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    Enjoy Back To School Season A Little More With these Food Containers

    As a once and a lifetime eclipse passes, so do the last days of summer; and that means... School is in session!

    So it’s time for the grown-ups to take some time to get sassy and stylish with a nice dinner party or brunch; and what better way to celebrate than with the effortless elegance of Fineline Settings dinnerware?

    While the kids are learning away, it is time for you and your fellow parent friends to take some well-deserved leisure time. Have a drink (or two) in one of our Margarita or Hurricane Glasses!

    Whether your the Soccer or PTA parent, our line of disposable dinnerware  and food containers are perfect for school FUNctions and events! With serving bowls and trays, PET dessert cups, plates of all shapes and sizes, and more... you'll be perfectly equipped to entertain your academic audiences no matter the occasion! Bring on that post-celebratory football dinner buffet after a hard-won victory! Or bring pre-made healthy snacks and parfaits for after the baseball game in our super easy Super Sips PET Dessert Cups!

    Treat your little troopers to a frozen treat in one of PET Cups after their first tough day back at the grind! No matter you post summer plans are, our exceptional selection of Cutlery, Drinkware, and Dinnerware can fit into your family feasts!

    With the weather beginning to turn and the days growing shorter, get in all of your last minute outdoor festivities without having to worry about heavy, fragile glassware or hours of impending dishwashing! With all of the school supplies on your list, let us take a load off of your plate with our newest selection of:



    We hope your summer has been amazing, as we have enjoyed spending it with you! Here is to many more and a fall that will be FABULOUS!

    Need info or pricing?

    Smart, Sassy... And Perfect For Summer Celebrations!

    It’s that time of year when the weather might be cloying but you can keep cool with some of these flavorful fun beverages! From slushes, to smoothies, sangria- and pints, we’ve got a stylish drink-ware option to fit your every need! Why struggle and stress about the potential disasters brought about by transporting and serving in traditional glassware, when there is an alternative that combines all the elegance and beauty of glass with the efficiency, durability, and convenience of disposable stemware?

    From cocktail-size, to a 35 oz Carafe, we’ve got the coolest collections for your summer get-together; and all with the modern convenience of completely recyclable Polystyrene, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, and more!

    Drinkware party style.jpg

    Check out these enticing options, and check off one less task on your to-do list:

    Ice buckets


    Shot glasses

    Champagne flutes

    Mini margarita glasses

    Cocktail shakers


    … And more!

    With all these choices, it’s just another reason to look forward to a warm summer day! And because we know you’re already riding the waves of a fast-paced summer, we wanted to make your day a bit easier by introducing you to a few fantastic drink recipes to cool your hot summer daze! With kid-friendly and adults-only recipes, we’ve pined and pinned board of drink ideas perfect for every palette!

    Enjoy an extensive array of salivating summer spritzers to be used in our drinking cups on our…


    With the sunshine bright and pool totally cool, add a bit of ease to the rest of your summer celebrations with any one of our Fineline selections! We hope the rest of your summer is sensational! And we’ll be here every step of the way!

    Need info or pricing?

    Happy Independence Day from Fineline Settings!


    Have a star-spangled weekend with a suave selection of PET bowls, white and blue plates, and more!

    It is time to remember and revere the day when our country won its independence and freedom to love, live and enjoy life in each of our unique ways! What an awesome thing to celebrate, right? We, as always, wish to thank those who have served to preserve the freedoms we so cherish, and those who continue to do so at this very moment. You and your families are heroes!


    As most of us will be enjoying some sun, sparklers and fireworks in the great outdoors, why bother with the hassle of lugging heavy, fragile serving bowls and dinnerware back and forth when you can enjoy the mess-free convenience of our disposable Super Bowl + Square Serving Bowls?

    Easy to stack-and-store, durably pliable, and on the cutting edge of style, your salads, side-dishes and snacks will look great for the day! And when you're done, just toss them away! In medium, large and XL sizes, now your can celebrate in every size!


    Add a dash of white and blue to your holiday weekend with our elegant Signature Blu collection of plates and bowls! With cobalt foil and gold stamping intricately detailed along its rim, your courses will stay classy from Beef Bourguignon to barbecued ribs!

    Enjoy the fireworks with a cold brew of your choosing in our Pilsner or Hurricane Glasses from our Quenchers collection; which are as stunning in appearance as real glass! And with the durability and ease of disposable plastic, you can enjoy your sipping and sparklers without the frustration and inconvenience of traditional glassware! From pints to Piña colada, enjoy this special day of recognition and appreciation without needing to clutter your to-do list with 'clean-up'!

    We wish you all a very safe and happy Holiday weekend, and we’re always honored to be a part of your celebrations!


    Happy 4th of July, Friends!!!


    Let Fineline Settings Make Your Super Bowl A She-Bang!

    While the Nation is settling into our usual routines and excitedly waiting for spring to come, there is one great American tradition that is nearly upon us; a tradition which unites us with a little friendly competition. We’re talking, of course, about SUPER BOWL 2017, everyone! In just a few days the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons will take the field while families all over the country tune in to watch what promises to be a great game of Football!

    ReForm PP Trays SuperBowl.jpg

    With the onslaught of fans that will soon be crowded into your living room in a rancorous and lively hurricane, wouldn’t it be nice to have a bit of help that you can depend on in the prepping department?

    Wouldn’t it be a blast to have an all-star line-up that, without fail, will make you the champion to your friends and family? Well, day-dream no longer, because there’s one other guest you can invite to your Super Bowl Party so that you can forget about breakage and dirty dishes. We’re talking about us, your friendly Fineline Settings serving ware!

    Sure, our name might be Fineline Settings, but that doesn’t mean that our products won’t play hard for you! From our ever-expanding Super Bowls, Super Sips, Platter Pleasers and Savvi Serve collections, your game plan will go off without a hitch!

    With our durable, dependable serve ware, you’ll never have to worry about a Field Goal resulting in a Fumble of broken glass all over the carpet! With so many sizes and styles to choose from, you’ll be a winner no matter what snacks and treats you choose to serve!

    Thanks to tight-fitting lids, even if the party isn’t in your living room, you’ll have a transport-ready arsenal of reliable and fashionable disposables that will keep cool and collected, even if your Falcon-Clad brother and your Patriot-Partying uncle can’t keep from butting heads!


    When the game is over, no matter which team comes out with the trophy, you can help everyone toast with our new Quencher’s Barware, and celebrate the wonderful people you’ve got on your team- without having to worry about broken glass or annoying after-party cleanup.

    We hope that your 2017 is treating you well so far. We here at Fineline are excited to serve your every need this year, and continue to expand and elevate your standards in Disposable Dinnerware!


    Have A Happier Holiday With A Few Drinks And Fineline Settings!

    A Belated Happy Thanksgiving to you all, as our Fineline Family & Friends were also happily celebrating our belt-buckle-loosening holiday! We hope your food was comfy, your drinks merry, and the new memories you made with your families this year bright and indellible.

    Now that we’ve all (hopefully) recovered from our food comas, it’s time for the biggest holiday month of the year! No matter which wonderful holiday you celebrate, we wanted to share a few fun drink recipes we found on Pinterest to help make this season sensational and fun!

    From belly-warming ciders and cocoas, to sangrias and mixed drink so irresistable that they'll have your loved ones spending the night safe and cozy by the fireplace, we’ve got you covered. We’ve also got some Fineline drinkware that we think would look great paired with these drinks… because we’re always in the holiday spirit of giving! Take a look!


    The Peppermint Eggnog Milkshake is a cool concoction with a holiday flair that will look fantastic in our new Quenchers Pilsner Glass! Let your loved ones know how much you love them with this sweet treet that looks fabulous!


    For some pretty thirst-parchers to fill your holiday-ready Renaissance Stemless and Stemware, try the Apple Cinnamon Mimosa and Cranberry Apple Sangria! Both sweet, tangy and spicy, these drinks will be a hit in both style and flavor!


    Check out this tasty Chocolate Peppermint Milkshake that will have you feeling merry and will look adorable in one of our Flairware ware Margarita or Martini Glasses! Another sweet treat that is perfect for guests of all ages, chocolate and peppermint has never looked so fine!


    Those are just a few of the delicious drinks we found, and even fewer of the amazingly wide and stylish selection of our drinkware. From shotglasses, to Pilsners, Champagne Flutes, Ttumblers, and more, your festivities will be fantastic with Fineline Settings!

    The holiday season already has us feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, and we can’t wait to share in your family celebrations, and share our top of the line disposables that are pretty enough to decorate a holiday mantle! 

    For the rest of the recipes we found, check out our...

    2016 Holiday Drink Recipes Pinterest Board!




     Have a Happy Holiday Season, Friends!

    Let us say THANKS to those who have protected and served!

    IT'S ONE OF OUR FAVORITE AND REVERED NATIONAL HOLIDAY WEEKENDS. A time when we honor those who are, and have, served in defending our freedom and liberty. It is a time when we remember and say THANK YOU to those who have protected our country and the those who live within it.  A time to celebrate their triumphs and honor the sacrifices that they and their families have made.

    Memorial Day is the perfect way to start off an already promising summer, and FINELINE SETTINGS is here to help make your outdoor or indoor festivities fun, fashionable, and easy! That way, you can spend your precious moments with those you love most, and not washing dishes!


    Share a nice cold beer with your special veteran, and now with our SUPER SIPS PET CUPS, you'll never have to worry about the fragility of glass for your outdoor event again!

    Whether it be beers, sodas, smoothies, and even desserts, Super Sips has the perfect cup and matching lid to help keep you cool and casual! No matter what Fineline collection you enlist for your dinner service, our products will stand up to whatever you can dish out. 

    If lunchtime compliments are what you desire, then fill one of our SUPER BOWLS with your salad, chips, pretzels, fruits and anything else you can think of! With SEVEN sizes to choose from, and both a flat and dome PET lid to match, you'll never be short-served!

    Most excited, perhaps, in this line up of legendary dinnerware, add a splash of patriotic color with our new COBALT SQUARE SPLENDOR PLATES! That's right, now your favorite line of appetizer, dessert, and dinner plates are in a fashionable, reflective blue!


    With the table setting in your back pocket, and so that you can focus on your favorite veteran(s), we've comprised a list of some excellent and easy recipes for your summer bash!We're talking, ofcourse, about this week's...

    FLS Top Memorial Day 2016 “Pin-It” List!


    All of us here at Fineline wish to show our deepest appreciation and respect for our Armed Forces. You are all heroes, and we celebrate all that you and your families have accomplished.

     With the upmost respect, we wish everyone…



    Spring Celebrations with Stylish Connotations!


    April is an infamous event month! With Passover, weddings, anniversaries and outdoor celebrations galore, it’s the time of love and laughter as the cool weather (hopefully) begins to surrender to the warmth of spring! So keep your loved ones tucked close and rejoice this holiday season!


    Whether you plan on hosting an outdoor haute couture, or a gilded ballroom gala- or even just an intimate dinner party with your closest family and friends… your table setting and dinner service will make or break the event!

    Even with that in mind, don’t stress, because Fineline Settings has the setting for you, regardless of whether your shindig is under the moonlight or a chandelier!

    Your event is unique and distinctive, and with that in mind, Fineline prides ourselves in supplying you with dining disposables that are both striking and complimentary to your particular tastes.

    This 2016, take special note of our new Renaissance Stemless Goblets & Flutes. We’ve upgraded your cocktail hour with sleek, modern style. Doting our renowned PET clarity, and the unshakable durability of disposable plastic, your event will be both elegant and effortless!

    No matter your tastes, our stemware will lend its loveliness to any one of our contemporary or classic collections of plates and bowls.

    From the stunning, old-fashioned elegance of our new Heritage Collection, to the striking Cobalt, Silver, or Gold finished Square Splendors, your tablescape will highlight your menu and celebrate all that is uniquely you!

    Not to mention, our exclusive and well-loved Golden cutlery are now available in Retail Bags, and Rolled Napkin Fork, Knife, and Spoon opportunities!


    We hope that your spring 2016 has been full of laughter, love, and fun! Fineline can’t wait to follow you through your fashionable table setting adventure, and we’ll always be here to lend a helping hand!

    Set Your Table with Love & Fineline Settings this Valentines Day!

    Roses are red

    Violets are blue

    No matter your table,

    Fineline has the setting for you!


    … See, even we’re in the spirit!



    Grab your sweethearts, Valentine’s Day is on its way! Whether you plan on hosting a big bash, or a table for two, our products will highlight the romance of any event that you have in store!

    Serve your special someone with the confidence of Fineline fashion, and the ease of each and every product being fully recyclable or disposable!

    Whether you’re serving with our Silver Secrets Utensils, dining on one of our new Solid Square Dinner Plates, or dabbing the corners of your mouth with our Linen-like Rolled Napkin and Cutlery Combo, our products will have your bases covered so you can focus on those you love without the worry of dirty dishes!

    If you're looking for some inspiration, then take a look at a few of our favorite V-Day collections.

    • FLAIRWARE is our most romantic and classic collection. With its soft edges and flaired design, no matter whether your dining from a plate or toasting champagne in a flute, this collection will highten the occassion and delight your special someone!


    • GOLDEN SECRETS is, without a doubt, our most luxurious cutlery innovation to date. With its glinting, spotless finish, your sweetheart will be mesmerized by the lengths you've gone to make their day so magical!


    • TINY TEMPTATIONS is the perfect partner to a light affair. Sweet and savory dishes of all kinds will shine when served on any of these unique and beautifully designed trays, bowls, barware, or utensils! Whether its strawberries or shrimp cocktail, our tinies will leave your hearts feeling full!


    Now that you've got a little table inspiration to start you on your journey down lover's lane, let's take a moment to talk about what you're going to serve on our plate to your special someone!

    If you’re looking for some romantic menu ideas to make this Valentine’s Day extra special, then look no further, we’ve collected an array of delicious and delightful recipe ideas to help bolster your romantic repertoire! 

    We hope your February 14th, will be full of love, health, and happiness! No matter who we are fortunate enough to share it with, we can never forget to let those who mean the most to us, know just how much we love them!


    Happy Valentine’s Days, from our family, to yours!

    Come See Us For The Annual Catersource 2016 Tradeshow!


    That’s right, on March 13TH through March 16th, our FINELINE team will be ready and waiting to hang out with all of you at our booth #1006, and show off some of our 2016 favorites to help you plan out your next event tablescape!

    Hosted at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, this year’s event is sure to be one full of magic and excitement!

    With numerous seminars, shows, contests- and more, Fineline will be learning right alongside of you! When you stop by our booth (#1006), you’ll be able to get up-close-and-personal with some of our newest products on the tradeshow floor! Below is just some of what we’ll have for you to see this year!


    • SOLID SQUARES: Our newest collection of 7 NEW Plates and Bowls, all available in 3 stylish colors to compliment you 2016 events!


    • GOLD CUTLERY (RETAIL): Our esteemed and exclusive golden cutlery is now in retail sizes! That’s right, no matter how big or small, our flawlessly gold-finished forks, knives, and spoons will elevate your tablescape!


    • GOLD CUTLERY UTENSILS: If you’ve wanted get a little gold with your serving utensils, wait no more! Get ready for our Golden Secrets Serving Utensil line! With three utensil options, your courses are covered… and gilded!


    • STEMLESS: The newest standard in sipping style, our durable and crystal clear stemless goblets and flutes are sure to be a highlight at this year’s event! You’ll be amazed at the smooth quality of the tapered rim, to ensure your wines and champagnes are savored seamlessly!

    We hope you enjoy your time at Catersource as much as we will! Getting the chance to talk about our products with you, and listen to your feedback, is the highlight of our year! To us, we can’t think of any better way to start of 2016 than to spend it with you!

                FINELINE SETTINGS can’t wait to see you there, and we wish you safe and enjoyable travels from wherever you are arriving from, and that this year’s Catersource will be as unforgettable for you, as it will be for us!


    Can’t wait to see you in Vegas!

    What Shape Says About Your Tablescape!

    FIneline always wants to make sure we actively help you navigate the, at times, overwhelming world of dinnerware. One of the most impactful decisions you can make on your table setting is, perhaps, the most obvious…

    We’re talking about your plate style! The medium upon which every meal is presented is more than just the serving apparatus. A plate can change the entire look of a tablescape, and it can also make your meal all the more impressive!

    That being said, there are a few things to consider, but most importantly, the shape of your plate. Every silhouette says something unique and distinctive about your event, so it is very important that you carefully consider what you want your favorite shape to say about you!

     We’ve worked hard to bring you a detailed but straight-forward collection of information to help you decide what shape fits your best! Let's take a peak below, and get to know the function- and fashion, of form!


    It's a very simple concept, but as you can see, it can make a huge difference on the desired effect of your event! However, the most important thing to remember: is that all shapes are beautiful, and no matter your preference, FIneline has an expansive selection for you to choose from!

    We hope your weeks SHAPES up to be awesome!

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