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    What Fineline Has Been Up to All of 2021

    2021 has been an energetic year for the Fineline team! From product innovation to celebrations, we’re going to cover it all. Whilst it was a year full of hard work and constantly introducing new products, we had fun along the way.

    Once the new year started, the team hit the ground running and began brainstorming the best products we could implement into our collections for the year. With the world coming back to somewhat normal, we decided to put forth our focus on takeout products.

    Our 2021 timeline packed into one blog:


    Our first product launch of the year was the Compostable Square Bottom Bowls & Lids. We were confident our customers would love this new concept and who doesn’t love a bowl that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand while on-the-go?

    Bagasse Round Square Bottom Bowls By Fineline Settings


    Game changer! In April we implemented the Bagasse Cup Carrier Tray into our Conserveware collection. A product we knew would be successful because of it's use for every day takeout services. The lightweight, recyclable, and highly durable cup carrier tray was a launch we were excited to share with the public after popular demand. Not to mention, the Marketing team had a blast brainstorming and executing some high-quality photography!

    Compostable Cup Tray Holders by Fineline Settings


    Happy July 4th! What an incredible month this was. We held the annual July 4th party at Fineline Settings New York office with some tasty cuisine and raffle gifts for the team. This is one of our favorite celebrations because we go all out and take extended time to chat and eat with our colleagues.

    We laughed, we ate, and we won raffle prizes!

    Fineline Settings Employee Summer BBQ Party

    Fineline Settings Company Party in the SummerFineline Settings Company Party in the Summer

    Ah, August. The end-ish to summer weather and the beginning to fall, when people order takeout/delivery from the comfort of their home. We added a variety of heavyweight polypropylene individually wrapped cutlery options to our Reform Collection. After popular demand for many of our other cutlery options, we knew adding these new items into our product collection would be a big hit!

    Polypropylene Individually Wrapped Cutlery


    September was a very busy month because we were preparing for office closure to celebrate Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot! 

    One of our favorite launches was the juice bottles! A different but smart approach to focus on the sector of healthy lifestyles. Available in 12 & 16 oz sizes, the square shaped bottles are a new product we are very proud of launching. We conducted market based research to determine the uniqueness of this product compared to others and then....a photoshoot! The tamper-event bottle caps (available in green, white, and black) are also a major advancement for our collection.

    Slim Modern Style Square PETE Juice Drink Bottles


    October! Back in office and ready to serve our customers as well as release some new innovative products. We welcomed the Microwavable Polypropylene 50 Oz Round Bowl & Round Bowl Insert. We had fun with this photoshoot and were looking forward to announcing this welcomed addition to the Reform Collection.

    Halloween rolled around and we participated in an office wide pot-luck. Some of us dressed up as a team whilst others chose to be themselves – the best costume! The team started with breakfast and ended with dessert so everyone was in a food coma by the end of the day. Celebrations at Fineline are very important to us because we come together and take a break from our busy schedules.

    50 oz. Polypropylene Microwaveable salad and side dish container with insert

    Halloween Party at Fineline Settings


    Thanksgiving! We expressed our gratitude and ordered lunch for the office employees. Everyone gathered for a bit to discuss our upcoming Thanksgiving plans and we enjoyed a few slices of pizza together prior to the office closure.

    Thanksgiving party at Fineline Settings


    December has been a month filled with a ton of new projects and planning for our annual Secret Buddy party!

    From breakfast, to catered lunch and dessert, we enjoyed it all while exchanging gifts. This is one of our favorite events that we participate in because we get to take some time off to regroup and connect with each other after a busy year, not to mention, who doesn't love gift exchanges and delicious food?

    Year end company party and gifting with the Fineline Settings Team

    Year end company party and gifting with the Fineline Settings TeamYear end company party and gifting with the Fineline Settings Team

    2021 was a whirlwind of projects, product launches, and company events that we enjoyed throughout the process. It was a busy year for us, and we cannot wait to see what 2022 has in store for our company and customers!

    Resolution reboot



    2019 New Year resolutions are opportunities of change and times of thanksgiving. But a few weeks into the 2019 do you find yourself sluggish, discouraged, or maybe even baffled about your transformation or the lack of transformation. Sometimes after a couple of weeks trying to incorporate my New Year’s resolution I get confused why I am not as successful as I had anticipated.

    Typical resolutions involve changing a habit, refreshing an appearance, or reviving concept. Have you ever heard the saying “old habits die hard”. Well it doesn’t have to ring true for you. Sometimes motivation and incentive to keep a resolution is as simple as a change in appearance or improved packaging of product. Old habits may die hard but I am finding when I ask for help with my resolution – I am much more successful.

    Don’t let your fresh appearance or new product/habit fail or limp along: let Fineline help you continue 2019 with a successful resolution. Fineline product line is the kind of help that keeps inspiration and transformation fresh. 

    In fact, Fineline Settings has been busy working to help you reboot your resolution by launching a new improved website. We listened to our customers and have changed our website to better align with your needs.

    We are making new items easier to find by showcasing them on the landing page. The items are categorized by product AND for those purists who are looking for continuity of appearance we kept the ability to search by collection. More pictures, detailed descriptions and straightforward ordering were some of the principal changes considered for the new website.

    Fineline Settings is dedicated to help you be more efficient and effective by streamlining our processes to match the accuracy and urgency you need. As in typical Fineline fashion, we strive to help you celebrate in style.

    A Toast To A Fine Year with Fineline Cheer


    and 2017 will be behind us and a New Year of promise, hope, and positivity will begin! But, let's not get ahead of ourselves. Let's enjoy our New Year's Eve with fervor and fashion!

    Whether your New Year’s Eve is a glamorous bash, or a casual night on the couch with your closest friends, there's no need to let holiday clean up take away from your day. With the biggest countdown of the year coming, and a night of celebration ahead, leave the after dinner mess in the past thanks to Fineline disposable plates, trays, and more!

    And when it's time to raise our glasses, let our beautiful selection of Stemware add both elegance and ease to your eve! Whether it be a Moscato, Cabernet, or a dry Champagne, we have a few stemware options that will leave you hard-pressed to believe they are disposable plastic.

    If you're going for something modern and sleek, our new Crisp Stemware has both a Champagne Flute, and a Wine Glass that will accentuate your favorite bubbly drinks!

    If you're looking for a more traditional style, our timeless Flairware Champagne Flutes have several beautiful options that will give you the feeling you are back in time, standing in a glamorous ballroom of the 1920s.

    Finally, if you want something a bit more whimsical and fun, then our Tiny Temptations Stemware is an elegant miniature that will leave a big impression on your guests. But, no matter which stemware strikes your fancy, rest assured that they are all completely disposable! After all... after dinner dishwashing is soooooo two-thousand and LAME!

    And now that we've got your flute, let's fill it! That's right, you didn't think we'd leave you hanging in these final hours without a few fun and great tasting drink recipes, did you? And so, without further ado, enjoy this week's...

    FLS New Year’s 2017 Top "Pin-It" List!

    And, just for an extra bit of fun, here are some of our very own takes on some of these recipe ideas in some of the flutes we mentioned earlier! You bet that all of us here at Fineline are toasting with you in spirit!

    Click the image below and it will take you to our FB page with the recipe! 

    blog image.jpg

     And as we come to the end of this blog almost as quickly as we come to the dwindling final moments of 2017, all of us here at Fineline Settings wish you a New Year full of incredibly wonderful things; and we will be right here with exciting new products, and a devoted team, that will exceed your every expectation and compliment your unique style! 

    Happy New Year's Everyone!

    Have A Happier Holiday With A Few Drinks And Fineline Settings!

    A Belated Happy Thanksgiving to you all, as our Fineline Family & Friends were also happily celebrating our belt-buckle-loosening holiday! We hope your food was comfy, your drinks merry, and the new memories you made with your families this year bright and indellible.

    Now that we’ve all (hopefully) recovered from our food comas, it’s time for the biggest holiday month of the year! No matter which wonderful holiday you celebrate, we wanted to share a few fun drink recipes we found on Pinterest to help make this season sensational and fun!

    From belly-warming ciders and cocoas, to sangrias and mixed drink so irresistable that they'll have your loved ones spending the night safe and cozy by the fireplace, we’ve got you covered. We’ve also got some Fineline drinkware that we think would look great paired with these drinks… because we’re always in the holiday spirit of giving! Take a look!


    The Peppermint Eggnog Milkshake is a cool concoction with a holiday flair that will look fantastic in our new Quenchers Pilsner Glass! Let your loved ones know how much you love them with this sweet treet that looks fabulous!


    For some pretty thirst-parchers to fill your holiday-ready Renaissance Stemless and Stemware, try the Apple Cinnamon Mimosa and Cranberry Apple Sangria! Both sweet, tangy and spicy, these drinks will be a hit in both style and flavor!


    Check out this tasty Chocolate Peppermint Milkshake that will have you feeling merry and will look adorable in one of our Flairware ware Margarita or Martini Glasses! Another sweet treat that is perfect for guests of all ages, chocolate and peppermint has never looked so fine!


    Those are just a few of the delicious drinks we found, and even fewer of the amazingly wide and stylish selection of our drinkware. From shotglasses, to Pilsners, Champagne Flutes, Ttumblers, and more, your festivities will be fantastic with Fineline Settings!

    The holiday season already has us feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, and we can’t wait to share in your family celebrations, and share our top of the line disposables that are pretty enough to decorate a holiday mantle! 

    For the rest of the recipes we found, check out our...

    2016 Holiday Drink Recipes Pinterest Board!




     Have a Happy Holiday Season, Friends!

    Make A Signature Statement That Will Mark Your Holiday Celebrations!

    As always, it seems as though the holidays creep up on us ever more quickly each year! With Halloween out the door and in-laws practically ringing our doorbells for Thanksgiving, needless to say, this year’s holidays are going to be a bit hectic! Hey, but that’s okay, because just like last year, and the year before that, Fineline is here to help make this season sophisticated and effortless!

    Signature Blu By Fineline Settings.jpg

    We’ve released quite a few new and intriguing products this 2016, all in preparation for now: for your biggest event season of the year, so that your holiday hosting is enjoyable and stress-free. Now, to help give your holiday table a stunning statement that will leave your guests breathless, we introduce…


    The Signature Blu Collection

    An elegant and illustrious new addition to your holiday party that embodies old-world grandeur, stunning detail, and modern convenience for your busy life-style! Take a look at just some of the holly jolly highlights of this classically couture collection!

    • Three Perfectly Portioned Sizes for every Holiday Dish!
    • Cobalt and Gold trim heightens an intimate dinner with family; or a holiday bash of 100!
    • With its Unique Color scheme and design, this collection will match both modern and classic stemware and flatware!
    • Our crisp white base married with foil blue trim and gold stamping creates a signature style reminiscent of fine Victorian dining!
    • Polystyrene durability is disguised with delicate fine details that look prestigious enough for your china cabinet!

    Fineline is here so that you never have to settle for less, and to assure that your signature standards are never compromised! We hope your holiday season is a spectacular one!


    -Let The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year Begin!

    Welcome New Year 2016 With an Excitement & Elegance!

    THE HOLIDAY SEASON IS NEARLY AT ITS EXCITING CLIMAX! Bells are still ringing and choirs are still singing as we ready for the nation's favorite ball to drop! With trees still lit, and the presents all unwrapped, the family is together and the night which welcomes the New Year has arrived! That means it’s time to celebrate!


    The biggest bash of the year has arrived, and with noise makers, party hats and champagne at the ready, 2016 is promising to be the best year yet! Knowing that your favorite festive convives will be ready for a celebration to shake the nation, let Fineline Settings give you a helping hand in your event preperations!

    Cozy up with family and friends for feasts and follies that will forever play in your memories for years to come! Spend your special time out of the cold kitchen and dirty dishwashing gloves, and spend it with the people that make your holidays happy- a glass of champagne doesn't hurt, either. Or two... or three.

    Any of our Fineline Dinner Disposable are the perfect complement to any seasonal setting that a haute hostess could imagine! No matter your menu and regardless of scale, you’ll know that you can serve your family and friends without having to start your 2016 off elbow-deep in the kitchen sink.

    Fineline has always made it our unyielding goal, year after year, to ensure that you never miss a special moment with your very special people. We’ve prided ourselves, through every New Year, in our unyeilding guarantee that when you entertain with our product line, your event will be elegant and effortless!

    Cuddle up with the ones you love and start putting together your last minute festivity plans, take a look at the New Year’s 2016 pins we’ve comprised, and maybe you’ll find a new tradition that you don’t know how you’ve lived without!

    Get festive with our…


    FLS New Year 2016 Top “Pin-It” List!


    It’s our last post of the year, and it has been 365 days of amazing and exciting things that we’ve been so happy to share with all of you! 2015 has been chock-full of fabulous innovations!

    With the release of Solid Squares, Super Sips, Gold Cutlery, and our Stemless- just to name a few, we’ve loved seeing the amazing events you’ve arranged with our product lines!

    We’ve had the chance to share and grow with you, through the awesome tradeshows we've attended together, and our All-Star Sales and Customer Service team have loved every minute that we had to demonstrate and describe the countless ways that our collections can complement your unique hosting style!

    As always, we want to have all of your bases covered to help make your celebration as easy as it will be stylish! Since we’re always here as your number one assistant, we’ve created our very own guide to help you pick the tablescape style that best suits you!

    Feel free to keep this little reference in your back pocket for every event, because no matter what style fits your tastes best, Fineline has a collection line to fit you!


    Now that we have a fresh New Year to celebrate every day with you, we can’t even being to articulate the excitement we feel for all of the new treasures we have in store! We wish you the happiest of New Years, and may your 2016 be full of health, love, excitement and joy!

    We can’t wait to celebrate every special moment with you at your table, and we look forward to many more New Year’sto come!


    Have a Happy & Safe New Year’s 2016!

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