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    Get Inspired by Rob Kirby's Sales Strategies in the New Fineline Settings Caterware Sales Call

    Discover the strategies and techniques used by Rob Kirby, VP of Sales at Fineline Settings, in their latest Caterware sales call.

    Unveiling Rob Kirby's Approach to Sales Success

    In this new Fineline Settings Caterware Sales Call Tutorial, VP of Sales Rob Kirby shares his approach to achieving sales success. Kirby emphasizes the importance of building strong relationships with customers and understanding their specific needs by tailoring sales calls based on detailed conversations before sales appointments. Kirby also stresses the significance of effective communication and active listening skills in order to truly understand the customers' pain points and offer appropriate solutions.

    Furthermore, Kirby highlights the significance of continuous learning and staying updated with the latest industry trends by featuring the new Fineline Settings app and he encourages his sales team to remember to leverage your client's brand during your sales calls by reminding them of the branding opportunities with our utensils and other products.

    Screenshot 2024-03-06 121346-1Additionally, Kirby emphasizes the importance of follow-up and relationship-building after the sale which he achieves by following up using the Fineline App as promised in his sales call with Heather from Middletown Catering.  He recognizes that maintaining strong relationships with clients leads to repeat business and referrals. Kirby ensures that his team provides exceptional customer service even after the sale, fostering long-term partnerships and customer loyalty.

    Lastly, stay proactive and continuously improve your knowledge and skills. Stay informed about industry trends, attend relevant conferences and training programs, and embrace technology to enhance your efficiency and effectiveness as a sales professional.

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