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    Happy Memorial Day from the Fineline disposable plastic team

    May 25, 2012 1:28:00 PM Sol Kornfeld disposable tableware, party disposables, disposable dishes, Memorial Day

    Happy Memorial Day from Fineline Settings
    Hi everyone,

    I hope your'e having a great time in preparing your weekend vacation and days off from work. We will be closed in honor of Memorial Day and enjoying our time off with friends and family outdoors and indoors.

    With a time like this it's so easy to enjoy yourself, just go outside heat up your grill and chill! We have worked very hard in order for to have a great and enjoyable party time, our disposable dinnerware is just the perfect fit with any party for that matter, whether indoors or outdoors, upscale or just family time. Never think of washing all those plates, flatware or cups and glasses, we have the perfect selection of everything party!

    Our Renaissance plates and bowl collection is just a superb choice for chic and unique, it's perfectly soft edges give that very modern look to your settings, wanna go further? How about our Wavetrends wavy plates, they're square with a twist or the Savvi Serve collection of plates, bowls and Tumblers that can be used for any occassion.

    Now you gotto think of the drinks as well, we've got you covered with Shakers and Shooters and all colorfull neon tumblers as well, if your'e going for the champagne or wine rather, boy do we have some great wine and champagne stemware collection, each with it's own unique design and shape. No one will ever know on the first glance that they're not glass, no, they're not glass just disposable plasticware.


    So the choice is really clear, this party will be so much better with no mess to clean up just time with your family and friends will be so much more enjoyable with our beautiful dispoable dinnerware and plasticware collection.

    Cheers to a great party and enjoy your Memorial Day!

    Sol Kornfeld

    Written by Sol Kornfeld

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