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    Starting the new year with a great goal!

    Jan 3, 2014 12:26:39 PM Sol Kornfeld upscale disposable dinnerware

    Good Friday to everyone.

    We're all just about done with our New Year's eve hangover and getting back to normal or at least trying to get back to normal, some of us have probably been hit by some snow and bad weather, we'll get out of it by the end of the weekend and get back to our daily routine and get back to work.

    Fineline Settings has witnessed an amazing year in the past 2013, with many successes and milestone achievements, we have successfully launched well over 50 new products and designs to our already extensive line of amazing upscale products, with your help and support we have been able to achieve an amazing goal that has been almost a dream for us when we started the year of 2013, yet we pushed and worked hard, tireless amount of hours and with everyone's amazing support we have achieved a great goal and it has been a great support for us.

    Looking ahead at 2014 we can now say that we are determined more than ever to make this year hit another great milestone for us, we are already in the production stages of some of our new products that we have in plan to launch this year, more services and shipping schedules all with you, our amazing customer in our minds all the time.

    When we think of a developing new product, it's not because our lives are boring and were looking for some action, a new product means you asked for it, you gave us the ideas and we went to work, researching the consumer effects and how the best usage of this product would be, with many testing and meetings and testing again we then are able to bring you the new product. New products, as in, a new plate design or shape, are not just someone's idea, they are created with the consumer in mind and only after a massive amount of research in retail stores and after asking hard questions of consumer needs, only then do we feel comfortable to bring you a new product.

    This new year looks very promising in many ways and we are glad that you're with us on this amazing journey, so hold on tight because we're going for a ride, one that will see great services begin further improved, quality control being further tightened, customer service going another extra step to help you and overall an amazing product line to help you in your line of business, whether it is, catering, foodservice distribution, stadium catering, hospitality industry, party planning or an amazing mom or dad that's looking to make that perfect birthday party for their beloved child, we'll be behind you to support and supply you with your needs and make your buying experience an amazing one.

    This year we want to hear more from you and your opinion counts more than ever. Do you have a comment or a thought that you would like to share with us, we want to hear from you. Please contact us on the link below and let us know your thoughts.

    Have a Great Weekend everybody!

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    Sol Kornfeld

    Written by Sol Kornfeld

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