth make sure you get scanned so you can enter to win $250 woth of disposables, yep, we're giving it away and we want you to be the lucky winner.

    We're looking forward to meeting and greeting each and everyone of you! If you're in the foodservice, catering, hospitality, party planning, event planning or retail party market, this event is for you and your first stop is Fineline Settings at booth #1323.

    Contact a Rep in your area


    It's a Super Bowl party like never before - Disposable Partyware

    Who's not excited for the Super Bowl, I can't think of anyone!

    The parties are all well underway and with teams getting ready with their lasts game practice, media day past and gone, everyone is now waiting and preparing for the big day to arrive. It's all taking place this Sunday Feb 2 in MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey, for those who will be going to the stadium we wish you good luck and we hope you enjoy yourselves, for those of us who will be enjoying the game or the commercials at home with friends and family we would like to share some tips on how you could enjoy a lovely and exciting party without all the hassle.

    A party can never be fun and exciting without good food and a nice mix of drinks, for adults and for the underage as well. The best part of using disposable partyware is that once the party is over you don't have to get yourself to work washing everything, you can actually go home or to sleep just like the rest of the party guests, just clear everything in the trash and you're done! How easy and fun was that.

    A Perfect Super Bowl Party with Disposable Partyware

    In the photo above we give you a simple party setup with fruits, veggies and some snacks. The products used in the photo are all made of premium disposable plastic, they are recyclable as well where applicable.

    1. Starting with our premium Gravy Boat filled with salad dressings for dipping such as from Kraft - Green Goddess Dressing, it is savory and vibrant, to this we added some delicious cut Persian cucumbers cut in a Square Wave Mini Bowl from our Wavetrends collection.
    2. We move on to the beautifully red strawberries displayed nicely in the premium Trifle Bowls.
    3. Move over to the Mini Margarita glasses filled with fresh reaspberries and we added our silver cocktail pick for easy eating and not making your fingers red from the berries.
    4. Now to the drinks we give you our best bomber shot glasses, it's a 2 part shot glass, we're sure you remember this from your collage days, we won't go into details.
    5. How well are our Super Bowl collection to be used at the Super Bowl party, they are made of sturdy PET material and have lids to them that fit perfectly, so that you can prepare the snack in advance without being worried that they'll get stail or spill while trasporting them if the party is not in the same location.
    6. Our premium Sturdy serving pithcers or carafes can hold up to 35 oz and are really crystal clear, they enhance any drink that's in them.

    There you have it, a mini party setup in no time, giving you that upscale and fancy party look. Here's what you gain, quick setup time, hassle free, don't worry if the guys get loud and stuff fall in the floor, they won't crack and if they do don't worry it's disposable and last but not least the cleanup will take you no time and anyone can help you just throwing them into the trash can.

    Serving Strawberries in Premium Plastic Trifle Bowls

    Super Bowl Bomber Glasses Serving snacks in PET party containers



    Here's another tip how to setup your Valentines Day Party with your loved one.

    How to create an upscale Candy Buffet party setup?

    So it's Monday and you have your son or daughters birthday party that they're so looking forward to this week. They have already called all their friends, relatives and close neighbors, wait a minute you think, what am I doing for setup and serving? I have got to do something special for this little one, something that everything will go home remembering it and one that he or she will also remember and be thankful for (don't expect very much appreciation for the little one, they love you anyway).

    Worry no more, we've got some amazing ideas to share with you, we'll start with our Candy Buffet setup, it's easy to do, fun to look at and kids and parents will love it too. All you need is a little bit of candy that can be purchased at the nearest Party City store some mini disposable partyware products, a fun tablecover and you're ready to start.


    So here we start with the products we used for this shot:

    As you can see, bu using these mini disposable partyware products we not only have given ourselves a bonus that everything looks so cute, we also now have a portion control feature since there's just so much that can go into these small products and we really don't want the kids to stuff their mouths with so much candy.

    Candy_buffet_setup_using_disposable_partywareIn this shot we've added some creativity, look at these adorable mini carafe - pitchers, you normally would associate them with wine or any other drink, by getting a bit more creative your can once again have a nice portion control and in a beautiful presentation. These carafes can be wrapped with ribbon or bows to add a party look and feel.

    Here you have it, setting up your next birthday party with premium upscale disposable partyware and creating the most perfect candy buffet display table. There are no dishes to wash here and no glass to be cracked or broken which is always a winning proposal.

    How would you setup your next fun party with disposable partyware? We want you to chime in. Send us a note or post a comment below.

    Starting the new year with a great goal!

    Good Friday to everyone.

    We're all just about done with our New Year's eve hangover and getting back to normal or at least trying to get back to normal, some of us have probably been hit by some snow and bad weather, we'll get out of it by the end of the weekend and get back to our daily routine and get back to work.

    Fineline Settings has witnessed an amazing year in the past 2013, with many successes and milestone achievements, we have successfully launched well over 50 new products and designs to our already extensive line of amazing upscale products, with your help and support we have been able to achieve an amazing goal that has been almost a dream for us when we started the year of 2013, yet we pushed and worked hard, tireless amount of hours and with everyone's amazing support we have achieved a great goal and it has been a great support for us.

    Looking ahead at 2014 we can now say that we are determined more than ever to make this year hit another great milestone for us, we are already in the production stages of some of our new products that we have in plan to launch this year, more services and shipping schedules all with you, our amazing customer in our minds all the time.

    When we think of a developing new product, it's not because our lives are boring and were looking for some action, a new product means you asked for it, you gave us the ideas and we went to work, researching the consumer effects and how the best usage of this product would be, with many testing and meetings and testing again we then are able to bring you the new product. New products, as in, a new plate design or shape, are not just someone's idea, they are created with the consumer in mind and only after a massive amount of research in retail stores and after asking hard questions of consumer needs, only then do we feel comfortable to bring you a new product.

    This new year looks very promising in many ways and we are glad that you're with us on this amazing journey, so hold on tight because we're going for a ride, one that will see great services begin further improved, quality control being further tightened, customer service going another extra step to help you and overall an amazing product line to help you in your line of business, whether it is, catering, foodservice distribution, stadium catering, hospitality industry, party planning or an amazing mom or dad that's looking to make that perfect birthday party for their beloved child, we'll be behind you to support and supply you with your needs and make your buying experience an amazing one.

    This year we want to hear more from you and your opinion counts more than ever. Do you have a comment or a thought that you would like to share with us, we want to hear from you. Please contact us on the link below and let us know your thoughts.

    Have a Great Weekend everybody!

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    Best Wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year!

    As we welcome in these great Holidays, we would like to take a moment and reflect what we have been doing in the past year to enhance our services and our relationships with our customers and fans.

    Fineline Settings has always been at the very front line of the Premium Upscale Disposable Dinnerware products, with several manufacturing plants overseas and one of our largest facilities located in Upstate New York, we ship your products within 48 hours of order receipt. With many more great changes and additions to our services, Fineline Settings has with your help grown to be on of the largest manufacturers and Suppliers of Fine Disposable Catering supplies to the Foodservice, Catering and Hospitality Industries.

    We have introduced in the year 2013 well over 65 new items  to our already amazing product line, whether it was in the Platter Pleasers Catering line or in the Tiny Temptations Cocktail party line, we're always adding and improving based on the needs of our customers and the consumers of the industry.

    Our foodservice partners have been helping us all along to achieve this moment and continue to help us grow together with our customers and partners as well. Whether your at a ball game in the Yankee Stadium Box seats or you were at the Super Bowl, do you study at the University of Oklahoma or perhaps Party at the Venetien Hotel in Las Vegas, you'll be sure to find the Upscale products of Fineline Settings.

    Be sure to check back here and see our continues work to improve our products and services we continue to offer to our special customers and partners as yourself.

    Wishing you and your family a Happy and Healthy New Year!

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