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    Custom Printing - aka, Enhancing Your Company's Branding

    A little while ago we gave you an insider’s glance at how our sample requests are processed. Since it is part of our on-going mission statement not only to provide you with the highest quality products, but also to relate and bond with you as a company that has become a family, we thought we’d take you inside another highly integral aspect of our commitment to excellence… our Print Production.

    Here at Fineline, we offer printed options for dozens of products we sell. If a customer is looking to spice up an event or brand themselves, we can print graphics in an array of colors and sizes onto their requested product! Sometimes, we can even print multi-colored logos, or on multiple sides!

    We take a great deal of pride in this service, as it gives a personal, hand-crafted touch to a customer’s event! Just as before, let us show you some of the hard-work that goes into a printed order here at Fineline Settings!

    DSC_2560_urlogohere v2-1

    As printing requires a special eye for detail, our Print Production Specialist is thoroughly trained in every aspect of the position, especially because a print job’s most important step is not the actual printing, itself. A print job officially begins with ink mixing. The inks that we use are food safe, and we thin them with a, well… thinning compound. We do this to find the ideal viscosity of the ink to assure it prints clearly and accurately on the surface of the product we intend to print on. Every job is different, and some products or logos require an ink consistency like honey, while others may require a thinned viscosity much like coffee creamer. Sorry for the weird analogy… but I guess it’s close to lunch time for me, and I’m hungry after all of this printing!

    Once we are satisfied with the consistency, we pour the ink into our inkwell, which is lined with a ceramic ring that helps spread the ink evenly over the logo plate.

    This is what we call the printing plate. It is gently but securely screwed to a metal base, and once we are sure there are no imperfections or dirt, we attach the inkwell carefully to the plate. This step is very important, as the metal base is magnetic, and if the plate is not attached to the inkwell with a quick flick of the wrist, it can cause the inkwell to jump and spill ink everywhere! Yes… this has happened to me, and our Print Production Specialist… and nothing ruins a nice pair of shoes… or a shirt… or pants… or your mood- like spilling bright red ink all over everything.


    Once we have successfully avoided the above-mentioned mess, we bring the plate and inkwell to the actual print machine, and we slip the metal base onto the track, lock the inkwell into position, and attached the printing pad, and then we’re ready to start!

    … Just kidding.

    This squishy blue thing is our printing pad. Just like with ink viscosity, each print job requires a specific pad. It is a soft, rubbery material that picks up the ink from the plate and then transfers it to the product.

    Now that we have set the machine up, now it’s time to test… and test… until we get the perfect print. From here we adjust the alignment of the machine, assure the air pressure which the machine functions on is regulated, and fiddle and fiddle until we are satisfied and getting a consistently ideal result. Some jobs are easier than others… while some can be… challenging. Regardless, we always get it done, whether it be ten cases… or two hundred cases!



    Every item is printed, packed and labelled by loving hands. Yes, sure, it takes time… but patience is a virtue and exceptional quality is kind of our thing.

    Perhaps the second most important step of a print day… is after we’re done printing. We set aside at least 30 minutes so that we can adequately clean up and get ready for the next day (as one print job often takes multiple days to complete). Our Print Production Specialist takes special care to clean every inch of the plate, the base, and the inkwell. Each piece must be cleaned thoroughly, as even a drop of dried ink (especially between the logo plate and the metal base) could cause irrevocable damage! We make sure that by the end of the day that all pieces are set safely away, and the machine and air compressor is shut off! All the while, looking forward to the next morning when we get to do it all again, refreshed, invigorated and excited to complete our jobs on schedule!

    If you’re not just entertained by this insider sneak-peak, but also interested in how YOU can upgrade your events with a personalized printed item of your very own, then click the link below and one of our amazing printing experts will get in touch with you and help guide you through this process!

    Find a Sales Rep In Your Area

    Thanks again for taking the time to join us on this little adventure, and we hope it helps you better understand the love and care that goes into every order we receive, from samples, to stock orders, and specially printed products! We hope you have the best day, and a wonderful holiday!

    Spring Tablescape

    Spring is finally here and with Easter and Mother’s Day coming up in the next few months, I’ve partnered up with Fineline Settings to create an easy tablescape that will work for both occasions!  Their disposable partyware and flatware are not only great quality, but also affordable.  What’s also exciting is that you can request samples so you can make sure their products are right for your gathering.  Now that is piece of mind when you are planning the perfect party!

    My tablescape is inspired by the beauty, colors, and warmth of spring.  All shades of pink, coral, and peach are a trendy combination this year.  This palette invites feelings of joy, sunny days, and fun into any work of art whether its related to food, crafts, or party planning. 

    Spring Table Settings

    I started with a pastel yellow tablecloth to create a soft spring mood.  Then, I added a garden variety of flowers that come in different shades of pink, coral, and peach for the centerpiece.  I removed the larger flower heads from the stems and laid them side by side to create a faux garland in the center of the table.  Then I layered in smaller flowers like roses to create more texture. 

    From the Fineline Settings website, I chose the Round Foil Trim Plates Combo in bone/gold. I really like that it comes with a 10” dinner plate and a matching 7” appetizer plate that can be layered on top of each other.  I also chose the clear 10 oz Flairware bowls to place on top of the appetizer plates which will be great for a soup or salad.  For utensils, I used the Heavyweight Cutlery Combo in gold that comes in a convenient bag of forks, knives and spoons.  I love how they look like real utensils but they are disposable.  They also match the gold trim around the plates and gold makes everything look a little fancier!  For the drinkware, I chose the 8 oz 1 Piece Wine Goblet and the 6 oz 2 Piece Wine Goblet in clear since they match beautifully together and also tie in with the 10 oz bowl.  For the finishing touch, I folded a cloth-like napkin into a rose and placed it in the clear bowl to continue the floral design from the centerpiece to the plates. 

    Spring table setting using Fineline Settings product line

    This styled tablescape will be sure to bring in the spring sunshine to a lovely Easter brunch or make any mama feel special during Mother’s Day!  It’s simple touches like this that turn moments into memories. Make your celebrations even more memorable by serving it on elegant partyware.  Happy spring!

    Casual, Clean & Compostable - CPLA Cutlery

    You trust in earth friendly products – You live a conscious lifestyle – You believe in sustainability - You want to be environmentally responsible - You have made the decision to convert to Fineline’s Conserveware sugar cane fiber packaging – BUT what about the cutlery? Look no further, Fineline Settings is now providing you the ability to offer compostable food packaging, tableware AND now cutlery.  Fineline Settings can offer you an end-to-end environmentally friendly food service packaging solution along with matching CPLA (crystalized PLA) compostable cutlery.

    CPLA Posts11

    Have you ever found yourself confused by environmentally friendly “words”? What do the words mean exactly or what is the difference between words. For example, biodegradable, compostable, renewable and reusable. Well, Fineline is working all angles to help educate you while also providing a broad selection of disposable items to suit every food packaging need.  It is our goal to provide you the right environmentally sound packaging solution in an operationally superior setting; while providing elegant design and array of material choices to suit your take out needs.

    With more and more consumers understanding the benefits of composting, we are following that lead by introducing a functional, elegant, and compostable line of cutlery. Our latest product launch of CPLA compostable cutlery comes front and center in the environmental movement and helps tell the story of our earth friendly Conserveware product line. CPLA compostable cutlery is BPI certified versus the plant based biodegradable options that combine multiple materials leaving questions to their ability to compost in a reasonable amount of time.  


    Forks, Knives, and Spoons are one of the final components to insuring your take-out program is in compliance with most municipal composting ordinances. Gone are the days of weak and flimsy compostable cutlery that can’t stand up. Our new disposable, durable, and compostable line of cutlery comes in black or white.  Fineline’s new Conserveware cutlery is also available in labor saving pre-rolled kits, F/K/S kits and bulk. Fineline takes composting program guidelines very seriously.  We proudly and prominently display the compostable notation on the handle of all our Conserveware cutlery.  

    Now, in case you are like me and get confused by all the earth friendly terminology; here are some helpful hints about what we provide.

    Compostable material is considered the more earth friendly materiel because it eventually turns into nutrient-rich substance for the soil in proper composting facilities.  Products must have BPI certification to be included in this class of products.  Products also must be handled in a compost certified facility.

    CPLA products can be recycled or composted in commercial composting sites with 90% complete breakdown in 90 days and CPLA cutlery is BPI certified. 

    Recycling is the process of converting waste material into reusable objects. This process helps cut down on greenhouse gas emissions, potential waste of useful material and air/water pollution among many other community friendly advantages.  Using 99% post- consumer recycled content can be found as the basis material for Fineline’s ReForm collection.

    Sustainability is the notion of living a socially aware lifestyle. This includes considering our ecosystem and natural resources as equally valuable for future generations to enjoy.


    Fineline is committed to insuring you have the most innovative, earth-friendly option packaging options to insure your that your food presentation is a hit!

    As always remember Fineline is here to help you Celebrate with Style. Show us how you use compostable Conserveware in your daily lifestyle. Tweet, tag, or link to us at Fineline Settings.

    Catersource 2019, here we come!

    Catering to Catersource New Orleans 2019








    Certain times of the year Fineline Settings supports different industry venues to showcase packaging products and disposable table settings. As a manufacturer of all things catering, packaging, tableware, and cutlery, we work to highlight and celebrate YOUR style.

    February 24-27, Fineline Settings will be at Catersource New Orleans 2019 kicking off Mardi Gras in style with a look at how we can help bring a little extra energy to your sales. Come to our booth and look for the colorful Quenchers line of products to fit your Mardi Gras themed event. In fact, we have cater trays for those King Cakes and lids to accommodate the baby and beads for easy transportation. OR get really fancy and make “Personal” King Cakes and package in our tiny domes or tiny trays & lids (you know for the teeny tiny baby and the itty bitty beads 😊).

    Be on the LOOKOUT – We will be displaying our new sturdy paper straws for any beverage and compostable cutlery in bone, white, and black. ALSO we have new PETE lids for the bagasse products in the Conserveware category of packaging. In true Fineline approach, the straws and cutlery come individually uncovered for container handling or wrapped for sanitation and public access. (BTW the cutlery has a compostable stamp on the product for authenticity.) The lids for the bagasse products come dome or flat. If artistic flare is what you are looking for some lids have a scalloped edges helping set the tone for your creations. Those are just some of the new products we are launching for 2019.

    At Fineline we believe our greatest asset is our workforce – so come meet us! We send our national sales team to facilitate, inform, & demo our products while learning and collaborating with chefs from around the world to keep up-to-date on new food trends and styles. We feel this united approach of learning and supplying is the one-stop-shop variety that helps fulfill your packaging vision for today and anticipate your packaging desires for tomorrow. Shows like Catersource New Orleans 2019 give you every opportunity to touch and see first-hand all the great new products available and reacquaint yourself with our most popular products.

    Coming soon - Fineline Settings will be helping National Restaurant Association (NRA) Chicago 2019 celebrate 100 years May 18-21, 2019 at McCormick Place downtown Chicago, Il. Come over and network with Fineline Settings national sales team and celebrate in style at our booth.

    We would love to see how YOU use Fineline Settings to CELEBRATE with STYLE. Always remember to tag us @finelinesettings

    Visit us in New Orleans at Catersource 2019, Booth #437! 


    Take an inside look at our Sample Department!

    This week we’re going to chat about something a bit different than usual… and we’re super excited about it!
    Fineline’s highest priority is to make sure that our customers’ expectations are always exceeded… but that starts w-a-a-a-y before our customer is setting the table at their event. This post is about a very special aspect of our team, and that is our Sample Processing Department! From Kits to custom sample requests, we’re going to walk you through our day-to-day effort that goes into assuring our products make the best first impression possible!

    In order to meet these standards, we’ve assembled an excellent, hard-working team who take great pride in everything we produce, and they strive to make sure every item meets our expectations of excellence and distinction.

    So, what is the actual process of putting together a sample order, you might wonder? What’s the big deal, even? Well… that’s what we’re about to talk about! So come along and follow us behind the scenes, and let’s get into the nitty gritty details of the average day…

    Our day starts with taking up-to-date inventory of our pre-made sample kits. We try to assure we stay ahead of our orders, as this saves a great deal of time! We feel this evolution provides our customers with a wide variety of products that they can easily compare, making it possible for them to find the perfect style to fit their individual needs! This also allows us to consolidate several kits down into a smaller inventory, which adds efficiency to our team’s day!IMG_4258 2

    Every kit is unique and assembled with great care. We take the time to assure we have the perfect box size, and that every item is protected inside the case via bubble-wrap, foam and cardboard dividers.

    The second most important step in putting together sample orders is to assure that they are packed efficiently and securely. This makes sure nothing gets damaged in transit. And so, we spend much of our time finding the most effective way to fit each product into the selected box. We call this “nesting”.

    IMG_4246 2

    All sample orders come in different shapes and sizes, and when it comes to our pre-made kits, we have some that are small and quick to assemble (with only a few unique products contained); while there are other kits can have almost one-hundred individual items that need to be identified, sorted and packed!

    Once we receive a copy of the sample order, which is first entered into our system by our all-star customer service team, we immediately get to work on pulling the requested products from our large sample room. Our sample room holds every single product we sell! Sometimes it’s a bit cramped with how often we release new and innovative products, but we’re Fineline family here, so it’s fine!

    As described a bit earlier, we make sure to select only the highest quality items from our stock. This is a vital step, as sample orders are not just requested by customers, but by our own awesome Sale’s Representatives who can ask for a wide variety of kits and individual samples to show during meetings with prospective customers! Not to mention, the items you see during tradeshows (see you soon at Catersource, by the way!) are all put together by our Sample Processing Team! So, everything needs to be spectacular!

    IMG_4255 2

    Once the items pass our inspection, they are safely and lovingly packed together into a high-quality box and sealed completely on all sides. This requires us setting the selected items up and taking their stand-alone measurements. This help us find the perfect box, out of the hundreds of sizes that we keep on hand. We also try to make sure we keep a bit of extra space to make room for packing products such as bubble wrap.  After that, we calculate the weight and dimensions of the box so that our hard-working Shipping Team has the information that they need to create the shipping label! This is another vital step, as even just one number out of place can mean the sample request may not make it to its desired destination! We can’t have that!

    Then, with fond farewells, it’s shipped off to you, our customer, who we hope will find as much joy in reviewing our products as we have in selecting and sending them to you!

    IMG_4257 2

    The morale of the story…? Every sample order is as unique and beautiful as a snowflake (I know those of us amid this chaotic winter weather may cringe at the mention of snow… sorry, but it can’t be helped). We want you to know that it means so much to our team that we can provide you with these hand-crafted kits, and we hope that this little insight into our process has brought you closer to us, and helped you see just how much your satisfaction means to all of us!

    Stay warm, everybody, and don’t forget to check out our redesigned website! Now more efficient and eye-catching than ever, your search for elegant and high-quality disposable catering ware has never been easier!

    Overcoming the Winter BLUES!

    New Year’s celebrations are over. The big bowl game winner is decided. BUT winter is still a POLAR VORTEX?! The weather is downright unfriendly, bitter, and angry at our need for warmth.

    Trying to overcome and change the monotony of cold winter days and frigid frosty nights, change can be simple but risky. Have you ever heard “the biggest risk we can take is the risk of doing nothing.”

    During this time of winter blues, cozy up to your computer:

    • Do your research (look into what it would mean to make a fresh start)
    • Make a plan (visualize and design what the new start looks like)
    • Execute the plan (remember a good plan has room for adjustments)

    Fineline Settings is your ally in this fresh start. We are the helper you weren’t expecting at the party. Our collection lines are detailed and are diverse to match any event you are planning. From the smallest intimate first-class event to the grandest fun festivity.

    For example, our Renaissance collection you can match everything from your table ware of dessert, salad, dinner plates to the soup bowl. You can rest assured that everything at the table looks uniform with the corresponding stemware and stemless. For the finale, you can customize your look with the matching style color plates.



    Most of our collections have the same matching components and some collections also carry matching lids for those times you want to add for a take-home item or a to-go purchase. Wavetrends is one of those collections that carries an assortment of lids for each of those plates and bowls for easy transportation.

    Now as we try to get through the polar vortex season, don’t forget we carry ice buckets and pitchers for those drinks and cocktails that need to stay chilled along with the matching scoops.

    Show off how you are handling the winter blues by tagging us on Instagram, twitter, and Facebook. Let us see how you celebrate in style during this polar vortex.


    Fashion Forward Football Follies

    Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?

    SUPER BOWL SUNDAY is fast approaching: Are you ready? The competitive spirit is gearing up for a fashionable showing. Don’t be the lame super bowl party with flimsy paper plates and ugly drink cups. BORING! Invite your guests to pick team sides – create fashionable TEAM SNACK PACKS.

    Kick off FIRST HALF with team appetizers

    TEAM A Snack Pack includes mason jars filled with team colored candies; triangle pizza trays of East Coast Style, Midwest style, or West Coast style pizza; neon tumblers filled with nuts and seeds.

    TEAM B Snack Pack includes football trays of meat, cheese, and crackers; serving bowls of fruits and goodies; tiny rectangle trays of custom pinwheel appetizers.

    football serving platter


    During half time celebration be sure to draw your football folly of guests to the meal table with the smells and appeal of full dinner cater trays and buffet super bowls of your most delicious main dishes and sides. Keep all of those water pitchers full for those guests who are loving the fun individual cocktail shakers drinks that match the neon tumblers. Use the individually wrapped utensils for clean fresh napkins.

    Second Half RALLY

    For the team to stay motivated for the win; Each team can have their own flavor of custom sugary treat and dessert along with the team cocktail of choice maybe a selection of fruity drinks in our hurricane glass or select beer in our pilsner glass.

    Celebrate the winning team with first in line of the dessert buffet bar. Provide parfait cups to allow guests to layer puddings and cake indulgences or dessert cups for ice cream sundae treats.

    Finally, don’t derail anyone’s portion control New Year’s Resolution, instead send your guests home from the party with tasters of Fineline’s mini products with lids.

    Remember to take pictures of your super bowl celebration posting on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook and tagging Fineline Settings showing your yummy creation using our product.

    Resolution reboot



    2019 New Year resolutions are opportunities of change and times of thanksgiving. But a few weeks into the 2019 do you find yourself sluggish, discouraged, or maybe even baffled about your transformation or the lack of transformation. Sometimes after a couple of weeks trying to incorporate my New Year’s resolution I get confused why I am not as successful as I had anticipated.

    Typical resolutions involve changing a habit, refreshing an appearance, or reviving concept. Have you ever heard the saying “old habits die hard”. Well it doesn’t have to ring true for you. Sometimes motivation and incentive to keep a resolution is as simple as a change in appearance or improved packaging of product. Old habits may die hard but I am finding when I ask for help with my resolution – I am much more successful.

    Don’t let your fresh appearance or new product/habit fail or limp along: let Fineline help you continue 2019 with a successful resolution. Fineline product line is the kind of help that keeps inspiration and transformation fresh. 

    In fact, Fineline Settings has been busy working to help you reboot your resolution by launching a new improved website. We listened to our customers and have changed our website to better align with your needs.

    We are making new items easier to find by showcasing them on the landing page. The items are categorized by product AND for those purists who are looking for continuity of appearance we kept the ability to search by collection. More pictures, detailed descriptions and straightforward ordering were some of the principal changes considered for the new website.

    Fineline Settings is dedicated to help you be more efficient and effective by streamlining our processes to match the accuracy and urgency you need. As in typical Fineline fashion, we strive to help you celebrate in style.

    MASON JAR MADNESS - Disposable Plastic Drinkware

    I am crazy about disposable drinkware, specifically our new mason jar. I have so many ideas for every holiday, season, event, daytime, nighttime, anytime….IT’S Mason Jar MADNESS!

    First, lets talk specifics it’s a 16 oz jar with 2 different style lids. 2 LIDS!!! One lid is completely closed the other has a wide opening to accommodate any size straw. Then to top it off the closed lid is completely ready for anything custom; custom sticker, custom label, custom logo. Finally, the jar itself is also completely ready for anything custom. 2 Opportunities to make the jar your own.

    Second, it is completely durable. Trust me I have dropped it several times while trying to create my different inventions. No cracking. No denting, no chipping.


    Third, let’s get our creative hat on. Of course the drink list possibilities are endless: Bloody Mary, Margaritas, Old Fashioned, ANY signature cocktail, milkshakes, “shaker” drinks (shake it right in the jar). Now for the crafty creative – how about food or gifts of a recipe? Type or write out the ingredients to your favorite treat on a recipe card; tie it around the jar neck with ribbon or stretchy chord. Or you could fill it with wedding mints and custom print the jar for weddings. Have you thought of using it for all those lil craft “pieces” or maybe use it flower vase for that country touch? Do you have kids at home – want to make a snow-globe – glue a small toy to the inside of the lid fill the jar with sparkles and water…screw the lid back on with toy inside the jar – instant custom snow-globe.

    As we close this mason jar madness – I have included a sneak peek at some ideas for Super Bowl Sideline snacks – Can you guess the team I am featuring in the picture?  😉

    Mason Jar ideas-1


    Last Minute Sensible Social Celebrations

    We have all been here; small intimate winter celebration turns into full social blast of the season.

    You initially think, “I will invite my nearest and dearest friends” but when friends decline because they are entertaining out of town guests – the out of town guests become part of the nearest and dearest friends guest list. Suddenly, the initial intimate gathering has you preparing for the party of the season. A full dinner party of 15-20 people has turned into 75+ open house serving heavy appetizers, signature beverages, and tasty wines from all the guests.

    EVERYONE has at least 1 drink at any party even if the drink is water – EVERYONE has at least 1 drink. Accommodating the large swing in friends, guests of friends, family, and friends of family is easy with Fineline’s line of drinkware.

    Let me explain – from Grandma’s & Grandpa’s selective drink choice to your hip and newly married daughter with all the “in-law” guests, (and once the neighbors see the party at your house - include the neighbors and their crowd of visitors). Fineline’s drinkware has it covered.

    Don’t forget – NO CLEAN UP! – It is all Disposable

    Fineline keeps last minute catering items of party trays, pre-rolled cutlery, and platters at your fingertips with user-friendly ordering, readily available on-hand stock of items, and combined shipping of orders. (Check out the super fun snowman and tree platters for the winter holiday treats.)

    Don’t miss next week’s blog on parting gifts of food items and recipes to your friends, clients, and guests.

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