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    Free product giveaway - Mini plastic disposable Asian Spoons!

    Jul 10, 2012 11:24:00 AM Sol Kornfeld free giveaway, mini asian spoons

    So we're here again with an amazing free product giveaway for you to try. Check out our amazing mini Asian spoons, they're cute and convenient for your next cocktail party or any event for that matter. We're giving away a free pack of 10 pieces in black color for 10 lucky winners, each winner will receive 1 pack.

    Mini Disposable Asian spoon

    Get your free mini disposable Asian spoons by following these below instructions.

    a Rafflecopter giveaway


    Dont forget to sent this free giveaway to your friends and family, let them also win this amazing product from out Tiny Utensils collection. The more you enter, the greater chance you have to win this cute litter asian spoon that could be used for your next cocktail party that you're hosting for your friends and family.

    Mini Asian spoons - disposable - cocktail party

    Good luck on winning and let us know what would you like us to giveaway for free next time.

    Do you like our products, you may be interested in our full line of upscale disposable dinnerware, we have a full collection and selection of great products that serve the food service and catering industry, we are leaders in products innovation and our products have proved to impress at every event!

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    Sol Kornfeld

    Written by Sol Kornfeld

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